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Part 16: Ending 1: Stopping the Madman (?)

This time, we'll see the first possible ending of this game. Click on the image to watch the video.

So the first option is to stop Ed from destroying Antevorta--this is achieved by manoeuvring him right into the middle in between his resonance device and the other that Ray has in his pocket. Thus, killing him when the devices are activated. However, publishing Ray's article eventually seems to lead to the truth behind the project. Speaking of which, did you notice who was standing right next to the Vice-president during his speech? But either way, this potentially could be classified as a "not-horribly-bad" ending, albeit at quite a cost.

You may be wondering how the ending changes if Ray opts not to publish the article. You can watch the video with the changed headlines here. As expected, in this version, Antevorta pretty much takes over the world.

As a matter of curiosity I will note that this game is from 2012 and actually predates the whole NSA/Snowden scandal--not that people were not already aware of it before then, though, but that is what really brought it front and centre for many.

There is one more possibility for ending, which we will address next time. And no, unfortunately, none of the endings involve Anna surviving this whole thing.