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Part 14: The Balance of the Universe

With Anna dead and Ed out at large, it is now up to Bennet and Ray to figure out what's really going on! Click on the image to watch the video.

So the various plot strands are finally coming together, it seems and we meet the elusive "A. Batra". Incidentally, I feel that this scene is let down a bit by the fact that his voice actor is the same guy who does Reggie and Saul and it's kind of difficult to get past the fact that you've JUST HEARD HIS VOICE in the previous scene! Other than that, if you are wondering about his accent, I am pretty sure it's supposed to be northern English, let's say Manchester or so (in fact, I have a friend from there and he speaks pretty much exactly like this).

Other than that, it seems that game really pulled an "unreliable narrator" on us with Ed here. Because there was a whole lot he could have mentioned while we were looking around his place, but he didn't. Not only that, but it seems he's the one who stole the devices and caused the explosion. Most of his actions from the beginning of the game now look completely different in this light! Now you know why Ed was so unconcerned about calculating the location of devices.