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Part 10: Family Matters

The second task we need to accomplish is to have a look around the cemetery for any clues about that "your uncle holds the key" thing. As was already mentioned, this task will be taken up by Anna and Ed. After that, Anna takes a crack at the journal. Click on the image to watch the video.

So, as was already commented a few times, the journal cipher was an extremely simple substitution cipher--so much so, that you don't even need that memory to be able to break it; you can just start guessing words and it will all come out in a few seconds. In fact, the cipher has a slight variation--a few letters can be represented by multiple different symbols, but since it's all so simple, you'd hardly even notice. It doesn't look like the journal holds any information that will be helpful in the future, although it certainly provides a lot of backgrounds on events that have lead up to this point.

Now we can proceed with the last bit, which is to get the laboratory blueprints from the police building. This one will take quite some effort and practically our entire team to achieve it--in fact, only Ed will be sitting that part out.