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Part 23: How Flare Got Her Groove Back

How Flare Got Her Groove Back

The hint tells you that this will lead to a scene for Fina, but that's pretty obvious, right?

"Is this?"

"Mm...My dad's tomb. Hero Rain Excellize."

Haha, your dad has a dumb-ass name!

"Excellize? You mean the Excellize of "Old Gaiares Empire"!?.."

"Dad's older brother was the emperor of "Gaiares Empire"..Emperor Zeskar Excellize. And my aunt is his wife...Empress Catyss Delstar."

"Frankly your background is quite impressive."

"But you are a prince right? I think your royal background is as impressive as mine!"

"But how did your father die?"

"Dad had many sickness since he was little. But the direct cause of his death was Leukemia, and he had another problem."

Okay, what? In a world of magic&demons, you kill a major hero character with Leukemia? Really?!

"Dad had "Silence Disease"."

That makes it all different, I guess? Welp, let's just see where this goes.

"You mean the disease which your body get in shock or even paralyzed when you force yourself to speak?"

"Mom challenged CHAOS and failed miserably after she just became the Sacred Dragoon. She lost her total confidence and fell into very deep depression. She almost gave it up. And dad forced himself to talk, in order to comfort her and get her out of the slump...Even when his throat started bleeding, dad never stopped encouraging mom to fight."

As a word of warning, the following sequence is very

"You mean right after she became the Sacred Dragoon?"

"Because releasing her full power was too dangerous. It could destroy the entire world. So mom had to go to other dimension where she could fight CHAOS with everything she got."

"That STRONG!? You gotta be kiddin me..."

"The final battle between mom and CHAOS took place in the Astral Realm...The place where Mahzoks originally came from."


Lag prevented me from turning this into a gif, sorry!

She basically shoots a big energy ball at CHAOS.

"!? Huh!?"

"HA! Your power as Saint Dragoon is pathetic! You are no match for me with the immature Dragon Gene which you just got from Sentinel!!"

It's pretty weird that CHAOS does not have a face icon, with being the main evil in this game and all. Also, take note of the name "Sentinel". It's another figure from Flare's past, and apparently gave her the Dragoon powers, or something. I'm not actually sure if the game ever touches upon that again, but thenightsshadow can probably educate us if it doesn't come up again.

"It can't be! My OMEGA WAVE is the ultimate magic and the full blast can even destroy a planet!!"

"It's no use!! No matter how powerful the attack, my DIMENSIONAL BARRIER simply warp the energy into other time and space! Nothing in this world can touch me or even harm me!! HooWaHahaha!!"

"I can't! As long as that barrier is around, my attacks will be bounced off to somewhere else..."


" *cough! cough!* weak...hearted....."

"The voice!? Rain!? Is that you speaking? But you can't talk!! Not only that, I am in another dimension. There's no way Rain's voice can reach here..."

"Never...give up!! Flare I know..wouldn't give up hope! She's...that kind of...girl!"

"That's..who you are....and...what you really are! FLARE DELSTAR!!"

"But...I can't think of any ways to defeat CHAOS."

"But you're still alive!! You can continue on fighting as long as you live, and you shall win!!"

"I have faith in Flare!! I believe you can...defeat CHAOS!! I just know it for sure!!!"


"You must win and come back to...ME!"

"Yes I will Rain!! I'll use all I got to destroy CHAOS!!"

The power of's so moving

"You little girl just never give up!! DIE! Saint Dragoon!!"

"CHAOS' power is rising rapidly!!!"


CHAOS just nukes the shit out of everything

"........!? What!?"

".....TELEPORT! I did it! The blast of OMEGA CLUSTER has been warped off!!"

Yay for plot devices!

"You were able to warp the massive energy of my OMEGA CLUSTER into thin AIR!!!?"

"Even I can do DIMENSIONAL BARRIER you know!"

"(However, is there any way I can penetrate CHAOS' barrier?)"

"(!!Penetrating different time and space?..There IS! I know only 1 way!! Atom particles!! They are even smaller than the magical energy! Spell barriers can't deflect them! If I can use these atom particles as projectiles with enough power to damage CHAOS thru the barrier!)"

And here we have it, the ultimate Macguffin in the game - atom particles powered by magic or something. Weird but canon

"I'll give everything I got on...this ONE shot! Listen to my prayer. The source of all the energy in this universe, grant me the power!!"

Bam! Super Saiyajin out of nowhere...

"What is THIS!? A harmonic wave!? I feel the whole space around Flare is being pulled into her!!"


The animation is the same as before, except that is has four balls of energy.

"Impossible!! HOW can she penetrate my barrier!!?"



"My COSMOS ETERNAL is made of atom particles, the smallest unit of all things. It even penetrates your warp magic so you can't block with barrier."

"Atoms...! How can a weakling human like you can come up with such a power!?"

"Because I am a human."

"Just because you being a human!?"

"One human is weak indeed. That's why we humans help and support each other to live. I wasn't fighting alone. My loved ones, friends, any many other people...Because I got someone who gives me love and courage, I was able to sum up all their powers into one."

"That's impossible! You are now standing at the other dimension! Nobody can possibly lend you any power!!"

"People's heart...can reach any place, even to the different world..."

No idea why she stopped glowing all of a sudden? But...

...CHAOS is fucked


"Rain...I finally did it! I...defeated CHAOS!!!"


"A "galactic" scale spell!?"

"Dad overworked himself during the battle, and as the result his old illness got worse. Then it happened 2 years ago...His Leukemia caused his immune system to collapse later...If he didn't force himself to speak during the battle, he would've been standing right besides me now. But for his sacrifice, the world was saved. Daddy was very kind and gentle person. I cried a lot when he passed away..."

"In fact, it was dad and mom fighting together, relying on each other..."

"This time it might be our turn. The Mahzoks have appeared on the surface again."

"So let us fight together. We should not go separate ways."

"You can count on it!"

Att 23 >>> 25

Welp, now you know! I mean, this story wasn't awful or something like that, it's just really Anime and drums on the tired theme of magical friendship/love powers.

Okay, in the last update I also mentioned that there is another town in this area that relates to Flare's backstory.

This is Olbez, located north of Flare's house. It had some role during the war with the Mahzoks, and is still a wrecked place where not many folks live.

"This is where my parents first met during the Demonic War."

This is also a thing.

As said, it's kind of a shitty place.

There are a few NPCs around, but this is the only mention of what might have happened here.

So why are we even here?

Because of secrets

There is a row of broken house at the top of the map, and only one can be entered.

Hmm, I wonder where this fabled secret could be?

Who could have guessed?


"*cough* *cough* The place's full of dust as usual!"

This leads us to a secret room with a chest.

"Hey Ryle, can I open it?"

"Yeah, why not?"

"Urp! Rusty air!"


"It's ring..."

"A wedding ring?"

"For my parents' marriage."

"You mean your mom's?"

"Yes, of course!"

"But why a wedding ring is kept in such a place!?"

"Probably mom sealed her dream of marriage here."


"She would be happy during the wedding, but the reality constantly reminds her about dad's illness...I think it was too much for mom to bear she couldn't have a formal marriage at the end..."

thenightsshadow told us why Rain and Flare never got married, jfyi.

thenightsshadow posted:

But needless to say, over time, Rain and Flare fell in love, and got married. Well, sort of. They didn't really have a complete wedding ceremony, ever. Mahzoks attacked the only time they attempted to, and a short time later, various events occurred that kept them separate. Rain died before they could reunite, and it's partly why she suggested that she not partake in this mission.


"So what are you gonna do with the ring?"

"Of course I have to put it back. It's mom's after all."

"Why don't you wear it for her?"

"Eh? But people will see me strange if I wear it!"

"Because you are the child of these 2 heroes, and you know how it feels to lose someone very dear to you."

"You can't avoid the sadness all the time, but you must go thru sorrow past to reach happiness. I am sure Lady Flare would think the same!"

"But why do you think so?"

"If she really wanted to seal it for sad memory, she could've just thrown it away instead."


"And you better wear it to remind yourself not walking along the same path your mother had to go thru."

"Mm...I will wear it..."

Att 25 >>> 28

Since Fina had so many events in this part of the game, she actually shot past Caris. I'll probably fix that with Love Potions before the next vote though. Caris is clearly the MVP for the thread, so I'd rather make sure that she shows up when the game starts to take attraction into account for the scenes.

Surprisingly, this ring can't be equipped, and is an event item. I honestly can't recall what you can do with it right now, so tell me if you know. No pressure though, I assume I'll find out/remember eventually.

Well, that's all the backstory stuff for now. If you can weigh in on any of this, thenightsshadow, please go ahead!