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Part 6: Veal à l'or

Episode 6: Veal à l'or

Ok everyone. Turn your ovens off. Time's up! Stop what you're doing and bring your souffles here.

As you all know, the three of you are virtually tied during the previous round of challenges. This is the final round. Do well here and I just might pick you as my new apprentice.

As the winner, you'll get the opportunity to do what most chefs only dream about. I'll support you in competitions, mentor you one-on-one, and you get to work in a world class kitchen that serves the most sophisticated palettes.

And maybe if one of you impresses me enough, I might even gift you a little surprise. So let's get on with this shall we?

Fred, what do we have here?

I made a Banana Chocolate Chip Souffle, Chef…

Mmm… Not bad. This is very tasty. Presentation is awful though. It looks like it came straight out of a slimy fast food restaurant…

Ozkan, what did you make?

It's an Almond Souffle with Orange Sauce, Chef Lebouf.

Ughh… this tastes awful. I'm impressed by your presentation though. Your souffle is lovely. Unfortunately it does not taste like one…

Athanas, what have you got there?

Chestnut Souffle with Chocolate Cream, Chef…

Completely mediocre. You didn't melt the chocolate enough, and I can still taste its rough texture. Presentation-wise, it's not very good. Your souffle is bulge in the wrong places. But it's not ugly either, so I guess you didn't completely murder it. As I said, you're dessert is mediocre.

This is unfortunate as there's no clear-cut winner in this round. It makes my decision that much harder…Hmm… who do I choose?

Armand now has a second TV show about being a total asshole to a bunch of aspiring chefs? What a strange concept. I doubt it'll catch on.

We can choose which of these chefs we want to hire. I don't really care about food quality, so let's go with the guy who made the totally disgusting but visually appealing tart "soufflé".


I think with the proper guidance, you could make for a great head chef. Congratulations you've won the apprenticeship.

As I said at the start of the challenge, I may have a surprise for the winner if he impressed me enough. Well, I am impressed. And with you Ozkan, I think you’ve got a positively bright future ahead of you. So what's my surprise then?

Ozkan, I'm going to let you run my new restaurant in Paris. You'll have a hand in everything that will make that place a success. How does that sound to you?

Uh sir… I don't know what to say, Chef Lebouf…

Say yes.

It would be an honor…

We get another French restaurant! This is a tiny one located a couple of blocks from Treize à Table. It's named "La Lune Vague", which I think just means "the vague moon". I'm not sure what Armand was going for here.

Anyway, Armand's high off pretending to be Gordon Ramsay for that TV show, so let's go on a date with Michelle!

Ms. Poulan.

I was surprised you called when you did.

I'm full of surprises, Michele.

Well for the record, I'm glad you did… I've… missed you.

I've… thought about you as well.

Well maybe it's time we talked about this more seriously.




Let's stop kidding around. I know you like me Armand. I can feel this chemistry between us every time we talk… I… I… like you Armand. No reason for me to hide it; should be no reason for you as well.

Let's stop this pretending between us. You and I both know we want this.


You've made your point. No use in pretending then…


Good old ladykiller Armand. Since everything is going so great now, I think the interior of Treize à Table ought to reflect that!

This isn't so bad in screenshot form, but this is actually kind of hard to look at when I'm playing the game. There's just so much visual garbage going on in this restaurant that it's difficult to process.

And we have our main man Armand to thank for all of this!

We got the results of our recipe research from last month. This is our new French dessert.

And this is our new American dessert, the chocolate-walnut pie. The quality ratings on these researched recipes are steadily going up.

This is our new tea recipe. That's some expensive cardamom/cardomom.

The new mixed drink.

And our new coffee shop food recipe. You know it's going to be a really nice, thick brownie when the amount of flour is zero.

For this mission, we need to make Ozkan's new restaurant profitable. Don't think that you'll be allowed to run a restaurant without an Armand shrine, Ozkan! Without Armand, you are NOTHING!

Back at Treize à Table, I buy this recipe for $17,550. It looks like a pretty good recipe, but what's the deal with the spikes? Is this filet of hedgehog?

Later in the day I go to check on La Lune Vague, and I notice that the restaurant is deep in the red and has made next to no revenue. It turns out that Ozkan has been standing around in the kitchen doorway for nearly the entire day, blocking the servers from collecting dishes to serve to our customers. Ozkan, if you weren't a member of the powerful Plot Characters' Union, you'd be out the door SO FAST.

At least in Treize à Table things are going well, with customers blissfully unaware of the violinist imprisoned behind the wine racks.

So because of Ozkan's incredible idiocy, La Lune Vague made a loss of about $83,000 during the last month, which is just a hair below our $16,000 profit target. This is what happens when you don't have friends of the knee-breaking variety like we did in Restaurant Empire 1.

It also occurs to me that I need to record another episode of Armand's TV show. Let's do that!

How's my boy today?

Same as always George… I feel great.

Good. I knew I could count on you. But let me give you a heads up on your third show which we'll be taping sometime next month.

We've finally hashed out a deal with Tim Brumann.

What can you tell me about him?

He's a Hollywood actor, popular among the younger crowd. He's got a new movie coming out same week as the show's third episode. So we thought this would make for good publicity.

I've never heard of him…

Well, you know, he's part of the new generation of up and coming stars. They say he's got 'superstar' written all over him. The hype on this guy is huge and the guest spot will probably help us attract a wider audience.

We've finally hashed out a deal with Tim Brumann.

Do I need to do anything differently when a guest is on stage?

Well for starters you're going to have to tell him what to do in the kitchen that's for sure. I was told he can't cook. Other than that though, you'll figure it out.

Got it. Well, I guess I'm on. I'll talk to you after…

Good luck.

Hi everyone. Well before I start introductions on our dish today, I wanted to tell you guys thanks first and foremost. We've received a tremendous amount of feedback over the last few days and the positive reactions to our show's direction have been gratifying…

… Italian dishes will be our main theme for today, and for our first one this evening we are going to start with a dish that many of you may know about, but probably have not tried to do yourselves. We're going to make a Smoked Salmon Pizza.

It is a versatile dish that you'll only need around 10 minutes to prepare and is perfect as a party appetizer, a light entrée or even the main course of a full meal…

I can't even tell what these ingredients are supposed to be.

For our next dish, we will be preparing lamb as our main ingredient. The dish is my very own Rosettes of Lamb with Truffles. These are brown lamb fillets fried and served with…

With potatoes, apparently. That's a whole lot of potatoes on that board.

Well, that's it for today. If you like what you see, please be sure to send your comments and suggestions to our website. And if you've got a killer recipe that you'd like to share with us, just post it in our forums and maybe you could win some great prizes.

"pls do the cinnnomun creps armond"

Posted by mafiak1ller at June 9 around 4:20.

Just remember: a dash of creativity and a pinch of variety is the wonderful blend to a satisfied stomach! That's all for today. Bye!

And with that, we've beaten this mission (after I rearranged the kitchen to prevent Ozkan from blocking the servers)!

Next mission, we'll be getting a new restaurant and an entirely new cuisine! This will also be when the restaurants start getting really, really ugly.