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Part 15: Latyss Rising

Latyss Rising

Time to power up!

"Are you going in alone?"

"As long as the "1P" is not goofing around, I'll be fine."

"You sure have become more talkative."

"All thanks to you know who."

"Am I that chatterish?"

Well, you always yap on about justice and other bullshit like that.

"Total of 5 emblems required to pass the trial...if I remember correctly. Anyway, all I need to do is: collect 5 "Force Emblems" and come back to the entrance. Also, if you return to the village without having all the emblems collected...You just start all over again."

I wonder how many holes our 4th wall has by now. Here you can choose whatever line you want, but both get different response IIRC. I don't really give a shit though, and just pick the first answer.

"Don't kill the messenger here. Complain to the "author"..."

"And since you were rude to me, you better be careful walking alone in back TONIGHT-"

The Elven Tri is a pretty small dungeon. The introduction has made the goal painfully clear, so I'm not going to repeat that. This area is mainly a gauntlet, and not hard to navigate. Some of the emblems can't be gotten right away, but overall this is not hard. Though, since Latyss is a flimsy caster, it's a good idea to keep her HP in shape.

Also, Latyss brings the Gameface

We can already see the first chest from the start, so let's move towards it.

These guys are the most common encounter here. As their name suggests, they'll resist wind magic and Latyss has to throw ice at them. Aside from having a good chunk of HP, these guys hit also decently hard. And a crit will eat half of Latyss' health. But they're also clumsy, and Latyss' high agility let's her dodge most hits.

This is the other type of encounter in here.

Those guys are actually a bit dangerous, since they can whittle down Latyss' health pretty fast. They do close to a quarter of her health in damage per hit, so you want to throw your group attacks at them ASAP.

Let's get the upper chest first.

Well, that was easy.

Onwards to the next one...

"Hmm-! Can't open it!"

"Something is written..."The one who is blessed by the Elementals"..."

"Blessed by the Elementals?"

Hmm, seems like we have to search this place a bit more before we can get that emblem.

While moving to the lower part of the dungeon, I find the sole healing circle for the area. Handy!

Latyss also leveled on the way, and learned a better version of her wind attack.

"Oh my! It's..."

"Elemental Sylph? How come you are here?"

"How come I am here? *sigh* You ELVES sealed me into this miserable place!!"

"Elves? An elf sealed you here?"

"That's right Miss!! One of yours threatened to seal me inside forever if I don't cooperate!"

"(No wonder...I sensed Elemental presence from Dierro back then!)"

That fucking guy

"Anyway! I can't take it anymore! I QUIT!"

"...I know who did this to you."

"What did you just say?"

"I came here in order to stop that man from causing any more harms. Read my heart to see if I am lying, after I initiate "contact" with you."

"You better not trick me again like that guy!"

"Don't worry. "Contact" can not harm the Elementals like yourself."

"Let me see thru your memory then......Dierro!? That's him! The one who sealed me!"

"I just knew it...He's the only elf I know who would threat the Elementals like this!"

"Miss! You were banished from the village because of that Dierro guy?"


"Guess I exposed my past too much..."

"...I'm sorry. But I can trust you from now on!"

"...Thanks. Dierro's power should be weakened by now."

"Let me give you a hand when you pummel that Dierro guy, ok?"

"You would?"

"We can't just let him keep abusing Elementals! My buddies might be under his control, who knows?"

"But are you sure? Being involved into little disputes among elves..."

"Why not? At least I can pay him back what he did to me...DOUBLE! Hehehe" *smile*

"I see...Dierro also owes me a lot as well..."

"Then it's settled! I shall enjoy a brief accompany with you Miss!"

And so, Latyss gains her first Elemental and two new skills.

The Aero Slicer is much better than Latyss' own wind skills, and kinda makes them obsolete. Aero heal will restore some HP for everyone in the group, while also curing poison and bleeding. Nifty!

Back to collecting the emblems..

The blue thing above is a teleport back to the beginning, jfyi.

"Something is written here..."When the wind is furious, the path shall open"..."

Hmm, this is the second chest that we can't open right away. Speaking of, didn't the first one said something about being blessed by Elementals?


Since I can't do anything about the other chest right now, I scoot to the lower part of the Elven Tri.

"React Wind-!"

Ah, that should help me with the other chest.

Latyss does a little wind magic animation here. But the gif was epilepsy inducing so just imagine some blue flashes.

With all the emblems collected, it's time to

It's about time!

Let's take a look at her shiny new toys.

The wand only seems to give stat bonuses.

More boni and wind resist.


Protection from silence is pretty handy. Even more so because Dierro can cast it.

Hmm... See, while this is a nice ring, I'm not going to equip it now. Half spell cost isn't as useful as raw stats for the fight with Dierro. I'll stash it until I return Preshes' ring.

I'm going to cut it here. The fight with Dierro has lots of talking during and after it, so I really don't want to cram all that into one update. No worries though, the other part will still get posted this week.