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Part 2: Prologue Chapter - Where Sexual Jokes Just Won't Go

Prologue Chapter - Where Sexual Jokes Just Won't Go

When last we left off, I'd given you a bunch of to chew over and decide on stats for our heroin, Katrina! Turns out that you all wanted Royalty Star and Big Sword speciality. Her stats came out above average in most aspects actually. Take a look!

Now, let's begin the game with Katrina. We start in Loanne Castle late at night...

Meet Monica. She's amazingly adept at getting abducted and being put in dangerous conditions much like any other RPG princess.

SHIFTING TO: Debauchery!

I swear I didn't emphasize this picture on purpose. I also didn't make this script seem so innocently sexual.

Godwin: Mikhail only brings a small army. Once we secure here, he won't fight back.

Godwin: Then I'll replace Mikhail to become the Marquis.

Minister: Don't forget about me, Baron Godwin.

Minister: No, I should call you Marquis Godwin

Godwin: Oh, I WON'T forget about you.

Godwin: Let's capture Monica as well. Just want to buy some insurance...

Minister: I see. That's our trump card.

Godwin: I mean, I don't want others to think about my old man fetish.
Minister: Indubitably, good sir!

I don't have to explain this one.

Monica: I don't really have a problem with their secret acts at night, but I really would like to stay being the princess. Teehee!

Monica: Baron Godwin and the minister... they are betraying Mikhail!

Monica: You stay here and make sure no one notice that I'm gone. Hold as long as you can.

Katrina: I see.

Monica messes with the mirror a little bit and we get...

A secret passage! Truly an innovation of fantasy.

Katrina: Monica ....

Yep, another translator error.

Katrina doesn't waste any time, and this won't EVER be taken out of context.

Maid: What! This is Monica's bed!
Maid: Such impolite things...
Katrina: It's okay. Just hurry up! Don't make any noise.
Maid: Yes.

She really doesn't waste any time whatsoever. Now what happened is that the maid is acting like Monica in disguise, basically so that the minister and Godwin don't go looking for her.

At this point in the game you are free to move around Loanne Castle. The objective of this introduction is to secure Katrina's belongings somewhere as well as to prepare in case she is captured and has to escape.

This is where you can place your weapons and armor, as well as items. Now, once you go outside...

Katrina: She looks tired and is already asleep.

Minister: Really... Have a nice sleep till tomorrow then....

Minister then takes off, completely unsuspicious-like. Now, you have your equipment secured. Head downstairs and further to the left to find the prison area. You'll find this on the desk.

Take this and go to the far right cell...

Katrina: Let me hide the key in here.

That's it for preparations on Katrina's introduction! You may now go back to the room you started in and just wait there for the following drama to occur.

Heeeeey you guuuuuuuuys...

Minister: As for Monica, we are taking her away.

Katrina: How rude! If Mikhail knows about this, you won't be forgiven!

Minister: Mikhail? From now on Godwin will be the lord of this castle. If you disobey him, you will lose your life!

Katrina: I see. But you seem to underestimate me. What can you do to me with only four persons?

Katrina busts out with NotOldeEnglish! Minister counters!

Katrina: Shit. Swear that you won't touch a finger of Monica, and I can surrender.

Minister: Ok, ok. But we must guard this room so that she won't escape.

This leads us to:

The second part of Katrina's introduction! Just move down and examine the door...

Katrina: Anyway, I should wait for Mikhail's return.

The scene will fade and then you will start to hear the music used for just about every prologue area. Walk out of the prison and you'll see:

Feet! Glorious Feet! They turn into Mikhail and some black guy.

Katrina: Yes, I'm fine.

Katrina looks over and Mikhail pointedly notes her wandering gaze.

Mikhail: This man? This is Tornado.

Katrina: Godwin is probably in this throne room.

Katrina: I say probably, because you never know when someone will just run screaming when real danger lurks around instead of having a one-night stand with the minister.

Aveeeeeengers! Fight! (Sorry.)

Go back up here and collect your weapons. You'll need them for the upcoming boss fight.

Now that that's done, go back out and do some fighting. If this is your first time playing, accomodate yourself with the battle system. As for me, I do it to level up Mikhail's mace skill so he doesn't completely suck as a healer.

Also, set yourself a formation. I chose this one because the defense up isn't noticeable at the start. You have this and Open Delta for 3 person formations, and you learn more and more 5 person formations as the game goes on and you collect party members.

I do this about a good twenty or thirty minutes to get Mikhail's skill up as well as some small number of HP...

If you're really daring, you can just keep building stats in this room. Just move up and then go back inside.

Heading to the throne room brings us to the big Man in Purple. (???)

Demon: But Godwin escaped long ago. He served his purpose.

Mikhail: I expected that. So you are behind this? What for? Who is your boss? Wait, move away from there before you answer! I won't allow you to sit on Loanne's glorious throne!

Demon: Besides, I won't answer your questions. I wonder if you can move me away with your power?


Here it is. This is the entirety of Katrina's scenario. Next time I will show you what happens after this fight, and from then on SWEET FREEDOM OF CHOICE!