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Original Thread: Choose the Anime girl of your dreams! Romancing Walker(Hybrid)



What do you get when you mix an RPG with a dating sim, bad spelling, bad stereotypes and all of the Anime? This game. Sounds bad, huh? Well, to be fair it has some redeeming qualities, otherwise I wouldn't be doing this thread in the first place. But there are still a ton of trashy things in there, which will hopefully make us laugh or shake our heads. Maybe both. To be honest, this game is sort of a guilty pleasure of mine, since I enjoyed playing it like ten years ago, and still did when I rediscovered it recently.

Okay, let's look at the facts.

This game was made in 2001 with the RPGmaker and offers a generic JRPG plot. The good hearted and kinda clumsy hero sets out to find adventure and gets roped into saving the world. We all played that. But the twist is that this is also sort of a dating sim. See, our hero collects a flock of girls throughout the game and can build a "relationship" with each and all of them. And maxing out the different relations gives you access to the seven endings. Most of these girls are kind of stereotypes, but they're generally way more powerful than our hero. You can't fit all of them in your party, so there is actually a lot of unique content for each of them. For example, bringing certain girls to certain locations will unlock stuff for them or just bring different conversations. The whole system behind that is pretty shallow though, and it's easy to max most relationships by the halfway point of the game.

I also said that this game is Anime.

It's actually Anime as all hell. It's so Anime that it even has it's own Tv Tropes page. Visit that place at your own discretion! Aside from being a horrible corner of the internet, it's also full of spoilers. But I still want to share some of the tropes with you, like "Accidental Pervert", "Fantastic Racism", "A-Cup Angst" or "Ms. Fanservice". Yep. But don't get it twisted, there is no Hentai-shit in this thread. The dialog also deserves to be called Anime. Not mainly due to the content, but rather due to the style. The creator, only known as Flare, grabbed almost every Anime trope and mashed it together. Also the spelling is awful for the most part. The English translation is credited to RM2KFanBoy, and they did an awful job at it. I will never believe that English is their first language. Maybe if they still would have been in pre-school, but I dare to say that this was not the case. Anyway, while I won't be able to emulate all the emoticons/symbols, I'm keeping the spelling. It'll be a cold day in hell before I correct all of this text. Also, it's kinda funny.

But that's enough exposition, so let's get to the meat of this thread - audience participation. There will be multiple points where you lot will vote on the girls that I should bring with me. You're mostly free, but I reserve my right to bring certain girls for important "secrets" or whatever. Ultimately, you'll also decide the canon ending for the thread. But don't worry, I'll show the rest afterwards. So choose the Anime girl of your dreams! I'm going to run this thread pretty relaxed, with no fixed schedule. Mostly because I wanna have some fun with this, and want to try something different than what I did before.

One last thing though. I don't really know shit about Anime or Japan, and don't really give a shit either. Feel free to educate/correct me on the way, but don't expect me to be genuinely interested. Jfyi.

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Cool Things

Taciturn Tactician posted:

: Aye caramba, Ryle. Es un grande mess you got us into.
: ¡Dios Mio!

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I wasted so much time on this stupid thing

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: I had a normal life once.

The Cast

Ryle Laster: “Wandering Swordman of Lavas”

Ryle is a typical RPG hero - A young swordsman with a severe case of wanderlust. After finishing his combat training, he wants to see the world beyond his tiny village. He's a real good guy and competent enough to solve the tasks ahead of him, though he's prone to unlucky blunders. Especially when girls are involved or when the plot demands it.

Caris Burnfist: “Paladin of Burning Flame”

Caris is a fighter-girl through and through. She has a brash and large personality, and displays strong emotions in a variety of situations. She brings some physical comedy into the game, and is often a pain in Ryle's ass. On top of that, she's also greedy and somewhat demanding. The internet told me that she can be classified as "tsundere". Nevertheless, she's good at heart and helps Ryle during his journey. She will learn some of the strongest attacks in the game, but since they're mostly fire based she lacks flexibility.

Orubia Aquary: “Priestess of Healing Water”

Orubia is a healer and Ryle's friend since they were children. She's the most innocent and friendly member of the group, and somewhat clueless at times. She's always trying to help people and wants everyone to be happy. You get her deal, right? While she's not a real mage, priest or cleric, she still has access to the most potent healing spells. Other girls also have healing skills, but she is just the best for the job. Of course, that also means that she sucks at raw combat. But she'll learn some Holy attack magic and is the only one that gets a variety of those spells.

Latyss Grynwind: “Elven Summoner”

Latyss is a summoner who also has access to wind and ice magic. She's the only elf girl in the party and elves are pretty rare to begin with. I think she was one of Flare's favorite girls, as she gets a good chunk of backstory along the line. Her main character trait is being reclusive and distant, because that's how elves are. But she'll become a good friend to Ryle and will open up after you increase her attraction. Her attacks are varied and strong, so she's a good choice for most battles. Of course, she will be frail, but her later spells make up for that. Especially when she gets access to all her summons.

Hayami Raienji: “White Class Shinobi”

Hayami is a Ninja, and Ryle encounters her by chance. At first, she sticks with him in exchange for a favor, but it quickly becomes obvious that she knows something important and wants to follow Ryle as long as she can. Hayami is outgoing and cheerful, and is also notable for having the biggest breasts in the party. Yes, this is canon and will get pointed out multiple times. As a result of that, she is also the most sexualized girl of the group. Though, that whole angle dies down completely after she's been with you for a little while. Despite having an annoying verbal quirk, she is an overall pleasant and likeable character. Her combat skills focus on elemental group attacks, and she has a few utility skills that stay useful during several parts of the game. However, it takes a long time before she gets really powerful.

Fina Delstar: “Descendant of Savior”

Fina is the daughter of Flare Delstar, who saved the world and ended the war with the demons. This locks her into the position of the "Messiah" for this game. She tries really hard to stay humble though, and is constantly worried that people expect more from her than she can deliver. While she is smart, righteous, and full of courage in battle, she is also an anxiety ridden mess when the plot demands it. And her many worries are constantly brought up for most of the game. She will learn some very powerful moves through story events, and does not have to learn them via actual level-ups. But you still have to invest some time with her as she is a required member for the last stretch of the game. She is the only character that gets forced on you, so you better come to terms with her being annoying!

Mariel Shells: “Gunner and Gadget”

Mariel is a nerdy inventor girl. She is the master of guns, bombs and all kinds of technical gadgets. Ryle met her by chance during his investigation in Cellen, and she joined his party due to a pretty weird chain of events. "Weird" is also a good word here, because that is what Mariel's character is like. She will be easily confused, and is prone to cry for various reasons. I would say that she is retarded, but a more friendly term would probably be "a ditz". But if the game wants her to be, she will be a pretty competent fighter, just like the rest of the girls. She has a pretty useful spread of abilities, and a lot of her attacks and items are unique. She's also doomed to be the punching-bag/comic relief.
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