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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

by Lunethex

Part 1: Update 01 & Update 02

Update 01 - Containment

(23:58) USS 1: Infighting|YouTube|Polsy

~In Umbrella’s Raccoon City facility, a betrayer collects the last of his life’s work. His name is William Birkin and he plans to sell the G-Virus to the American Government. Umbrella Security Service has been sent in to neutralize the threat.

*Sorry about the audio. My capture device recorded my microphone and I didn’t catch on. I tried to keep it down in editing so I didn’t lose the game audio because of it.

Update 02 - Corruption

(31:57) USS 2: Conspiracy|YouTube|Polsy

~Days have passed since the USS lost the G-Virus and witnessed its metamorphosis in William Birkin. Raccoon City is also lousy with disease due to a T-Virus outbreak. Wolfpack is ordered to destroy evidence at City Hall linking Umbrella to the Epidemic.

*Sorry again about another technical issue! The intro fade got cut out for some reason

I wonder who will be the biggest douche in Wolfpack by the end of this?