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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

by Lunethex

Part 7: Update 08 & Update 09

I delayed by two days so I present two videos to start Echo Six with Harley's beard! I recall saying I was excited for getting into Echo Six but the events that prevented 4 player co-op had dimmed that initial fervor.

Update 08 - Eye of the Storm

(35:41) Spec Ops 1: Trouble - YouTube|Polsy

~No one knows what happened to Raccoon City - it just went quiet. The few reports collected are nonsensical at best. To discover the truth, the government has sent a team of special operatives known as Echo Six.

Update 09 - By The Trail of our Dead

(31:54) Spec Ops 2: Breakdown - YouTube|Polsy

~Jill Valentine has accused Umbrella Pharmaceutical Inc. of being responsible for the outbreak in Raccoon City. Echo Six must investigate City Hall before Umbrella has a chance to cover their trail.

If you notice a certain inconsistency in these videos & the commentary then no, you are not imagining things.