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Part 26: Consolidation

Look at the pretty ponies!

The requisite armies take to the field:

Who's our lucky winner today?

Vynnland! Cheers, sir.

His once-ally now weakened and defenseless, Chairman Pinchy formed the entirety of his reinforcements in Venezuela to march northward and strike the League of Nations a final blow.

Surrounded on all sides, with nowhere to turn, Supreme Commander Twiddy was desperate. His only hope had been a massive supply of fresh troops with which he might have held his ground and, perhaps, turned the war around. That very morning, however, he received a reply to his requests from headquarters which read, in part;

"Commander Twiddy,

You should be happy to know that your request for additional forces has been cleared by the League Undersecretaries' Council on Foreign Incursion, following a vigorous debate regarding the original draft's allocation of oil and gas trade rights to territories to be conquered with said forces and what many on the committee felt was the use of inappropriately 'gendered language'.

The issues have been cleared, however, and with any luck your request, which has now reached 5,000+ pages with its attached additional funding allocations and labor rights enforcement exemptions for cannery workers in Bangladesh, should be ready for a vote by the full League in just 2-3 months time.

Until then know that you have our utmost faith and trust in your tenacity to hold to the very last.

Commander Twiddy was therefore helpless to watch as the legions of Vynnland flooded towards him from the south.

Surrounded, but determined to go down fighting, Commander Twiddy ordered his forces to mount a daring charge into the enemy lines in the hopes of achieving a breakout.

Vynnlandi commanders were momentarily stunned by the attack, and raced hurriedly demand the executive compensation necessary for them to mount a counter-attack.

When it finally came, the tide was turned, and League forces were slowly ground away into oblivion.

Vynnland takes Central America!

Still growing accustomed to having an actual army to command, Most Peaceful Slaan ordered his troops in Europe to move out and secure their domination of the continent.

Then, in an act of pure, though very peaceful, defiance, the grand Kamigonian armies waiting in Southern Europe struck southward into Africa.

In a devastating campaign of expansion, they seized from Vynnlandi defenders territory after territory with crushing force, bringing in one swift stroke the entire continent under their control.

Kamigonia take Great Britain, Afghanistan, Middle East, Egypt, North Africa, Congo, South Africa, Madagascar, and East Africa!

Under heavy guard in a makeshift cell, Supreme Commander Twiddy receives his last communique from League Headquarters:

"Supreme Charlatan Twiddy,

We have received word of your defeat. This message is to inform you that, in the 90 minutes hence, a resolution was passed unanimously by all 37 associated committees and the full League indicating our firm commitment that this defeat was all entirely your fault and stipulating that none of the representatives present for the roll had anything to do with it at all. Good day!"

Calling up a horde of reserves, Admiral Hero's forces lashed out in Asia against the foreign incursions of Kamigonia and Vynnland.

From Ural, 13 divisions marched south to take back Afghanistan and the Middle East territories.

In a simultaneous move, Lusitanian troops in Mongolia moved into neighboring China.

There they ran afoul of native guerilla forces, being led by a division of Vynnlandi troops in the region. Using a notoriously unsportsmanlike series of booby traps and carefully constructed ambushes, the isolated defenders singlehandedly eliminated 5 entire enemy divisions, cutting the Lusitanian assault force in half, before fading away into the jungle, never to be heard from again...

Now traumatized and prone to shoot wildly at sudden gusts of wind, the remaining Lusitanian armies continued on to seize Siam and India.

Lusitania takes Afghanistan, Middle East, China, Siam, and India!

Gunshy, but wanting a continent to call their own, Brazen troops moved to capitalize on Vynnland's weakened troops in Central America.

The attack did not go as well as planned, however, and reduced in number, Brazen commanders wisely abandoned the assault.

Guided only by the masterful navigational skills of Herr Zwiebel himself, Brazen forces from the Northwest Territory wandered wildly about the northern seas before stumbling upon Kamigonian controlled Greenland and promptly seizing it.

Brazen takes Greenland!


Risk cards are now worth 25 armies!

To be continued...