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Part 36: A Glimpse Of The Old World

A Glimpse Of The Old World

Time to see what's up with the Rune Tri!

The first thing you'll notice is that shiny bow up there. We'll check it out later though, and move ahead into the cave first.

Whoops, it's not a cave at all!

This room has a kind of strange look to it, doesn't it? I mean there is some weird contraption in the upper left...

"Looks like I can buy Potions from this machine."

This is well and good, but you'd imagine that our characters would at least show the slightest bit of amazement after seeing a fucking COMPUTER in their magical fantasy world! I know the that Old Gaiares stuff should be part of the known history, but come on.

Haha, only suckers pay for things.

"Hoh? Try to challenge moi?"


"Not bad, still want to fight?"

"Then take this!"

Just Caris being Caris

"&*7()&*& System...malfunc8$)n...!"

"Oh well, guess that's it!"

"But I do feel bad about stealing Potions....~"

Surprisingly, Caris' Hidden Crash skill works here and saves you the trouble of fighting the machine. But in a different universe...

He may look funny, but he's a real jerk. This guy regains a 100Hp at the start of each round, and will just straight up resist a bunch of your attacks. He's pretty hard to be honest! You don't get anything for beating him though, so let's go back to our Universe.

"It's written in old elven language. Let me read them to you."

"Not sure what exactly it's talking about, but they sound like clues."

Maybe? Well, that sentence is at least not a clue about what we have to do in this area. There are actually several inscriptions in the Rune Tri, but I honestly can't recall if they ever turn out to have any real meaning. Only one inscription will help us continue, so the rest may as well be only there for flavor. But please tell me if I'm wrong here!

Both sides of the map are mirrored, and have an inscription to find. We want the one on the right path, but let's still go clockwise here.

There are a couple of pits around, and they're basically just an annoyance. You can't fall into them, and have to sit through the animation and a few lines each darn time

Of course, there are also randoms here.

Just a weak melee guy that we may have seen before?

We definitely saw them before, and they haven't gotten any stronger.

Oh hey, that looks interesting

"Maybe Meldia sealed this place?"

"No, if they did His Majesty would have told us how to unlock this."

"By any rate, we can't just stay here and do nothing. I think I can climb over this and unlock it from inside."

"W-Wait! Dear Ryle don't!!"

"Mm?" *Turned around too fast and tripped by his own foot*

Nobody saw that coming, right?


At least there is a nice animation with the good old shocked skeleton. The screen was also shaking though, so it was another seizure Gif.

"Hold on for a sec! Was that a thunder bolt!?"


"No, it's some kind of security system; to shock away intruders."

"Ryle Dono! Please wake up!!"

"Next time try to think first before you move~ It looks like a fence but it's not."


"It's called Field Shell. A spell to protect chests or gates."


"But you moved too soon...~"

"We need the incantation to undo the spell, and I think it's hidden somewhere around here."


"Be careful next time~"

Of course the parts to break the shield are around here. Because that makes sense and is totally not a lame excuse for a puzzle

This is the one inscription that is actually telling us what to do here. But before we get to that, let's quickly check out that shiny bow from the beginning.

"New power shall be granted to the one who is worthy to Elementals."

Should be obvious that this is a thing for Latyss, right? But we can't do anything with it right now, so we'll just have to come back later.

Anyway, on to solving the great and complex puzzle here.

All of the pillars have an inscription, but as I said earlier, I honestly can't remember if they ever make sense. It's pretty much just basic fantasy writing like: "Heaven's sword comes fourth with a loud punish those in its path." I tried putting the different sentences in some orders, to see if they could form a coherent text, but I don't think so. I mean, maybe they secretly tell the story of how Gaiares got fucked? But that is a really big "maybe"

Okay, remember what that earlier inscription said about four points crossing?

Yeah, you just have to press your Use key where the four pillars cross. Do it for all three points, and you're done!

"How about we chant together?"

"But that would result in incorrect sound, and who knows what other traps might get turned on?!"

"Then let Orubia or Latyss chant the spell. Oh, don't forget Hayami!"

"(But sessha is only good at those Shinobi symbols, not the spells...)"

I didn't feel like backtracking to the save point before doing this, so I don't know what each of the choices does. I assume at least one leads to wackiness? I went with Latyss, because she seemed like the best for the job.

That's was surprisingly underwhelming

"Alright! Latyss you were perfect!"

"Used to chant spells longer than this, not a big deal."

"I would have fallen into sleep in the middle of chanting!"

"Don't tell me sometimes you fall into sleep during the warp!"

"What do you mean!? Of course I have to be awake!"

"(They need me as much as I need them...maybe more...)"

Att 30 >>> 32

"There should be a warp device inside."

"I can sense a large magic is gathered inside."

"Yes it's enough to use many times."

"Let's proceed. No one should've been here according to our intelligence."

"...Hayami, can't you use the usual accent?"

"Eh? Oh...I, sessha will try."

Okay, I have to interject here. Either this part got lost in translation, or only makes sense if you let Hayami chant the incantation. Maybe she has to ditch her sessha thing for the chant? Unfortunately, I saved right after this conversation, and can't check. Yes I have multiple files, but saved over the first three, and the other files are roughly where we entered Meldia for the first time. Sorry, but I really don't want to replay a bunch of the last updates.

However, I bring this up to specifically point out that Hayami can speak without the sessha thing. And it actually ties into her angle, regardless of whatever is behind this one part.

"Oh well, let's just get going!"

Ooh, this place looks shiny!

Scratch that

"These are!?"



"Yikes! So many skeletons~"

"So many people died here~"

"What happened here?"

"We are standing at the ruins of Old Gaiares."

"So that means before the floating city of the Empire?"

"But how come so many dead..."

"These are just part of old conflicts when the kingdom fell."

"War...between the same humans..."

"Anyway let's get outta here~"

"Me too~ Something might pop out any moment..."

"Ok, let's search the surroundings outside."

"Fina, can you walk by yourself?"

I love it when Caris randomly owns her friends

"*cough* Much of the dust here comes from corroded skulls and bones "

"Definitely. We better not stay here for too long, might get sick."

"Ok, let's get out of here! But it's kind of chilly."

Nah, let's hang out with the corpses. Because you'll miss something very important if you just leave!

There are skeletons around here, but we already met them a good while ago. They haven't become any stronger, and pretty much die instantly.

And here's the important thing.

No, really.

This is a pretty great sword! It makes Caris even stronger than she already is, but it also has a hidden use that we'll discover at the end of this update. Also, the name Kah Mana is a callback to the first real dungeon we did in the game.

Yes, even here.

"Hah- *sigh* I just feel so sad for those poor souls...damn FLARE~"

This is another thing that could have been lost in translation, because I have no idea if it refers to the character or the creator

"Hmm...maybe I can use it for my boat."

Sure? I mean, we haven't seen our boat in a while, and have never heard of the NG viewer, but don't let that stop you, game!

Surprise! We already saw wood and desert land, and now it's time for snow.

These guys are just a recolor, and there is nothing special about them.

The area is enclosed by mountains, and we only can investigate two places. Let's start with the icicle at the end of the path.

Is anyone still surprised by sudden obstacles in our path?

"I'm so COLD!"

"Oh come on. You wear the heaviest clothings here."

"But cold is cold, I can't help it~"

"Quit whining, there's no blizzard."

"My glasses are all foggy! Can't see anything~"

"Compared to the weather at Cellen, it's very chilly up here~"

"We gotta do something about this thick layer of ice!"

"Yeah, and the warp device is beyond this wall."

"Let me melt this baby!"

Caris throws three heat spells at it, each one more powerful than the last, but the wall doesn't care.

" can't be! Not even a scratch..."

"Even Caris' fire spells are totally ineffective...! What else can we do?"

"How about climbing over it?"

"You said that back in Mount. Meldia!"

"Watch yourself. Do not get too close to that ice. It can freeze you in seconds~"

"I know. Since we can't melt this, all we can do is either move the whole thing or..."

"Or find the other way around. Other routes to enter the caves."

"But this is the only path. The place is totally isolated by the surrounding mountains~"

"Oh-uh! Lenses got foggy again~"

"What can we do about the ice then? Besides fire, I can't think of anything else!"

"How about we go back'n ask Lady Flare? She might have good ideas."

"...Yeah. Fortunately, I can warp back here."

"Oh-uh! Now lenses are frozen~"

"How about some warm soup to fight the cold?"

"Let's talk about the meals later."

"But Sis Latyss~ "

"Yeah, let's go back to Fina's home!"

Yeah, we' re going to ask Flare for help next time, and of course, that involves some talking. And on top of that, the part that I hate is also coming up. So yeah, good times all around!

Let's finish this update with a cool secret.

Remember when I picked up that hidden sword in the Lighthouse? Back then, I said that it's the key to a dungeon, but I was wrong again. It's still one of the keys for this secret though!


It's pretty much a stronger version of Caris' Ray Cluster.

More flashing means more better

But the most important part about this secret, is this...

This is her ultimate upgrade, I believe. "Caris Burnfist, the Paladin Melty." Haha, this fucking game.

Her new sword is also really great, and I don't think that there is a better weapon for her left in the game. As said before, the Ancient attribute is meant for the endgame. On another note, we also keep the other two swords to clutter the inventory even more!