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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

by Lunethex

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Original Thread: The Umbrella Stupidity Service begins OPERATION RACCOON CITY! [Co-op VLP]




Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a spin-off game in the storied RE franchise outsourced by Capcom to SOCOM Developer Slant Six Games. A “what-if” scenario consisting of 7 missions and 7 DLC missions set around the events of RE2 and RE3. In the original game, players take control of the six-member Umbrella Stupidity Security Service squad “Wolfpack,” a.k.a Delta Squad, and head into the city to get rid of evidence linking Umbrella to the outbreak while fighting off U.S Spec Ops and the infected. The game advertised the ability to alter canon by killing specific characters as the USS. Thusly, we will be playing the Umbrella campaign first.

ORC had a lousy reception on release, the result of mediocre design and its awfully short campaign. Its few claims to fame are 4-player co-op and the interesting scenarios it advertised, although these still fall short as we will explain and you will see in the videos.

Joining me in my adventure are users Heenato, Aces High, Drakenel, Kaboom Dragoon, and McTimmy! As there’s more than four of us we’ll rotate people in so we all get a chance to play. Commentary will be done live and we’ll try to get all the cameras and collectibles, among other interesting things. We’ll be playing on Veteran so as to keep thing succinct, after a practice run on professional was just too tedious to get through due to inflated enemy health and defense. Also Veteran still has friendly fire

We ended up playing Professional for Spec Ops by accident

After the USS campaign is complete I’ll be tackling the Echo Six campaign. Spoilers are allowed, this game’s short and we’re trying to have as much fun as possible, so talk freely about all things RE and this game!

~List of Updates~

~List of Videos~
(23:58) USS 1: Infighting|Polsy
(31:57) USS 2: Conspiracy|Polsy
(37:31) USS 3: Lights Out|Polsy
(32:33) USS 4: Gone Rogue|Polsy
(32:31) USS 5: Expendable|Polsy
(37:24) USS 6: Redemption|Polsy
(29:09) USS 7: End of the Line|Polsy

(35:41) Spec Ops 1: Trouble|Polsy
(31:54) Spec Ops 2: Breakdown|Polsy
(25:43) Spec Ops 3: Treachery|Polsy
(38:54) Spec Ops 4: Failures|Polsy
(29:26) Spec Ops 5: Pointlessness|Polsy
(28:50) Spec Ops 6: Unfocused|Polsy
(44:05) Spec Ops 7: Victory|Polsy

Amazing Dog

Wolfpack's Sudden Death

Raining spiders

The disappearance of Beltway

Art that Rumrusher did when I streamed this game a long time ago.

In-jokes from the time.

I opted to save Leon then promptly executed him


A former French Special Forces operative, Karena ‘Lupo’ Lesproux specializes in weaponry. Lured by money, Lupo joined Umbrella and leads Wolfpack. Her knowledge in the field makes her highly trusted by her team. She looks out for them, like a wolf looks out for her cubs, which has made the team affectionately call her Wolf Mother.

Hector ‘Beltway’ Hivers is an elite demolition expert that was discharged from the Army Corps of Engineers. Not much is known about the incident other than the addition of Beltway’s prosthetic leg. His dedication to his craft is beyond question, while his joy for blowing things up is always visible.

Four Eyes
Developing an unhealthy obsession with science at a young age, Christine ‘Four Eyes’ Yamata specializes in virology. She is so deeply focused on her work that she has little interest in anything else, including the feelings or lives of other human beings. Studious and detailed, she always wants to know more about a given situation.

Michaela ‘Bertha’ Schneider finds pleasure in pain. After an unsuccessful return to civilian life, this disciplined former soldier with a devotion to medicine eagerly joined Wolfpack as their medic when she was assured anesthetic would be considered a luxury and not a priority.

Vector’s file remains largely confidential, his true identity hidden. Training at Rockfort Island, he developed his lethal martial art ability and elite skill for reconnaissance. As a covert operative, his achievements in the field are only matched by his former master, HUNK.

A veteran of the Cold war, former spy, Vladimir ‘Spectre’ Bodrovski was moved from Umbrella’s European wing for unknown reasons. The premier surveillance expert of the U.S.S, he was transferred to Wolfpack when the upper echelon of Umbrella management realized his skills could greatly benefit them.

Crispin 'Dee-Ay' Jettingham has been a soldier for as long as he can remember. He was the government's top choice to be the leader of the Echo Six team. Always calm and collected, he is a true soldier and is highly skilled and efficient with his weaponry and his orders.

Party Girl
Sienna 'Party Girl' Fowler got her reputation throwing wild parties in her youth for businessmen and officials. Little did they know that every party she threw was also recorded with hidden equipment which would be sold to the highest bidder. The government hired her after she managed to dupe their top surveillance expert at one of her parties.

Caroline 'Willow' Floyd developed her skill for speed and elusion growing up alone on a reservation in Montana. She joined the Army straight out of school, excelling as part of the Special Forces. Never satisfied with herself, Willow continues to hone her skills each and every day.

A foul-mouthed ex-biker, Erez 'Harley' Morris joined the service to avoid going to jail. Excelling in medicine during operation Desert Storm, Harley unexpectedly became one of the best medics in the field. Always putting others lives before his, He will always do his best to make sure no man is left behind.

Exposed to death at a young age, Lawrence 'Shona' Kimbala began treating diseases in his home country of Zimbabwe. After his father's death, he attended Harvard medical school where he realized he had a skill for controlling viruses instead of curing them. He joined the Army's special weapons program as their foremost expert in virology.

Marissa 'Tweed' Ronson has a quick tongue and a ready fuse. Originally working for the British Secret Service, she disappeared after a bomb removal operation left her scarred. Hand-picked by the government, Tweed became part of Echo Six because of her unparalleled expertise in demolitions.


Body Armor - Take less damage from bullets, up to 30%
Quick Reload - Up to a 100% increase reloading speed.


Incendiary Rounds - For up to 15 seconds, you ignite whatever you shoot.
Guns A' Blazin - For up to 15 seconds, you get infinite ammo, a 67% boost in accuracy equal reduction in recoil.
Super Soldier - For 12 seconds you get 50% better accuracy and invulnerability for 5 hits or until the skill ends.

Deliver a power punch to the targeted enemy that knocks them and anyone else around on their backs. The equipped ability needs to be charged. When used, the ability needs to recharge, this goes for all unique kills.

Blast Armor - Prevents knockdown from explosions and reduces damage from them by 30%.
Blast Master - Reduces the cooldown time of all skills by 6 seconds and allows the disarming of enemy laser mines.

Fragmentation Mine - Plant up to 3 mines and detonate them at will. Skill cools down after all mines are used.
Timed Sticky Explosive - Throw up to 3 grenades that stick to surfaces and explode after being shot, another explosive is detonated nearby, or after 5 seconds.
Laser Trip Mine - Plant up to three mines on any surface that go off when the laser is broken.

The demolitions expert forces a grenade into the mouth of their target then kicks them back, hopefully hitting a crowd of enemies.

Anti-viral Proficiency - Field Scientists can carry up to four anti-viral sprays at once, and can also spawn with one when they die.
Biometric Vision - The field scientist can see all infected in the area and also their weak spots up to a 30 meter range.

Induce Infection - The field scientist fires a hypo gun with the chance of infecting an enemy soldier and even initiating the V-ACT turning them into a Crimson Head. The infected then fights for the scientist's team until it is killed. Infection always happens when the target is reduced to 0 HP.
Attraction Pheromone - The scientist throws a vial of pheromone that triggers a response in all infected to rush towards it and react even more violently.
Reprogram Infected - A hypo gun fires a dart into any infected that temporarily changes them to an ally. An invaluable ability.

The field scientist stabs the target with a hypo gun, causing a blood frenzy and reprogramming it to attack other hostiles.

First Aid Proficiency - The medic can carry up to 4 first aid sprays and respawn with one if they die.
Field Medic - Allows the restoration of additional health when using herbs or sprays.

Stimpack - The medic can apply up to 3 stimpacks to themselves or a friendly which increases movement speed and accuracy for 15 seconds.
Neutralize Infection - The medic can cure an infection on a single ally or inflict heavy damage on an infected target.
Painkiller - The medic can apply a single Painkiller to themselves or an ally which reduces damage by 90% for 10 seconds.

The medic trips and stabs the target in the stomach, producing a lovely green herb from their carcass.

Stealth Run - Increase movement speed by 15% and allows the Recon unit to sprint without being detected on the minimap.
Detection Avoidance - The recon unit can move at full speed without being detected.

Motion Detector - The recon plants up to three detectors on any surface which display enemies up to 15 meters away. If the detector is triggered by proximity, it will stun enemy soldiers.
Mimicry - By pointing their crosshair at an enemy soldier, the recon assumes their form for up to 90 seconds. Great for getting into crowds of soldiers and wreaking havoc.
Active Camouflage - The recon cloaks for 20 seconds and is invisible to most enemies in the game. Firing guns disrupts the field.

The recon class slits an enemy soldier's throat and assumes their form for a few seconds.

Proximity Detection - The Surveillance soldier increases the size of their mini-map and can see enemies automatically from further away, they are notified any time they are targeted by an enemy, and all distinct enemies are marked accordingly.
Item Detection - For up to 30 meters the surveillance man can see all pickups in the area, including data but not cameras.

Threat Scanner - Allows the surveillance soldier to scan up to 60 meters for enemies, their locations being automatically relayed to teammates for 15 seconds.
Biothermal Vision - Thermal vision.
Sonar Vision - See the outline of targets through walls.

A slash that also detonates a flash grenade in their face. Why?
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