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Part 3: Prologue: Early Morning Hackaton

This is the second part of prologue, and involves a rather lengthy early morning hacking session! Click on the image to watch the video.

So this is our third character, Ray--he seems to be a journalist of some sort, investigating what appears to be a strange conspiracy that somehow involves surreptitiously gathering the DNA of all citizens.

Game mechanics-wise, we encounter for the first time long term and short term memory. STM is mainly so that you can use objects from the environment in conversations--this is simply to facilitate talking about stuff that can't be picked up. Also it is completely at your discretion, you can put in anything you want up to a certain limit. It doesn't generally persist outside a particular segment of the game you use it in. LTM is populated automatically by the game and stores important events that you can reference much later--it generally persists a lot longer than STM, as you might expect.

So, that three out of four characters that you see on the banner--you know what we'll be doing next time! There's one last person to meet.

Next time: Even more new characters!