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Part 10: Yer a Bastard, Ryle

Yer a Bastard, Ryle

It's time to confront the evil Chancellor!

Is he giving us beauty tips now?

"Never thought the evil mastermind behind all of this would say that..."

"I have never seen such an odd evil person before, and I can see you look down on everyone."

"What's the purpose of doing this! You want to rule the kingdom. Is that is?"

"Are you...interrogating MOI? Ryle Laster?"

"!?(This guy knows my name!?)"

"Or perhaps, I called you a wrong name? Oh yes, you have another name too...Second son of the 25th Factoria King Acemel. Prince Ryle S. Factoria...should I call you that, your Highness?"



"Ryle is...? Prince of the Factoria Kingdom!!"


"You think that kind of bluffing would throw us into disorder!?"

"It's up to you to believe it or not. Since I am not interested in your past but the now. I hate wasting my time on useless jokes. So you should know whether it was a lie or not."

"What do you mean?"

"To someone like me who already took control of Factoria, the biggest threat now is you Prince Ryle...You, being kind and fair like your brother, are the best leader those rebels need. Which I personally dislike the most~"


"And now you boldly come here to let me finish your life....I shall commemorate this day from now on!"

"I don't care about the fact that I am a prince or not!"

Oh shit, Ryle brings his action-face..

"But because of your childish dream, countless lives being lost...THIS I have to take revenge for!"

"...Fine then. Shall I take your lives now?"


"...What you were trying to do?"

"You wanted us to witness the power of your rulership, that's why you snapped your fingers?"

"...No they couldn't have!"

"What's the matter "Your Highness"? "Where are the Ninjas?" It's written all over your face!"

"...I see. So you are not as dumb as I thought...That is it eh?"

"...It's the basic tactic. To tie up enemies hands and feat by themselves."

I like to imagine that Ryle looks really fucking smug during this part.

"By themselves?"

"...!? Could it be?"

"Those Ninjas we rescued came and freed their comrades here, before we entered the place. I guess Fina had told them to do this for me."

I really need an emote for PLOT DEVICE

"Hehehe..I took the first blow. Like I said before, I hate wasting time..."

"All your troops are gone now! What can you do alone?"

"But you see, I am the leader. If I loose my hands and feet then I just have to use what's left to finish you off. That simple. Oh and ladies, you don't have to worry about being killed since you all will become MINE."

"I seriously refuse the offer...."

"I don't want someone who thinks of others as toys!"

"Can't stand your crazy talks...Why don't you talk to yourself?"

"Well, well, I am being hated more and more. I don't really care if you like it or not. I will decide your preferences..."

"The decisions made from such an attitude is easily overthrown! You are like a 3rd rated politician."

Fuck you, Flare. That line is offensive to my sense of humor.

"Only those with no virtues could have done such things like; brainwashing, authoritarian rule..."

"Please don't make me repeat myself. It doesn't matter...I'll be controlling everything."

"Then I have to force you off from that throne!"

Stabbin time!

"The 2nd Prince is a bit too confident. You can not beat me like that."

"We gonna see about that!"

"Just surrender now if you don't want any pain!"

"Your future ends here..."

"Is that all you want to say? It could be your last words.."

"I will be saying the exact same words to you real soon!"

Sick burn, Ryle.

Okay, finally I can do a bit of stabbing. This fight has multiple stages but isn't really hard overall. Right now, Xaktor does nothing special aside from punching.

I've used all my party buffs and just whack him a bunch till the next thing triggers...

"I can see why he was able to control the White Shinobi! What a power!"

"Hehehe! I just came up with a nice way to deal with you guys!"


"Marionette Song-!!"

So is he singing the cells at us or what?





"HuWahahaha! The 2nd prince dies here by the hands of his dear friends!!"


"!! WHAT!?"

"Man, that was a big surprise! I thought he got me this time."

"If I haven't dodged in time, I would have become his slave."

"...Prince Ryle! Was it you? The one who neutralized my Marionette song!?"

"Don't make me laugh! I was able to catch up with the super speed of the White Shinobis."

"You better be faster than those guys in order to brainwash ME!"

"Guess I have underestimated you too much. Prince..."

Okay wait, time-out! Did Ryle just deflect the Monster Cells or did he cut the words that Xaktor was singing?.... Nobody knows!

This is another fine display of sudden plot-luck for our heroes, and the childish approach towards obstacles. Whatever the enemies will bring, Ryle and friends will just conjure up some bullshit reason why it doesn't work on them. And this could have been an interesting and challenging fight if Xaktor could actually take control of your party members. But nope!

Anyway, I continue to whack Xaktor with my best attacks till he goes down.

"You underestimated the strength from people's heart too much. And this is what you get!"

"Once you seize and oppress people's heart, they eventually will bounce back to you with the same degree! I don't know much about the royal leadership and all, but someone like you can never fully control it."

"If you can't figure that out by now, then you are not good enough to rule the kingdom..."

Dude, he is a villain! He doesn't give a shit about your values and life lessons. He is evil and wants to fuck shit up. STOP TALKING!

See? That's what you get for making your dumb speeches...

"What the!? He's really persistent! God I hate this dude!!"

"I can't let you get in my ways any more!!"

"So now you would like to fight for real eh?!"

Seems like we're heading into the next phase..

"That's what you shall get!"

"You'll be suffering...As painful as those who were hurt by you!"

"SHUT UP-!! I am the ruler of you insignificant low-lives!"

"That's! The same Dark Wave we saw at the Dannyon Mine!?"

She's talking about the Soul Eater, jfyi. Seems like things are coming together now..

"So this is the one I heard about, the compressed form of Dark Wave, the "Death Wave"-!!"

"Kahkahkah! Do you have any idea of the horror of this power?!...Prince Ryle?"

"Soul Eater is made of Astral body so the sword attack was useless. But you are different!! Even if you possess the Dark Wave, you still have a body of flesh and bones!"

"You will become an excellent food for the low class wraiths!!"

In this phase of the fight, Xaktor is next to invincible. Ryle still does a bit of damage, but Caris and Latyss are both reduced to 1 point of damage. No matter what attack they use on him. On the other hand, his attacks have not gotten much stronger so there is no real danger. Again....

I just keep attacking with Ryle, while the rest does support. I think it's fair to say that the next plot device will get us out of this predicament real soon.

"We can't win if keeping like this..."

"That Dark Wave shields him from our sword attacks! We have to get rid of that thing!!"

"Ryle! I'll call upon the Wind Elemental to stop Xaktor's movement!"

Ah, there we go...

"Can you do it?"

"Don't know if it will work out or not, but I have to try it! 3 turns! I need that long to complete the summoning!"

"Got it!! I'll use everything I got for your safety!"

"Listen to me! Winds and Spirits! Come forth to my side..."

Latyss can do nothing for the next three turns, so let's advance time till she does her thing.

"Oh Wind Elemental! Please become the fast wind to stop the evil from moving""

"Whoa! Awesome wind blast!!"

"Elementals! Grant me the POWER!!"

"Arrrrrrg!! Damn winds!!"

"I can't do it! With my current magic, I can't fully control the wind!"

"Doesn't matter! His movement slowed down a lot! It wore off some of his power!"


"Latyss, nice work! We can fight him evenly from now on!"

Again, I have no idea what's actually going on here. At first, it seemed like Xaktor had a magical shield, but now it's like a shield of moving particles or something? Whatever, it's all just bullshit!

"That...damn ELF!! I'll destroy you all!"

"!? (I am finished!!)"*Can't dodge Xaktor's attack*

"Watch out!"




"Mm! Prince Ryle!"

"You are no longer a threat to me without the Dark Wave! I'll finish you off now!"

Without his bullshit magic, Xaktor is now really weak and I just run a train of powerful moves over him.


The fight spits out two VPs and a good deal of XP and gold.


"Is something wrong?"

"I'll carry the prince to his room. All of you go to the lower floor and search for the king.."

Apparently, Prince Dyss was just asleep for the whole fight?

"I see...I'll take care of it."

"Yeah, I got it! Ryle, I'll leave you here then."

"..Gotta be not true. We don't even look similar."

"Let me see, head to the basement..."

But when Ryle wants to leave...

"!!..S,Sorry Sire. I didn't mean to wake you up.."

"Do you hate dad?"

"I don't know what you are talking about..."

"What Xaktor said is TRUE! You are the prince.."

"Prince Dyss..."

"You were born between the King and your mother who worked as royal servant..."

And now my update title makes sense!

"Prince Dyss..You should get some rest now..."

"After you were born, a conspiracy took place in the castle..I was 5 back then. Many royal advisors were concerned of a possible future conflict between 2 princes for the throne. So they planned to assassinate you."

"Assassinate me?"

"The Chancellor then tried to control the kingdom by using me as their puppet leader, but because of your birth the plan faced a big obstacle. So the Chancellor tried to cover up as you died from disease. I accidently heard this and told the King! During that time, the Chancellor held most of power over the King, and the only thing we could do to save you was stripping your rights away..That means you could not become the next King and the Chancellor did give up chasing after you, after we pretended exiling you out of the castle."

So here we have the backstory of Ryle. I personally think that the timeline makes no fucking sense at all, but that shouldn't surprise us by now. I guess Prince Dyss is supposed to be older, even if he looks like a kid? Whatever


"I know you still gonna hate me for this...But there was nothing I could do as a 5 years old kid back then..."

"I don't hate anybody. And my name is Ryle Laster. The prince of Factoria is only your Highness, Prince Dyss..."


"I think it's the best for both of us because I like myself as of now..Please take good care of our Factoria. We will support the kingdom outside."

"Let both of us build it together. A better future from each position..."

"...Yes Sir."

Well, in light of this new information we should probably look for the King.

Seems like Caris also worked her magic on that door.

"Yo! That was quick!"

"I just heard! You defeated Xaktor, right?"

"Lady Fina's plan...It was a big success!!"

" is the King?"

"His Majesty is very exhausted but it's not life-threatening."

"How about Prince Dyss?"

"I took him to the chamber. Now in sleep."

"Your Majesty-!"

"Are you alright?"


"I no, Fina Delstar is here in your service, my lord. I am the daughter of Flare Delstar."

"...Awe, Lady Sacred Dragoon's"

"We heard the dire situation here in Factoria, thus we came forth and found Your Majesty imprisoned here."

"Fina, let's escort His Majesty to the chamber."

"Right. My lord, we shall proceed to the chamber."

"I thank all of you. I have been locked up here for days without food, and I can't walk now...To all the brave ones here, I can't possibly thank you enough right now with mere words. But I thank you from the bottom of my heart..Your bravery and honor are truly exceptional.."

"I am in honor to hear the praise, my lord. Now we shall proceed to the upper floor."


"(Ryle, say something! Oh well~)"

"It's our honor to be blessed by you, Your Highness."

"I want to introduce all of you to the people in our city as the "Heroes of Factoria". If you don't mind?"

"But calling us "Heroes" is just too flattering."

"If you hadn't stopped Xaktor's evil plan, I wouldn't possibly stand here and thank you. You saved this kingdom."


"I want to give a huge parade to welcome heroes."

"Please! You can't do that!!"

Oh, snap!




"Wha...what is wrong!?"

"Hey! You are being very rude here!"

"My lord...Our Factoria is the biggest kingdom on this continent..But what if the people find out that the royalty borrowed outsider's help to solve its internal matters?"

"People's confidence toward you will simply collapse as well as the public trust and support!"

"And I didn't rescue Your Highness for any personal gain, but for the kingdom's stability. The role of the monarch is to guarantee the people their safety, but you're NOT doing your job now!"

"You have to gain back public trust right away!"

"I don't want to see our Factoria simply collapse after we worked so hard to take it back from Xaktor!"


"That's right indeed."

"I am sorry that you guys can't be honored in public, but please understand my decision."

"You are right..."

"Could you accept my proposal? Your Highness!!"

"............I accept. I was too careless about your feelings.."

"Thank you very much...And, please forgive my rudeness back there..."

"Looks like you truly have good potential for a crown prince, Ryle..."


"Eh? That means what Xaktor said was true!!"

Yes it was. And I guess it's fair to re-establish this fact, since only Ryle was present during the chat with Prince Dyss.


"So Xaktor wasn't lying..?"

And now we finally know what secret Hayami was keeping. I also assume that's why she used the "Dono" honorific when talking to him. How did she know? No idea!



"I heard it from Xaktor, "Your other son is still alive and he will definitely come here..."..."

".....My name is Ryle Laster. And I am NOT a prince."

"...Did you just deny because you still hate me?"

"I just want everyone to see me now as true me...I don't hate anyone."

"..But you ARE my son. That's a fact which you can not change."


"I'm not denying that...but...I can't forgive you!"



"I'm not talking about what you did to me in the past, but what you have done for current Factoria. You allowed criminals like Xaktor to become the High Chancellor and dragged many innocent lives into it!"

Ryle is technically right on that part. I can't imagine that Xaktor was the friendliest guy to begin with. Also, why am I still trying to rationalize the stuff in this game!?

"I saw so many grieving the loss of their loved ones on the way here!! Do you know this?!!"

"..He's right on that."

"Sis Latyss!?"

"Your actions can determine the life and death of those people! I can't forgive such man as father!"

"Hey! That's too much!"

"You be quiet!"


"Did you forget? Even I almost lost my life..."


"You don't have to worry about me! But you gotta look out for those helpless people!!"


"....Ryle Dono."


"Just watch me from now on, Ryle. I'll show you the true vision of our Factoria..."

".....I wait and see...See how much you can do for this kingdom."


"Oh Dear Ryle..."



"It seems things turned out just fine."

And next time we'll see what happened then!