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Part 34: Fortune

High in the mountains of Irkutsk, the deposed (again) Sebzilla sits under heavy guard, dreaming of ciders past.

Following their victorious thumping of Wurzel rebel forces, Vynncorp again found themselves flush with capital and, soon enough, legions of fresh troops.


The turn, it seems, is Vynnland's to lose.

Facing a severe limitation on their choice of whose armies to kill, Vynncorp forces deployed out en-masse from the heart of North Africa.

The largest army ever to march upon the Earth was on the move.

Brazen forces in the African continent were ridiculously outnumbered, and despite their stalwart efforts they were all soon steamrolled beneath the might of the crushing weight of well-armed capitalism.

With Africa in his pocket, Chairman Pinchy led his men eastward, through Asia.

Despite having their backs to the wall, and being hopelessly outflanked on all sides, Herr Zwiebel's troops stood fast and fought with all the strength they could muster, rending asunder whole swaths of the invading divisions in the Middle East, India, and Siam.

Slowly but inevitably, however, they were eventually worn down and summarily defeated.

Suffering atrocious casualties, but utterly unwilling to stall the advance, Chairman Pinchy urged his troops onward into Australia.

There they faced the last corner of resistance in all the world to the burgeoning corporate oligarchy of their plutocratic overlords.

Herr Zwiebel's men were well prepared.

The ensuing campaign was a horrific bloodbath. Entrenched Brazen divisions in Indonesia and New Guinea tore into advancing Vynnland armies, whose inexperienced commanders, confident of their numerical superiority, made little if any attempt to exercise tactics or strategy.

Thus the resulting battles, though clear Vynnland victories, came at a heavy cost.

Chairman Pinchy's once-grand army was now all but destroyed, their numerical superiority having evaporated in the face of the Brazen's tenacious and withering defenses. For every 100 men that had begun the campaign, less than 6 survived.

Herr Zwiebel, like Sebzilla and Guitar Hero before him, now found himself defending Western Australia with they very last of his once powerful forces.

Both sides exhausted and evenly matched, neither willing to yield, the two armies marched again into battle.

In a few brief hours of fighting, both sides found themselves reduced by all but one division.

The decisive battle was at hand. One good charge would mean the life or death of the Brazen resistance.

Boldly, Herr Zwiebel led his men to their fate.

There, in a glorious field of battle, the last great army of the war fell.

Vynnland held the ground.

Vynnland takes Congo, South Africa, Madagascar, East Africa, Egypt, Middle East, India, Siam, Indonesia, New Guinea, Eastern Australia, and Western Australia!


The End