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by Lunethex

Part 10: Root of All Evil

McTimmy posted:

Level 99 actually exists(the Leaderboards are full of them). It just takes 1 Million EXP to go from 1 to 98. And 9 Million EXP to go from 98 to 99.

I remember when capcom was still doing events for RE6 on their weird network thing and all the top race times for chapters were -00:00'02 or even lower. I liked to think that people were actually beating the levels 2 milliseconds before they started it.

Update 12 - Root of All Evil

(29:26) Spec Ops 5: Pointlessness - YouTube|Polsy

~Echo Six are in constant communication with command, closing in on Umbrella's facility. The team is cautious as no one is sure of what the team may find.

The further we go the lazier the mission descriptions seem to be getting.