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Part 15: The Beginning of the End

Ray and Bennet continue trying to trace Ed. Click on the image to watch the video.

So we found out a bit more about Ed's motivations and what happened before, but it's all still relatively unclear. Looks like Ed is planning to blow up the hospital. I feel that at this point the game's plot has gone just a bit off the rails. First of all, since Ed already gained access to the mainframe room, why does he even need to use the Resonance devices to destroy it? Second, how many are there stolen devices? Did he take more from the vault or what?

In any case, and here is where the other issue with this game finally rears its ugly head, this is actually the last proper update. All that's left is to see the possible endings (which are not too long each) and we're done. Yes, for real. But we'll talk more about that after we're finished.

Also, sorry again about a slight audio drift in this video.