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Part 25: Turnaround

Most Peaceful Slaan shows three of a kind.

Theirs not to wonder why,
theirs but to roll the die..."


Snatched by The League! Godspeed all.

Though crippled by the Brazen's fierce strike southward, League forces in Central America were able to reform quickly enough to strike eastward, taking advantage of weak defenses there.

League of Nations takes Eastern US!

In Asia, Lusitanian forces were given the order to take the territory of Siberia that had long eluded their grasp.

Lusitania takes Siberia!

Not about to lose ground at this point to the much-loathed League, Gentleperson Herr Zwiebel ordered his forces back into the Eastern US, completing the region's seesaw maneuver.

Pushing forward, they mounted an assault on the League stronghold in Central America. But mounting losses and the odds not entirely in their favor, they felt it wise to pull back and regroup.

Brazen takes Eastern US!

From North Africa, Chairman Pinchy ordered the mobilization of Vynnland's mighty Army Group West for an attack on South America.

In a swift and brutal blitz, they cut down League defenders throughout the continent, leaving in their wake a trail of battered forts and broken dreams.

Meanwhile, Army Group East was also on the move, launching a major campaign from the Middle East territory with the objective of breaking the Lusitanians' grip on Australia.

The operation met with considerably less success, however. Weighing heavily on their massive superiority in numbers alone, Vynnlandi commanders were repeatedly drawn in to costly engagements by the smaller but more nimble Lusitanian troops throughout Asia.

Utilizing sneak attacks and guerilla tactics, the defending Lusitanians waged an unwavering campaign of resistance.

Then, in a stunning display of tenacity, one lone, entrenched Lusitanian division in Indonesia beat back no less than four divisions of invading troops singlehandedly, bringing their great campaign to a grinding halt just short of its objective.

From Egypt, Army Group North plunged its way into the tender, supple defenses of the European continent.

With great fortune and minimal casualties, they crisscrossed their way northward to the Ukraine.

There they halted, hearing rumors of a massive Kamigonian sleeper army forming somewhere nearby.

Vynnland takes Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, India, China, Siam, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Great Britain, Northern Europe, and Ukraine!

Faithful Kamigonians everywhere heeding the call to defend their mother land, Most Peaceful Slaan pulled together, as if directly out of his ass, a massive new army.

Moving from Scandinavia, he lead his men on a remarkably fortuitous march southward, crushing the ill-prepared Vynnlandi defenses and seizing nearly all of Europe in the process.

Kamigonia takes Ukraine, Northern Europe, Western Europe, and Southern Europe!


Risk cards are now worth 20 armies!

To be continued...