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Restaurant Empire 2

by Enchanted Hat

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Original Thread: The Nightmare Continues: Let's Play Restaurant Empire 2!



Restaurant Empire is a bizarre series of restaurant management sim games from a company called Enlight Software. I recently did an LP of the first game, Restaurant Empire 1, which had a ridiculous cast of characters, high-stakes cooking duels, inedible recipes and a story that didn't make any sense. It was a beautiful mess. Now I'm doing the sequel!

Do I need to know anything about Restaurant Empire 1 to enjoy this?

Restaurant Empire 2 came out in 2009, six years after Restaurant Empire 1. Because of the long gap between the games, Enlight Software wisely decided to have Restaurant Empire 2's story have as little to do with the story of Restaurant Empire 1 as possible. Other than the two main characters, this game has basically nothing to do with the first game, so you aren't missing anything important if you haven't played that. That said, when Enlight Software made Restaurant Empire 2 using a slightly updated engine, they were nice enough to go back and update a bunch of the old Restaurant Empire 1 textures and include the first game for free for anyone who bought Restaurant Empire 2 in case they might want to play the first game too. I think that's really cool of them, so big props even though they probably should have devoted more resources to QA instead!

Can I help design and/or destroy your restaurants?

Absolutely! Like in the Restaurant Empire 1 thread, I'll need the thread to help me choose the menus and the décor for the restaurants we acquire throughout the game. Additionally, we discovered in the last thread that Restaurant Empire's textures are easily moddable, so if we get any restaurants with boring default décor options, I'll need you guys to help me make some more appropriate paintings and artworks for our restaurants!

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