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Part 11: Nemesis - part 2

Episode 10: Nemesis - part 2

We've lost. Armand has lost the cooking championship and his TV show has been cancelled. We are undone.

Defeated and humiliated, he returns to Treize à Table a broken man, looking to find solace in our wine cabinets.

What could he have done to deserve such a cruel fate? No one can tell.

A guest wants a word with Armand. Our debt is already higher than ever, so this is just kicking us when we're down. What do they want now?

Armand, my good friend! It's me Klaus. Do you remember me?

Klaus? But the Klaus I remembered was this beardless young man in his twenties. You look different my friend, good but different!

Is Klaus supposed to have a beard? Did they forget?

Haha Danke, danke! Always the joker eh Armand? But look at you. A world renowned chef now. How about that!

Ah, it's nothing to do with me really. Just a bit of luck that's all. But come, come. Let's sit over here and let us catch up a bit for old times sake…

… and that's what happened. Bad business this show business I tell you…

It sounds to me like you badly need a vacation my friend. How about you come back with me to Munich for a month or so? You look like your ready to break down any second now.

Ah, you're a good friend Klaus. But I can't leave my restaurants … There are just too many responsibilities involved for any one person to handle…

Nonsense! You have some of the best chefs in the world working for you. I'm sure these people are not idiots. What's the real reason why you're so afraid of leaving?

… These last few weeks have been the most horrible moments of my professional career. I feel like I can't just leave it like this. There has to be something I can do…

Look man you're stuck in a rut. Anything you do now with regards to your marriage or your career will only make it worse. You need to take a step back from the problem. Get a little breather, know what I mean?

As for your restaurants, they'll survive without you. Those things practically run themselves already. Believe me; you won't do anybody any favors by staying here no matter how good your intentions…

It's a small thing, but I like how someone else is now doing the denigrating "running a few cafés? Pfft, that's easy. Those things practically run themselves " thing to Armand and his restaurants.

Every man eventually has to take a break sometime. What have you got to lose?

I guess you could be right…

I am right.

Actually if you could believe it, I'm here for my own vacation. My restaurant in Munich was stressing me out you see. But look at me, I'm as fresh as a daisy now.

You should have seen me a few months ago… not a pretty sight. I'm telling you Armand, a vacation would do wonders for your peace of mind.

Heck, you could even handle my restaurant if you really can't take your mind away from the kitchen. And you can learn German cuisine along the way. God knows a chef like you would do wonders to a place like that! Hahaha…

I have felt very tired lately…

It's settled then. I'll take you to Munich for your much needed time off!

Yeah, screw Paris and Los Angeles, we're going to Munich! Armand's now going to run Klaus' German restaurant while he keeps an eye on Treize à Table for us.

And it… what the fuck is this? This is some of the grossest default décor yet. Also, way to run a restaurant with only six tables, Klaus.

Early next day, I hire staff, rearrange the tables and open our new restaurant, "Heiliger Klaus" or "Holy Klaus". I'm, er, not sure why it's called that? I make no significant changes to the décor other than switching the tables to "The Supreme Merkel Set", because how could I not?

These two paintings are titled "Michael Bluth" and "George Bluth". I don't know why they're called that, but I think some texture modding is in order.

So, are German restaurants any good, or will this be yet another drag on our one good restaurant?

The answer is yes, German restaurants are awesome in this game. What's more, we finally have a new restaurant with a beverage menu! And in my German restaurant, you can drink red wine, you can drink white wine or you can fuck off.

I also add a couple of food dishes to the menu, which, I don't know, I guess some people will be interested in. Unfortunately, we know very few German recipes, so there are only six dishes on our menu excluding breakfast items.

Shortly after opening, I try to buy a recipe off a customer, but then I realise that I don't have enough money! Time to take on some more debt.

Immediately after that, I get a chance to spend some of that borrowed money on this recipe. Is there a "no pizza rules" equivalent for parfaits that I've never heard about? Because if there were parfait rules, I'm pretty sure this would be breaking all of them.

I also buy this. Listen, game, I'm never going to complain about getting a chocolate doughnut, but I really need some German recipes right now!

It's lunchtime on the first day at Heiliger Klaus, and we're nearly full already. Heiliger Klaus is so much better than the cafés and patisseries, it's unreal. If Delia divorces Armand, he should marry Klaus.

While Armand is taking care of Klaus' restaurant in Munich, Klaus has taken charge at Treize à Table. Our original restaurant has gotten so busy that I've had to expand the kitchen to a three-chef setup. Unfortunately, Klaus knows nothing about French food, so all the food he cooks is going to be terrible for a while.

My massive investment in patisserie recipes is almost complete. I've just researched the penultimate recipes for each of the five categories. This is a really nice, high-quality cakes, pies & tarts recipe.

This is our new cookies & pastries recipe. This is actually the ultimate recipe rather than the penultimate because our cookies & pastries research was more advanced than the other categories for some reason. It's a, um, chocolate-free, savoury cheese éclair?

Our penultimate ice cream & soberts recipe. I'll give 'em this one.

Penultimate puddings & gelatin recipe. It breaks my heart to see a crème brûlée recipe based on light cream. I'll add it to the menu, but very reluctantly!

And finally the penultimate patisserie beverage. I'm not sure exactly what makes this recipe "smoothied", but I do know that mixing mint and orange is a very, very good idea.

I've been running Heiliger Klaus with a discounted menu and a lot of advertising spend in order to increase customer numbers. Excluding the advertising spend, Heiliger Klaus made about $42,000 last month, which is almost as much as all of our coffee shops and patisseries put together. Of course, Treize à Table is still the jewel in our crown, earning $87,000 excluding advertising. But that's with three chefs – Heiliger Klaus only has one. Once we get one or two more chefs in here and I remove the menu discounts, Heiliger Klaus may well eclipse Treize à Table!

And we win the mission! Armand has a fresh start and a new place to hide from his problems in Germany. More importantly, we have our second good restaurant!

While German restaurants are absolutely incredible in terms of making money, they're a bit lacking in the décor department. These are the wall, floor and unique table options

And these are the wall- and floor-mounted decorations.

Thread poll: what décor should we have in Heiliger Klaus?

Vote on wall, floor and table design. For example, to vote for wall type C, floor type D and table type B, vote "CDB". The winning combination will be whatever has the most votes when I play the next mission. Also, let me know if you want me to add any of the floor or wall decorations.

Also, since we have more money coming in and I'm almost done researching patisserie recipes, we need some more recipe research topics! I'm going to be investing in German main courses just to ensure that we'll at least have something to serve at our new restaurant. Everything else I'll leave to you guys! Let me know if you think I should research any of the recipe types below. We should be able to afford an additional five topics at least.

Research topics

French breakfast
French appetizers
French soups
French main courses
French desserts - COMPLETE

Italian breakfast
Italian appetizers
Italian soups
Italian main courses
Italian desserts

American breakfast
American appetizers
American soups
American main courses
American desserts - COMPLETE

Coffee shop hot coffee
Coffee shop iced coffee
Coffee shop tea - COMPLETE
Coffee shop other drinks - COMPLETE
Coffee shop food - COMPLETE

Dessert house cakes, pies & tarts - Researching
Dessert house cookies & pastries - COMPLETE
Dessert house ice cream & soberts - Researching
Dessert house puddings & gelatin - Researching
Dessert house beverages - Researching

German breakfast
German appetizers
German soups
German main courses - Researching
German desserts