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Part 24: Resurgence

Brazen and Vynnland think there's something you should all know:

In Western Australia, Grand Wurzel Sebzilla limped his way to into the chamber where delegates of the Kleptocracy of Lusitania sat in high back chairs at a long table, before them a copy of the surrender terms prepared for his signature.

With the stroke of a pen, Sebzilla signed away his command of the last remaining forces of Greater Somerset. He then gave himself over to their control, after which the surrender was declared complete.

The table, chairs, and pen were all then promptly stolen.

A man of his word, Admiral Hero upheld his end of the bargain by ordering the full release of the captive commander.

Sebzilla was summarily loaded onto a Lusitanian galleon and sailed to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where he was then strapped to a barrel and thrown overboard into the sea.


The Grand Wurzel's territories now in Lusitanian hands, we are left with the following situation:

NOTE: The two Vynnland divisions seen bobbing about in the North Sea were actually deployed to Egypt, the photo was merely taken early by accident.


Lusitania takes the lead!

From Afghanistan, Lusitanian forces pushed north into Ural, where Vynnland's defense soon found their frosty fortifications overrun by enemy troops wielding hair dryers and extension cords.

In the south, Admiral Hero's attempt to march against the Middle East territory met with considerably less success when his troops ran headlong into a sizably re-enforced Vynnlandi army in the region, of which they had been unaware.

Lusitania takes Ural!

Relaxing his enlistment standards to include young children, elderly women, and the brutally incompetent, Herr Zwiebel managed to raise a massive resistance force, and moved swiftly to capitalize on the League of Nations' stalled offense in North America.

From Ontario and the Eastern US, his newly replenished army of rickety, boilerplated deathtraps and enraged citizen-soldiers, including at least one division of axe-wielding nuns, struck out against the League forces that had so churlishly invaded their homeland from the south.

The ensuing campaign was a bloodbath for League of Nations armies, as everywhere there lines were overrun and their soldiers viciously bludgeoned to death with their own shoes and prosthetic limbs.

Finally ceasing their halt, Brazen forces paused to revel in their stunning success with copious amounts of beer and fornicating.

For Herr Zwiebel, it seemed a great turning point had been reached.

Brazen takes Alberta, Alaska, and Western United States!

Hating to let a good army go to waste, Chairman Pinchy ordered his troops in the Middle East to take quick stroll over to Afghanistan and see if they had any sugar over there he could borrow.

Vynnland takes Afghanistan!

His armies weakened, Most Peaceful Slaan struggled to hold together what remained of his forces in Europe as pessimism spread and morale plummeted.

Even a victory in Greenland couldn't cheer them up.

His forces already spread thin, Slaan moved what troops he could muster in Great Britain southward to take back Western Europe for the fourth time.

Despite their extensive experience invading that particular territory, the Kamigonian army was nonetheless unsuccessful.

Kamigonia takes Greenland!

In Central America, the last remaining League of Nations army in North America mobilized to counter the Brazen march of doom steadily working its way southward.

Striking first into the Western US, League commanders were unpleasantly surprised at the vicious tenacity with which their fog-billowing foes countered their every move.

Outnumbered, League forces retreated southward.

Not content to allow Brazen a total victory, League peacekeepers marched to the east.

They were no more successful, however, and the assault was swiftly snuffed out.

Increasingly desperate to claim a victory of any kind, Supreme Commander Twiddy led his only remaining mobile force in Europe on a daring raid into Ural.

Hastily assembled and poorly planned, the operation was a complete disaster.

League of Nations takes a bottle of stiff whiskey back to their barracks to brood...


Risk cards are now worth 15 armies!

To be continued...