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Romancing SaGa 3

by Garin

Part 3: Suddenly, Freedom!

Struggling in the vast corners of Oklahoma, the Northeast Quadrant of the Red Lands, one lone man is laughing at his monitor while he seeks to bring about more information upon a dry game.

Chapter 1 - Suddenly, Freedom!

When we last left off in our epic struggle against the forces of the unnamed plus one Baron with a dark secret, we'd just finish triumphing over those evils!

Mikhail: In particular, Harid, Thomas, Julian, Ellen, Sara (Sora, Donald, Goofy).
Mikhail: Though you are not my vassals, you have done a good job.

Monica goes around and starts to thank all of the party members. I wasn't cool enough to get an animated gif done so I'll just transcribe what she says.

Monica: Thank you, (NAME)

Now, here are the responses.

Harid: I do this for money, so you don't have to thank me.

Thomas: That's more than I deserve.

Julian: I think this is the right thing to do. My dad always...

Ellen: I really enjoyed the journey with Monica.

Sara: .... no ....

Katrina: Monica's courage has crushed the ambition of Godwin.

I'm gonna guess that Sara is just shy about it or something.

Harid gets right down to business!

Several days later...

I was trying to replay through the evil demon fight to get to this but each time he kept spamming face hit or something would break.

Katrina is alone in Loanne, looking out to the distance.

Katrina: Who is it!? Mikhail!

Mikhail goes over to get close to Katrina.
Mikhail: Good work, Katrina.
Katrina: It's nothing... !!

Katrina is at least a competent bodyguard in that she is worried about her job in an RPG.

Katrina: Mikhail... I'm so happy...

Mikhail and Katrina both walk off towards the docks to... watch the water I guess. The screen fades to black before the return, walking up from the docks. I don't really know to suspect here.

Suddenly, this conversation takes a turn for the off-topic.

Katrina hands him the epee-that-looks-like-a-sword over when Mikhail first asks about it.

Katrina: What are you talking about? By no means, you are ... !!
Mikhail: You finally noticed! It appears you didn't see through my disguise, Katrina!!!

Man, I want this guy on my team if he's this awesome of a spy. Who knows what he would do to sentry guns?

Not Mikhail: Farewell!
Katrina: Wait!!

Terrorists win.
Fade to the throne room of Loanne...

Monica asks the question burning on everyone's mind.
Katrina: Monica....

Katrina: I should pay this with my life. But please, please give me a chance to get back the Masquerade.
Mikhail: That hair shows your determination. All right. You can take care of your misconduct with your own hands. However, until you get the Masquerade back, you cannot return to Loanne.
Monica: That's too harsh, brother!
Katrina: Thanks for accepting my request. I'll get back the Masquerade for certain.

Mikhail asks her one question before she turns to leave.

Mikhail: So, keep this question in mind. You can go, Katrina!

I can understand his logic, but then I get this mental image of an army of Mikhail lookalikes chasing after Katrina going .

With that, we come to this!

First stop is Mules. From there, we go to conquer the woooooorld!

Tune in next time folks, for annoying children and snazzy hats.