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Original Thread: Resonance.



So what is Resonance?

It's basically one of those ever so popular these days retro-styled point and click adventure games; it was released in 2012 by Wadjet Eye Games (well known for Blackwell games, Gemini Rue and many others). However it was in development much longer--since 2008, and more or less by one guy, indie developer Vince Twelve. Only towards the end did Wadjet Eye step in to help it get finished and released, whereupon it received mostly very good to excellent reviews.

What is this about? It's difficult to say much without spoiling the twisty plot, but it more or less concerns four people (see above image) who for one reason or another get involved into a situation concerning some new and powerful technology which may or may not fall into the wrong hands, depending on their actions. Yes, I know that I've now described about half the games out there, but trust me on this, you do not want the plot of this one spoiled beforehand, not even a little bit.

Technically, it's your standard sprite-style graphics (although I think it looks pretty good) with some nice music and voice acting that ranges from excellent to very slightly dodgy on occasion. It also features some interesting additional game mechanics which I will explain when we come to them. It also unfortunately features one of the most irritating mazes in the history of adventure games (although it is somewhat plot justified).

The playthrough will be done in video format with (mostly sparse) subtitles. I have been experimenting a little bit with subtitle positioning so they won't be usually at the bottom of the screen, rather I will try to keep them around where the action is so you don't have to divert your attention. This may or may not work well, we'll see.


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