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Part 49: Hayami's Ending

Hayami's Ending


"Hey! Wake up!!"


"...~ Does she always moan like this?"


"Ah...Waaa~ Oh~ HUH!?"

"Hey calm down! It's me!"

"W-What is going on!?"

"We all passed out and got here from the blast...and I just woke you up that's all...~"

"Then why didn't you just simply call my name..."

"You were unconscious when I found you! UNCONSCIOUS!"


"Anyway, are you alright?"

"Sessha am fine. Where are we...?"

"We are still inside the Astral Realm."

"So we didn't die yet."

"Of course not! But Fina is probably fighting with CHAOS now...Only the Sacred Dragon is able to withstand the blows from CHAOS."

"But can Lady Fina win all by herself?"

"Since she still can't use the Cosmos Eternal, it would be very hard for her."

"Oh no!"

"I'll go ahead and join her. At least I can lower her burden."

"But Ryle Dono will be in great danger!!"

"I'm not the only person that'll die if Fina fails...We must stop CHAOS with all we got!"

"Please allow Sessha to join you..."


"Sessha am your secret service. It's Sessha's duty to assist Ryle Dono!"

"But you don't have to. Especially under this kind of circumstances!"

"It's not because of the contract!! It's because Sessha want to go with Ryle Dono!"


"Sessha want to fight by your side...even if it means certain death for all of us..."


"I understand. Then let's get ready for the battle of our lifetime!"


The conversation before the final fight will always circle around the same thing. But at least one of the variants has something really funny in it, so I'll transcribe most of them. The fight with CHAOS is the same, except for the different attacks and for the fact that each girl actually has an influence on how hard the fight is. Hayami is all about offense, and can get killed pretty fast. Especially since CHAOS has an attack that he didn't use last time. It's called Dragon Break, hits like a truck on the whole party, and can also apply the annoying "Shaky" effect that makes you miss at least one turn. It also instantly kills Hayami, because her Hp isn't great. If properly buffed, she can dodge it, but it's kinda rare. Speaking of buffs, I learned that it helps immensely if you make an effort to keep Fina's Overdrive and Barrier Field buffs up. Not only will you tank many of CHAOS' attacks much better, the Overdrive also does wonders for your damage output. It can pretty much double it across the board. With max buffed stats, Ryle and Hayami can reliably dish out between 10 and 15k damage per round! This can potentially speed the fight up by a good amount, if you don't get screwed by his insta death skill too much.

Anyway, here are Hayami's attacks.

"Sessha's ultimate ninjutsu!! Enguard!!"

This is a single hit attack, and does good damage even before you buff it.

The skill descriptions still crack me up

"Can you see Sessha's movement!?"

This is a multi hit attack, and it seems kinda weak at first. But it actually pulls ahead of her other move if you buffed Hayami to the max.

That's all I have to say about the CHAOS fight, so let's jump to the end.

This scene is also the same, except that the girl that you picked for the ending will stand next to Ryle.

"6 months have passed since the last battle...And I haven't seen Hayami since then. I went to Factoria Castle and asked Gohu about where she might be, but still no sign of her. I wanted to ask Fina to use her Dragon senses to find her but it was too late. She had already sealed back the Dragon Arms. Did she really just forget about us...?"

We'll eventually find out who is talking here, but for now just roll with them taking turns.

"But it's for the sake of our kingdom's stability!!"

"You think a political marriage is truly a good thing for all of us, including her?"

"..Of course, I rather want her to find her own love...but our current situation won't allow such a personal luxury."

"I understand your position...but I still want you to reconsider about this marriage."

"Your Highness!! Princess Esmeriah has gone out of the main gates~"


"Please do not worry about her. The man she truly loves will come to her soon."

"What do you mean?"

"I already sent a messenger just in case. You go ahead and tell the other guards. Only chase after her Highness until a man appears."

"B-but! What if they run away?"

"That would be fine. The man will use a Warp spell to escape with the princess. After that your job is over. You don't have to follow them further."

"You mean we should just let them get away on purpose!?"

"It's for her Highness. I know it's a weird task, but just do as I said."

"Yes my lord!"

"Only he can make her truly happy, no doubt about it. And I already have someone I love near my side."

"That servant of yours...?"

"I just can't hide it from you, can I? Lord..."

Okay, so the one person was Prince Dyss(Ryle's brother fyi), and he was against a political marriage. But we have no idea who the other person was, and what princess they were talking about

"And I came all the way to Factoria Castle. Was it just a prank? The tip was anonymous after all..."

"Mm? What's going on over there?"

Uhhh, what? That girl looks a lot like Hayami...

"Please understand the importance of this marriage between 2 kingdoms! It's for a better future for all of us."

"But I can't rule the same kingdom with someone that I have never met in my life! And even love him!!"

"We Gaiares indeed owe Factoria for hiding our old capital for so long. I appreciate that. However, strengthening ties between kingdoms is one thing, and the love between 2 people is another thing!"


"And that lady is from some kind of nobility?"

This whole sequence is a bit confusing, but don't worry, you'll understand everything soon enough.

"Hey, what's going on here?"


"Is that the guy!?"

"It must be him!"



"!? Hayami...??"


"Watch your mouth, young man! Her Majesty is the crown princess from the Kingdom of Gaiares, Lady Esmeriah R Gaiares!"

"And her Majesty was invited to our Kingdom for a marriage with Prince Dyss!"

"Princess of Gaiares!? Hayami is the princess!?"

"Good timing for your appearance sir! Please help me!! I won't allow a total stranger to become my future husband! Please get me out of here!!"

"Although I'm not sure what exactly is going on, we better leave here right now!"

Ryle does his thing, but it looks weird here for no real reason. Both of them fly up into the air and poof away in a green cloud.

"You really sure we don't have to chase after them?"

"Prince Dyss ordered us not to follow them. Our job is done here!"

"Where are we?"

"Near the Lyte Gryn forest. They won't follow us this far."

"I must thank you for the help back there. Please accept my gratitude."

"Huh? Why do you talk like that? Hayami, it's me!"

"Hayami? Do you mean I'm that person?"

"Huh? (Have I mistaken her for someone else?)"

"Maybe I look very similar to that lady you just mentioned."

"(But you are Hayami, I'm sure of it!)"

"Haha, unfortunately you got the wrong person. Is she your girlfriend?"

"...How should I put it? Well, she's a very important friend of mine for sure."

"!? If I'm not mistaken, aren't you the hero who defeated CHAOS? And you are also the 2nd prince of Factoria, Lord Ryle Laster!! Isn't that true?"


"It's my honor to meet you my lord."

"No, I should apologize to Your Highness first, for forcing you to come to this place."

"No, you shouldn't. I was planning to get away from Factoria anyway..."

"But why did you want to run away from the guards as well?"

"I was forced to marry Prince Dyss all of a sudden! So I had to escape from this total nonsense."

"(A marriage with Prince Dyss? But that can't be!! I thought the prince already had someone...!)"

"Lady Esmeriah, can I ask who came out with the proposal first?"

"My father, Lord Zeskar."

"(Zeskar Excellize!? That means she is Fina's cousin?)"

There are a lot of family relations between the different noble/famous families in this game, and I've long lost the view over all of them.

"I see, then where did you live after Gaiares had fallen under the Factoria Castle?"

Oho! Now we're getting somewhere

"You can't remember!?"

"What I remember now is that...about 1 week ago, I found myself laying somewhere under Olbez."

How convenient! Also fyi, Olbez was the shoddy village where we found a secret room that belonged to Flare and had her wedding ring in an old chest.

"Lady Esmeriah, Prince Dyss probably found out about this marriage just recently."

"!? What do you mean?"

"His Highness already has someone he loves dearly. She is serving him all the time..."

"You mean my father, he...!!"

"I'm not sure about that, but I think Your Highness used to be someone else called Hayami Raienji."


"As far as I know, Hayami was a ninja with an unique accent. But sometimes she spoke with a normal accent, as if she was somebody else."


"And we fought with CHAOS 6 months ago, it's possible that your lost memories include that period."

"I was fighting with CHAOS along with you sir?"

"Of course, it's totally based on my personal opinion. But I'm quite sure of it."


"So where will you live from now on? You can hide in your old hideout at Volcana."


"It used to belong to Hayami."

And here something weird happens...


"...Was that me!?"

"Are you ok? Your Highness!?"




"(What's happening to her?)"

"Some of my memory just came back. But I can't remember all..."


"It's just a little bit. A scene from the past just appeared in my mind. I was wearing my old red outfit..."

"(So she IS Hayami!!)"

"But soon the picture was gone in a flash..."

So how about that, huh?

We'll find out what exactly is up with Hayami's memory in a bit, but I still want to interject here and talk about this. I expect that Hayami's ending will get a mixed response. It's definitely a big surprise, and I think a lot of people will not like it due to that. It's easy to assume that this just comes out of nowhere and is pretty lazy. But on the other hand, the game has a lot of little hints that it throws your way, and I tried to point them out when I caught them. It's true that Hayami lost her accent a few times, and the party also called her out on it once I believe. She also knew a whole lot about Gaiares and history in general. You could assume that the Ninja academy taught her that, but it's more likely part of her royal upbringing. And then there was that time when Hayami stood alone at the pond when we were at Flare's house. There was an event with her there, and pressing her about what is troubling her was the bad choice. The good choice was to tell her that it's okay if she doesn't want to tell, and she said that she'll tell us what's up eventually. After that, there were also several little points where Hayami acted odd. I guess that was the point when Hayami wanted to tell us about her past, but couldn't really deal with it herself. Then the whole CHAOS business swept our party up, and she never had a moment to tell anyone about it again. But something else happened to her after she left the group when everything was over, and I'm not going to spoil that.

So yeah, that's basically most of the secret behind Hayami and her ending. I'm okay with it, as I like Hayami's character and picked up on the hints during the game. I always expected her to reveal something to the party, and was pretty surprised when it happened all the way at the end. I'm not going to say that I expected her to be a princess, but it's kinda obvious that she has some secret if you pay attention to her. Well then, let's continue and find out what's wrong with her brain!


"I want you to meet with your other old friends."

"But are you sure you want to do this? I might disappoint everyone if I don't recognize them..."


"Those days we spent together...must be precious to everyone...and yet, I can't remember a thing."

"Even if Hayami really forgot about us, she's still...our best friend."

"Lord Ryle..."

"I also believe the rest of your memory will come back someday."

"I...don't know why. But I feel VERY happy when I heard you say that...Somewhere in my heart I understand how much it means to me."


"..And I finally understand why I was so adamant about refusing the marriage with Prince Dyss."


Ahw, love conquers all


"Because I just realized it now. That I was talking to a total stranger with such an intimate feeling. I want to go with you. And I will gain all my memory back..."

"Lady Esmeriah..."

"Once all my memory is back, please treat me the same way as before, as Hayami Raienji..."

"What about Gaiares?"

"We will surrender ourselves to Factoria. I found out about all the wrong doings by our kingdom in the past when I visited Meldia. And I don't want to repeat the same tragedy from 20 years ago! So I agreed to seal the floating capital forever."

"I can't agree more than that."

"Then please take me to our friends."

"It would be my honor and pleasure to escort Your Highness."

"Tank you sir..."

"Later I found out that Hayami's memory was being controlled by her father Zeskar...She really lost her memory as a child when Gaiares crashed deep into the earth. Then she was picked up by the White Shinobi, and was trained to become a ninja. And after CHAOS was defeated by us, King Zeskar began to search for his missing princess Esmeriah. Although the king found his missing princess, she didn't want her title anymore. She wanted to remain as Hayami, due to her adventures with us. So her father forced his daughter to follow his will by sealing the memory of her being Hayami. And now, she's.."

Please take note of the clipping eyebrows/lashes. This will be a thing on basically all of those final pictures.

Also, Hayami's father is a huge dick! Fuck that guy.

"Ryle Dono. What a fine day we have today."

"Lady Esmeriah, don't you think that cloth is a little too daring?"

"Please don't call Sessha Esmeriah! Sessha's name is Hayami Raienji."

"Even though most of your memory has come back, you sure you want to live as Hayami like before?"

"Please stop this formal tone when you talk to Sessha."


"Ryle Dono please..."

"Ok...I won't~ (But still, the outfit sure reveals a lot of skin...look at those boobs!)"

Great. Good job ruining the ending by falling back on the tired "sexy titty ninja" trope, Flare!

"Huh? W-Where are you looking at!?"

"Oh~ Wait! I wasn't looking at your breasts! No! I didn't~"

"My breasts!? Kyaaaaa!!..RAIDEN-!!"


Let's forget that ever happened, okay?

"She was not in my original script, I wanted to have only 3 endings for the girls that live in Lavas! If those 3 were my first wave of missiles, Hayami and the others were the 2nd wave...something like that. (What the HELL did I just say??)"

Something dumb?

"I needed an agent like her to inform the hero about the crisis in Factoria Castle as part of the plot, and also to help with bringing in Fina. In some ways, she was the easiest character to draw; her face and walking pics...plain RED, yeah~ And she got 1 secret move which you can find in Factoria Castle along with a rare item after the final event there."

The fact that Flare brings up the colors and how hard/easy it was to draw something, makes sense if you take into account that she is colorblind. At least she says so in one of the afterthought parts.

"Hayami's mother is Catyss Delstar, the older sister of Flare Delstar. And her father is the current ruler of Gaiares, Zeskar Excellize. He is also the older brother of Rain Delstar, Fina's father. Hayami's real name is Esmeriah R Gaiares. She is the only heir to Gaiares royalty.(Sometimes she talks a lot about Gaiares history) She lost her memory when the capital of Gaiares crashed during the Demonic War. Later she became one of the orphans in the White Shinobi. Thanks to her impressive lineage with fighters like Fina, she grasped the essence of the ninja arts at an early age. When the rest of the White Shinobi fell under Xaktor's control, she was away on her mission and didn't get brainwashed. Not only that, her previous memory all came back! But she didn't abandon her ninja comrades, instead she went out looking for the prince. Since she could not free all those ninjas alone, she needed the 2nd prince of Factoria to bring more support and raise an army. As she stopped by her old hideout at Volcana, Ryle just happened to be near there. And they met each other for the first time. She's also 1 year older than Ryle, but doesn't look like it. And she has a killer body to enslave most of the men in the game, which sometimes puts her cousin Fina into a flame of total jealousy~"

"Did you find Hayami's character..."

"After she gained back her memories, she probably realized that her background is very different than of most others. So she had to compromise. Also as she was traveling with Ryle, she had to go against certain rules of the mercenary code from time to time. The struggle between her heart and her duty was hard for her. So I'm not sure if I made a fine line between her persona as a ninja or as a princess...kind of difficult~"

Well, that's it for Hayami! As said, I like her ending aside from the titty business at the end. Granted, there are also a few shaky details in her story, but that can be said about basically every story in this game. Though, she also has one of the longest endings and by now I wish that wouldn't be the case