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Part 14: Meet the Biggest Asshole in Anime-Land

Meet the Biggest Asshole in Anime-Land

We'll see if you made the right choice...

Before we head into the forest, I want to include this little line.

Now I'm convinced that Caris was ribbing on Fina a bit in the beginning. It just didn't really come across in the text.

As Latyss told us, we have to head back to the Lilith Woods, and then take a turn to the south.

A few updates back, we were already here and triggered a small scene with her.

This place is rather foggy. It also has some sweet music, that I want to share with you.

It seems pretty familiar, but I can't place from where I know it.

Anyway, the beginning of this section has no traps, but some new encounters.

No idea if they do something special, because I killed them real fast.

I just keep on trucking..

...right into the next encounter

But they aren't as dangerous as they look. Lots of Hp, but no special attacks. Orubia levels from this fight, and learns a better version of her Holy group-attack.

A few steps later, I spot a chest.

Hayami could tell me if that is a trap, but we're just going to find out.

Meet the Mimic, a staple of RPG games. But it's not really dangerous, and Orubia stomps all over it since it's weak to Holy attacks. You also gain nothing aside from Xp and a bit of gold for killing it.

Shortly after this, the fog suddenly starts to get thicker...

"This is the real entrance into the Lite Gryn Forest."

"Real entrance?"

"Elves tend to isolate themselves away from the rest of world, since they don't like humans intruding."

"Now I see, so these fog are made by elves then."

"Only an elf can undo this with the Elemental Spells. I'll start contacting with the Elementals and it requires total silence, so stay back..."

"...Got it. Good luck, Latyss."

"Spirit of nature, the Elementals. I am whom walking the same path as mother nature...Wind, Fire, Earth and Water! Show me the WAY!!"

"...Whew. The woods accepted me. But the others won't accept me as the same..."


"Wh, What is it?"

"When they say bad things about you, remember, we are on your side."

"Sis Latyss is always my BEST friend!"


"Thank you..."

"Alrighty then! Let's go!!"

Now we are in the trapped part of the forest. I decide to carefully creep forward and...

Well, that's a great start!

A few steps later, I reach a savepoint and don't trigger more traps.

Then I spy a chest.

Hayami could tell me if this is another trap. But I have a good feeling since the last chest was already a trap.

This is a weapon for Latyss. It attacks all enemies and is particularly good against flying creatures. But the staff I bought her is much better, so I stash it.

On through the forest we go...

I'd really appreciate it, if you would do your fucking job, Orubia.


"Dispell TRAPS-!! Shield us!"

Thank you!

I mentioned this earlier, but the trap skills only work on a dice roll or something like that. I wasn't very blessed by the RNG during this section.

Well, time for another chest.


At least Orubia can heal everyone after failing to prevent this...

I really miss Hayami's X-ray vision right about now.

I finally manage to cover some ground, without getting hurt. It's only a bit further till this section ends, so I'm confident tha..

Damn, Orubia. Bringing you along didn't pay off that much.

But by some streak of luck, I manage to not step into any more traps on the last stretch.

There we go!

Welcome to Elzcrown.

This town is really close to nature, in style. Lot's of animals around, and the houses look like a hippie dream.

Since we're kinda intruding here, let's be polite and say hello to some elves.

Well, probably not a good idea to start with a grandpa.

Let's look for some younger folks.

"I don't want to talk with humans, leave me alone."

"Hm! Humans. You better leave, YOU don't belong here~"

Damn, elves are assholes.

Well, this is one of those sections where you have to find the one person that will trigger progress.

In this case, it's also a bit harder than usual. See that house below me? You can enter it from where I'm standing, but that's not very apparent. I hate it when RPGmaker games have doors at this angle, and don't really mark them.

This person looks a bit more shiny than the others, and must therefore be important.

Dude! That's..that's racist

"You just never change. Dierro..."

"Hmm? Oh Latyss, it's you... You're still looking fine, BABE" *smirk*

"Just talking to you makes my skin crawl."

"(I've never seen her this emotional)"

"Hm! Well well look at you! Be friends with these low class creatures...for the silly pride of yours."


"(What a JERK!)"

"But I never thought you would dare coming back to Elzcrown."

"... Anyway, I don't have any business with you today."

"..." *clinching teeth*

"(No! I better change the subject.)"

"Excuse us, we didn't come here to bother anyone. I just need some information about El Metals. If you could be so generous..."

"So Latyss, what's your answer?"


"What do you want!?"

Okay, real-talk; Dierro is a huge fucking asshole. Like, he isn't necessarily evil in the traditional sense, he's just a good ol-fashioned piece of shit. And we're just getting started...


"That's nonsense!"

"Hey! Cut the crap!"

"You low class creatures have no rights talking to ME!"



"Dear Ryle!!"

"So what's gonna be? Become my slave? Or fry all of them with my magic? HAHAHA..."


"I don't like that look! Guess I am taking that as a "No"? Then let me finish them NOW!!"

"!!(He deflected my spell!?)"

"My dear Latyss...Do you think that the low level magic of yours can possibly scratch my cloth?"


"Want to bet?"

"A bet?"

"I want 1 on 1 with you. Loser will obey whatever the winner says."

"Silly girl!! What makes you think that I am willing to give up the advantage of current situation?"

"I'm sure you also have pride of your own, right? Or..was it just bluffing? That you actually are scared by humans!"

"Latyss..NO more insulting! Or else I'm gonna kill them all now!"

"Ryle, I don't think you are that weak to be killed by his magic. Right?"

"...Hey have mercy, well ya?"


"Well, that kind of "zap" spell won't take my life away."

"You idiot human...I am not using my full strength yet!"

"Latyss..Is it alright if I shut him off NOW?"

"...I know. I am in the same mood now."

"What do you mean by "Shutting him off"?"

"Looks like I got no choice...Alright! I accept Latyss' challenge."

"You accept? Fine, I'll see you later."

"Huh? Latyss?"

"Come on, let's go."

"Heh! After I beat you, I'll kill these scums, then you'll be mine forever!"

"...I am so relieved."


"I will decide when to fight later. How about here?"

"Fine with me. I am looking forward to see the day coming when I can finally enjoy the face of yours full of shame..."

"Same for me.."

Well ain't that some shit?

We just met the biggest jerk ever, Latyss threw down the battle gauntlet and the game suddenly became good. I think it's no secret that Dierro will be at the center of this arc. He also plays a big role in Latyss' past, and we will learn about some of it in this update. I'll go ahead a bit and say that Latyss has the deepest backstory, and maybe was Flare's favorite girl. This whole part is done well, and is maybe the best of the entire game.

Anyway, to continue, you actually have to try to leave the village.

"Must be a lucky day for me, Latyss asking ME out..."

"To the west from here, there's a place called Elven Tri. It's a training ground for elves."

"Oh.....A training ground, I see~"

"Why a long face all of sudden? Are you alright?"

He thought you wanted to make out.

This is one of the few points where the hint is actually useful. It warns you to be careful about your tone, so you can guess that the first line is too flippant.

"You need to train your he that strong?"

"I haven't seen his Ace card yet, so I can't tell right now."

"You challenged him 1 on 1 because of a certain possibility of winning, am I right?"

"Or maybe I was influenced by your personality."

"Ouch! You sure know where to poke~"


Att 14 >>> 16

Nah, we'll do that next time. For the end of this update, we're going to trigger another scene and learn a bit about Latyss' earlier life.

Next to Dierro's house, there is this dilapidated one. When you try to enter it, the game will inform you that this starts an event.


"Looks one lives here?"

"...It's obvious that the place is still hated by the neighbors..."


"This is my old home."

"By the way, why did you have to leave here?"


"I, I'm sorry...I shouldn't have asked you."

"Simple reason. Dierro wanted me to marry him but I rejected his proposal. He became very angry and began spreading bad rumors about me, later we were forced to leave here."

"You were forced out of the village because you dumped him!?"

There you have it! The big reveal! ...... Haha, nope. There's is more to it. Just trust me on this one.

"After my family left here, we moved from one place to another toward northeast...yes toward Lavas"

"...Must been hard for you."

"If I was the only one to take the blame, I might have stayed here...but my mother and Preshes..."

"I can't forgive these guys...Like Xaktor before and this guy...What do they think they are!!"


"But it turned out to be a good thing."


"If you haven't left the village back then, we would have never met each other right?"


"You are right. Mom and Preshes been much happier at Lavas."

"Then what about you?"

"W-Why do you ask me that?"

"Everyone should be happy you know, including you."

"Yes. I felt better living in Lavas as well."

"Haha...The place we have grown up surely beats the one we were born from..."

"Oh yes, Ryle was born in..Factoria Castle..."

"But I have no feelings to that place though...."

"OUR hometown is Lavas, and that's all we need to remember..."

"You bet!"

Att 16 >>> 19

After this scene, you may be inclined to leave....

But do you see that box at the bottom? Isn't it uncanny how shiny and not broken it is?

This is actually an accessory item.

It has some neat buffs, but also gives resistance to three elements. That's real nice! Even more so on a flimsy caster like Latyss. And something is telling me that elemental resistance may be a good thing for the confrontation with Dierro. But I'm not going to keep this ring forever. After all, it belongs to Preshes.