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Part 5: Redemption

Momomo posted:

Is this game really only seven levels long? That's pretty ridiculous.

Everything about this game just feels so creatively bankrupt. I remember the original premise was supposed to be about the group going through RE2/3's timeline and potentially changing a lot of things, but here it only seems to be about Leon.

Yeah, huge bait and switch. They also advertised the USS fighting against Echo Six like it was a narrative strong point but it just ended up being a versus thing and Echo Six got all the same skills as USS did. Spectre has these goggle skills that Party Girl also has but she has no goggles and it makes no sense for her to have them, just like it doesn't make sense that Willow can camo and mimic people like Vector. My guess was that, for example again, Party Girl was supposed to have been able to plant cameras around the map, listening devices, etc. Makes sense with her bio too.

This is unfortunate because Echo Six had way more care put into them as people and their scenarios, not to mention it makes way more sense to focus on the fact that the Government sent troops in (The Paracelsus Rail Gun) than the obvious USS teams. It's still ORC but if Echo Six were the main characters and the USS was DLC this would have been a, uh, (slightly) "better" game.

With that, it's time for the penultimate chapter.

Update 06 - Redemption

(37:24) USS 6: Preternatural|YouTube|Polsy

~Deserted by Umbrella after failing to kill Leon S. Kennedy, Wolfpack has barely survived the past ten hours. So despite mistrust and bruised egos, they agree to accept Umbrella's offer to go back to square one - Birkin's lab.

I promised things are getting worse (not in a bad way, a good way ) and I'm actually looking forward to getting to the Echo Six campaign. I also want to mention that a few weeks ago when we were still recording the 2nd and 3rd missions I wanted to rotate some of the crew out and nobody wanted to quit for someone else to get in.

We're being tainted. We actually want to play this game