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Part 16: Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son

"Hoh? You look very confident eh? I won't mind if you need more time."

"Didn't I say, that I will decide when to fight?"

"Fine then... *shrug* Frankly I didn't expect you will be mine SO soon!"

"If I got that?"

"Don't worry I'll follow my promise. I'm not as low as you are..."


"No need for worries. Unlike your reckless actions, I have a good chance of winning."

"It better be true!"

"Sis Latyss..."

"Don't worry Orubia. Think how to celebrate after this."

"Ok sis..."

Damn, Orubia sure gets some meaningful lines during this arc.

"Don't forget humans!! Once I win, I'll make Latyss kill all of ya!!"

"I don't think so pal."

"Enjoy the short moment of your life while it lasts Hahaha!"

Dierro sure is a flashy mofo, but I find my entire attention drawn to the right tree. I dunno, it just always makes me laugh.

"In order to get what you want, you would use any means possible. Because of your greed, my family were forced out of the village, and Sylph was abused."

"Don't you think it's not fair at all?"

"Silly girl! Only those with power have such a privillage to talk about fairness!!"

"Then you didn't have to rely on me! Sipping my power and made me stuck in that box in return?!"

"Because you are weak! I have right to use you like a tool! And you can never get away from my grasp!"

"Not a chance! Beh~"

"I better stop him now...before he goes berserk!"

The fight with Dierro can be pretty tough, depending on how much you trained Latyss before. Since I'm a few levels ahead of the curve, I won't be having a hard time with him though. I just bolster Latyss' spell stat and go to town.

"Latyss!! We can't keep fighting like this!"

"(I can't believe he is still this strong after losing much power from Sylph!?)"

I kinda hate it when games do this. I was dominating Dierro pretty hard, but the plot demands otherwise! I'm also pretty sure that he's immortal during this phase, jfyi.

"Latyss! I can sense other Elementals' power from that guy!"

"Other Elementals besides Sylph are under his control!?"

"Dierro!! You just never stop abusing others!!"

"Too late to realize that!! Heh heh heh! I can see you now becoming my slave!"

"He's absorbing everything and turning them into his own power...His heart is filled with dark power!!"

"...I'll "contact" the Elementals he is using and I will try to free them! Keep him busy for 4 turns!"

"Sylph!? Wait!! If his Elementals are more powerful, then you might get absorbed!!"

"It would be the same if we lose now!! Let's do it! "Contact"!!"

"Sylph! Come back!!"

"Latyss! If you want to defeat Dierro, you have to let me go!"


"I got you! But you must come back to me!!"

"You bet I will, Miss!"

The game is pretty fond of that "survive x turns and the plot will save you" thing. It's not hard to do, and gets kinda old by now. But it's a nice touch that you can't use Sylph's skills during those four turns.

Let's skip ahead...

"You are Sylph, I presume?"

"It's alright! We are surrounded by the "Myst Field"! You can run now!!"

"By the way, I know a place where you can find the most delicious seed, how about we go together later?"

"How can you say that at the time like this!!"

"Sorry...~ Then let's get out of here..."

"Slow as usual....oldman~"

Gnome will not join Latyss and just fucks off. I'm not too sure if you'll get more Elementals as the game goes along, or if you have to find them. It's been a while, you know? But I do know that you need all of them to unlock Latyss' endgame weapon. So if any of you readers can educate me, just shoot me a PM. Saves me the time I would spend searching the world.

"Latyss! I am back!"


"Thank goodness..."

"Latyss! Gnome has left Dierro!"

"Earth Elemental Gnome...I see why Dierro was able to neutralize the wind magic."

"Sylph!! It was all your doing!"

"Haaha! Now you are totally powerless!!"

" are finished! Nothing can protect you now!"

"You mess up with the Elementals, now you gonna pay for it!"

"Thanks to you, I can capture other Elementals again! Are you ready?!"

"Can't you fight on your own? Always leaning on others."

"HA! I just didn't want my hands get dirty(shrugs) But since you made me fight by myself, I wont have any mercy on YOU!!"

"Because of people like YOU, we elves can't get along well with others. One must help and rely on each other, in order to live!"

Dierro has become a lot weaker now, and his attacks also do very little damage to my buffed Latyss. Of course, you have to attack him till you trigger the next event..

"You weren't using full power so far?"

Of course not! No Anime ever does that

"I wanted to torture him little by little, but I changed my mind! Finish him with one grand finale!!"

"(Smiles) You don't have to pretend. Actually you were concerned about me getting hurt by the blast, right?"

"Mm, well? I don't know what you're talking about~"

"Don't worry about me. Do as you wish!!"

"Watch out for my blast! Don't get too close ok? I'll use it for this time only! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Wind! Obey my command! Bring me the power of great storm!"

"Hmm! What an intense air pressure!!"

"Hey! Latyss! Better hang on tight!"

"I....I'm ok! Finish Dierro now!"

Sadly, Dierro isn't scripted to die when you use this move. So I had to do it a few times more.

Aside from gold and Xp, I also got 3 VPs and a camping tent.

"You'll die if we continue. Now, it's your turn to follow your promise."

"You said it was 1 on 1, but you got the Elementals involved~!! So this fight doesn't count!"

"How pathetic. You tried to use Elemental Gnome, in case Sylph won't work on me."

"Then I got no choice. I will have to FORCE you to follow your promise."


"You said the duel doesn't count? Then I just let Sylph have his revenge on you!"

"That's his reward for helping me."


"Also don't forget my share of revenge after years of your abuse and mistreatment!"


"I might change my mind if you are willing to give us the location of El Metal."

"..Ok, I give up! *raises both hands* My dad knows where the El Metal is located."

"I see..ok then. Sylph, don't you think it's ok to let him go?"

"What are you talking about!! He wont get away from this easily!"

"..Oh well...that's too bad."

"Mm? I said, "I might change my mind", but never said I will stop the beating."

"Waaaaa?! That's not fair!"

"Not fair? Didn't you say the weak don't have the right to talk about fairness?"

"Besides me, my mom and my sister all have suffered because of you which you must pay for..."

"Not only that, as an elf I can't let go of you for the sake of Sylph."

"Way to go Miss! Abusing the Elementals is a serious crime~!!"

"I better not make Latyss really angry from now on~"

"Now, are you ready for the beating? Even if you are not, we won't hesitate."

"WHAT? My hearing got bad from the duel, I can't hear you. Sylph! NOW!"

"Take this~! AERO SLICER!!"

"Kyaaaaa!! Somebody stop this!!"

"Hmm, I think something is missing..."

"Oh I know! Finishing touch of my SUPER AERO SLICER!!"

"Sylph, thank you. Why don't we let go of him?"

"She's so if nothing happened."

"I feel kind of sorry for him..."

Both girls gain two attraction points, and we're done with the whole Dierro ordeal. Now, we have to chat up his father about the El Metal. But I guess it's no surprise that this won't be easy either. You see, Dierro's father is quite literally the elven version of Hitler. I'm not making a joke here. Also, Ryle hasn't made a speech during this arc, so strap in for more awesome

"Dierro sent us here. Elder would know the location of El Metal..."

"Dierro sent you?! That's a lie!! You are the one who shamed my son! I don't think my son would help such a traitor nicely at all!"

"Ha..*shaking head* Like father and like son."

"You! How dare you low class creature!!"

"Who decided that humans are low class?"

"Elves are indeed far more advanced than humans in magic and life-span. But, humans achieved so much in their short life time, and they are not that inferior to elves. Not only that these people here treated us equally despite of racial difference."

"Even me, the one who's been banished from her own people..."

"Hurmph! You are a shame to our people! Why didn't you die in dignity before you shamefully beg your life to humans?!"

"Hey Mister. Don't you dare to say that you lived so far without depending on others!?"

"Human brat! You don't have right to judge us, a proud race on top of all others!!"

"Then let me ask you the same question. Were you able to live so far without any help from others?"

"That's right! We are the superior people! We don't need help from those inferior to us!"

"So the superior race lie all the time?"

"What?! How dare you!! You are not even intelligent enough to lecture me here!"

"Let me ask you, how did you born into this world?"

"What a stupid question! Obviously from my parents!"

"That means you had to rely on your parents in order to come to this world.."

"No matter how proud and superior you brag yourself to be, you can't even come to this world by yourself."

"Not only that! All your buildings and furnitures must be coming from the forest here! Without can't even support daily life!!"

"Humans, elves, we can't live totally by ourselves, we need to rely on everything around us. We are speaking the same language and belong to the same humanoid category! What superiority?"


"!! (As the "halfling" between 2 races?)"

Jep, that is the real root in Latyss' backstory. Her father was human, and that's why she had such a hard time under the pure elves. The story with Dierro is true, and now we also know what nasty things he said about her. Racist things! Well, at least it's fair to say that he stirred up the other elves and made them shame Latyss and her family. It's never explained what happened to her father though. Maybe he just reached the end of his natural life before this happened? It's up to interpretation, but since the plot isn't the most intricate to begin with, let's leave it at that.

"We have to get rid of stereotypes first, in order to coexist."


"If you change your mind, I'll be glad to give you hands.."

"Look what you're saying!! You are nobody, what can you do?"


"He's a prince of human royalty."


"He's the best personale to discuss political treaties."


"I am not ready to talk about this now! Just leave the village as soon as possible!"


"I understand, we will discuss later. We came here today for the location of El Metal."

"Fine! I'm not gonna tell humans! Search yourselves!"

"So you are not willing to tell us no matter what?"

"...Hurmph! The inferior human bloodline flows thru your body, I won't talk to such "half-human" any more!"


"Ouch!? Latyss! Dare dare~"

"!? Latyss?"

So here's a question: Does she wear a flesh-colored shirt or is she naked under her jacket?

"You are right, my father is human..He loved us very much throughout his short life...Daddy's love filled even my longing for the warmth from my own people..."

"I am proud of having such a compassionate human as my father! If you call such a man low class, then to me, you are..."

"The LOWEST of all beings!!"


"You don't have the right to judge others since you can't appreciate the goodness of theirs!!"


"That's enough!!"

"!! Ryle..."

"Elder...It's your freedom to say that we humans are inferior.... Every being in this world are supporting each other in order to maintain the order and peace! Even what you said earlier is correct that elves indeed can support themselves."

"Others can not, and you calling such dependency as the inferiority...Not only humans! But all the beings in this world are being insulted by you! In other words, you represent the entire elves that your people are turning against the rest of the world!! Don't forget the dragons who are far more superior than the elves in terms of power and magic helped humans. 20 years ago they fought along side with humans, in order to defeat the Mahzoks. The Savior, Sacred Dragoon Flare Delstar, you should know that name. That person defeated the lord of Mahzoks, CHAOS, and brought the peace to this world. That means you are just pretending to be the top of this world which was saved by the "inferior" humans!!"


"Don't we have our duty to help each other and live peacefully in this world...which Flare fought so hard to protect?"


"I don't need your answer right now. All we need today is to know where the El Metal is located. Soon after we get the metal, we won't bother you any more. So please tell us!"

"Want to get El Metal? I don't want the machines inside the mine get damaged by you humans again!!"

"W-What did you say!?"

"What do you mean?"

"Several days ago, humans from the castle sneaked into the mine and destroyed many of our machines which process the ores!!"

"Several days ago? That must have been Xaktor!!"

"Humans can't enter the forest alone...that means the mine is outside of the forest?!"

"The mine is located in the mountains near the forest entrance. If you look carefully, you should find it."

"Damn Xaktor... He's ruining everything!"

"Ryle, hurry to the mine. We might be able to find some clues about the culprits."

"Also some clues about who's behind Xaktor. Elder, we will leave immediately. About the's our fault. Once everything is over, we'll send helps to repair them."

"Didn't you order them to break in? You said you are their prince."

"Unfortunately, I can't ascend to the throne, my nobility has been striped away, so I don't have any influence."


"I just found out recently..that I am prince."

"Then what was all the big talks about coexistence and treaties?"

"You mean you are interested in it?"

"Ryle is temporarily off from his rank due to some personal issues. Once he desires, he can return to his duty right away."

"You said too much! Latyss! Let's get going!"

"Why don't you return to your castle now!?"

"I like my current life style. Also I got friends. To me, they are much more...Then we shall get going."

"Elder, farewell"

"Just leave."

"Let's go Ryle."


Aaaaaah, so many words!

Honestly, this last part is the only thing that I dislike about Latyss' arc. It was just so bloated, too drawn out, and ultimately pretty shallow. I mean we already know that the game likes to drone on about values and moral lessons, but this part was quite painful at times. But, I have to say that it's positive that the elder didn't became our best buddy after some passionate talking. That's a thing that happens real often in RPGs.

Anyway, we have one last little scene to go through.

Before leaving, Ryle wants to chat even more...

"You surprised me back there. Zapping the elder all of sudden."


"I can see you are very sensitive about being called "halfling"..."


I had to watch the previous scene twice, because I thought the second line would be right.

"You shouldn't get your hands dirty for that oldman. I was about to punish that old geezer by myself, for insulting my friend! Latyss is Latyss no matter what happens..."

"..Thank you...."

Att 21 >>> 23

Well, next time we'll take a look at that mine! Also, for getting through this update, I have a small reward for you...

She almost cares about Ryle.. Almost