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Part 33: Market Forces

The world as a whole may be becoming desperately short on people left to shoot at...

The rumbling of massive armies once again trembles over the land.


Wurzellonia takes charge!

Incensed at Vynnland's incursion into territory having so recently become theirs, Wurzel mobs launched a surprisingly coherent counter-attack, driving their enemy once again from the continent.

Wurzellonia takes Ontario, Northwest Territory, Alberta, and Alaska!

Determined not to share Vynnland's hassled fate at the hands of revolutionaries, Herr Zwiebel, on a campaign from the Middle East to liberate Australia, took great pains to ensure his territorial holdings were left amply defended.

Brazen takes India, Siam, Indonesia, New Guinea, Eastern Australia, and Western Australia!

While the loss of Europe and the Americas was undoubtedly bad for business, it was the the interruption by Wurzel revolutionaries of their otherwise entirely enjoyable Alaskan whale watching tour that spurred the Vynncorp board to action.

Ordering an immediate liquidation of all nonessential assets and unattractive employees, they raised up yet another tremendous land force in the territory of Afghanistan and, owing both to his tactical successes and curious unwillingness to demand a raise, placed it under the command of Chairman Pinchy.

Its objective: put down the Wurzel revolution once and for all.

Pinchy went straight to work in Europe.

The European continent safely in their pocket, Vynnland's armies pushed on into North America, plowing his way through the comedically underpowered Wurzellonian defenders there.

Cornered now in South America, the armies of the revolution were cornered and helpless before the crushing might of the Vynncorp corporate oligarchy.

Cornered in Brazil between the sea and a relentlessly advancing wall of enemy troops, First Consul Sebzilla knew the final days of his grand revolution were at hand.

He bid his few remaining comrades down one last round of splendid cider, and go down fighting.

His army still strong, Chairman Pinchy moved once again to ruin somebody's day, leading his troops on an ambitious amphibious assault into North Africa.

There they grappled with Brazen forces who, though entrenched, were too greatly outnumbered to hold off the Vynnlandi advance.

Vynnland takes Ukraine, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Northern Europe, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland, Northwest Territory, Alaska, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Eastern US, Western US, Central America, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, and North Africa!


Risk cards are now worth 45 armies!

To be continued...