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Part 6: End of the Line

I don't like how YouTube's page keeps getting worse as the days go on, I swear it is, so I'm going to add Polsy links to everything from now on. I've already added them for the old updates too.

And here we are, speak of the devil, for the USS finale!

Update 07 - End of the Line

(29:09) USS 7: Freedom|YouTube|Polsy

~Leon S. Kennedy is protecting Sherry Birkin who holds the key to the G-Virus antigen. The government is sending reinforcements to help them. If Wolfpack can't secure the girl and kill Leon, Umbrella won't be so forgiving this time.

After recording this my internet cut out and I didn't feel like playing a third time to split the team for the Leon fight, but in consolation we did the unanimous decisions that led to some results that I can virtually guarantee nobody has seen or been through and they were fun enough.