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Part 18: New Fronts

Re-enforcements have been deployed like so:

Initiative is claimed handily by...


Moving from their Armed Forces Basing and Phone Support Center in Great Britain, Vynnlandi troops maneuvered across the English Channel to exert their influence over the lucrative markets of Western Europe.

The territory's Lusitanian defenders were easily dispensed with, however a full division of Vynncorp men were lost in bloody confrontations with Europe's notoriously tenacious labor unions.

In an impressive show of cross-continental expediency, Vynncorp troops in Africa successfully crossed the Sahara in record time, taking Wurzelian defenses in North Africa completely off guard.

Vynnland takes Western Europe and North Africa!

In an abrupt departure from his previous military adventures in Africa and the Americas, Grand Wurzel Sebzilla redeployed all his available reserves into Greater Somerset's limited holdings in Australia.

Moving from New Guinea to Eastern Australia, Wurzelian troops became embroiled in a costly skirmish with Vynncorp defenders, not eager to relinquish their hold of valuable trade ports in the region.

Pushing his advance into Western Australia, Sebzilla found his army's strength too depleted to drive off League of Nations peacekeepers there, and was pushed back.

Somerset takes Eastern Australia!

Taking full advantage of Vynncorp's weakened defenses in Great Britain, Most Peaceful Slaan sailed his men from nearby Europe to defeat the understaffed garrison there.

Capitalizing on their success, his men sailed again northward, conquering Scandinavia as well because, well, why not?

In the east, Slaan ordered a detachment of troops be sent to secure positions in Western Australia for both spiritual and alcohol related reasons.

League of Nations defenders, however, would have none of it, and like the Wurzels before them, the invading Kamigonians were driven off with zeal.

Kamigonia takes Great Britain and Scandinavia!

In much the same way he'd used to secure lunch funds in gradeschool, Supreme Commander Twiddy utilized superior numbers to gang up on the smaller and weaker armies of Vynnland in Argentina, sending them crying home to their mothers.

League of Nations takes Argentina

Traveling this time upon a massive herd of camels laden with food and liquor, Lusitanian forces, taking the overland route, moved again in to the Middle East.

The regions Kamigonian defenders were easily overrun, as well as local law enforcement and large numbers wailing bitterly about how 'those golden treasures have been in our family for generations'.

Their camels now laden with priceless ancient artifacts, which when melted down would fetch a very high price indeed, Admiral Hero ordered his men northward into Afghanistan to seize their equally enjoyable fields of wild heroin.

Determined not to let their notoriety for absolute failure deter their ambitions, Lusitanian troops in Kamchatka mounted yet another assault on the Brazen defenders of Yakutsk, this time to great success.

Then, in a curious incident involving copious drunken celebration, outlandish wagers, and a particularly competitive game of naked robber, the lead Lustianian division chose to march southwards and, against all reasonable odds, capture Irkutsk as well.

Lusitania takes Middle East, Afghanistan, Yakutsk, and Irkutsk!

Enraged by his defeat at the hands of the petty Lusitanian garrison in the Eastern US, Herr Zwiebel marched the full might of his available forces again south to rid himself of their arrogant insolence once and for all.

The Lusitanians, however, had anticipated his assault, training in the interim a full division of sharpshooters tasked solely with targeting the Brazens' vulnerable boilers.

Said one rifleman, 'It's like fish in a barrel! Made of metal! That explode!'

Brazen takes it in the man-satchel!


Risk cards are worth 4 armies!

To be continued...