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Part 33: Let Me Straighten This Shit Out

Let Me Straighten This Shit Out

"You can't defeat evil with hatred and anger! That's what Lady Flare has taught us. And step forward on your own path. Have faith in your strength and in your dreams."

And with this pearl of wisdom, we're off. Though, that quote from Flare will actually have some meaning much later.

"No wonder I saw you using Warp."

"First she suggested us to train and gain more level-ups until the king finds out a way to reach Gaiares."

I like how "level-ups" are an actual thing in this world

"I knew mom would say that~"

"That means we better let the king handle the search of the lost city."

"Good for us, so we got less burden on our trip. And we haven't covered the northern part of Ernest yet. We should focus on that area now."

"There's Leon Forest to the north from here, and Rune Tri after that."

"The place is connected to the old Gaiares Empire through the device called Rune Gate."

"Maybe we can take a look at that device it may give us hints on how it works even how to make one!"

"She's right! We must hurry to the Rune Tri first!"

"That won't be useful."

"Why not?"

"His Highness should've known about the place since he used to be the prince of the old Gaiares Empire...But he didn't even bothered to mention the place, obviously the device there isn't what we want."

"Dope~ I thought I had a nice plan~"

"Where does that Rune Tri lead to?"

"...According to the map, it leads to this isolated area south of Southern Cray."

"The area used to be near where Rune Tri is now, but as the result of the Demonic War that region..."

"is fucked up", would be my guess as to how this sentence should end.

"Are the White Shinobis also good in history that detailed?"

"It says in the historical documents you can buy at any ordinary book store."

Books are still Ryle's one true weakness

"Now that's not a thing to brag about at all~"

"And I wonder how you were able to save Factoria~"

"We couldn't stop him~ Dear Ryle always act first then think later."

"Hey I can fix the problem if you guys just stop discouraging me like this!"

"Why even bother~"

"Oh, I forgot to mention 1 thing."

"You mean we can reach where the warp device is, using the Rune Tri...and bring back the broken parts of the device, to see if we can repair them right?"

"...*nod* *nod*"

"It's up to you deciding our next destination, unless mom named specific places."

"Like mother and like daughter "

"(Hey that was my line too.)"

"But the king didn't send his troops to do that...which indicates there are certain dangers waiting for us..."

"Maybe some powerful monsters or even deadly traps..."

"I don't think so..."


"His Majesty would have sealed the entire area then, because monsters will invade nearby towns."

"That makes sense."

"I suggest to check the place out anyway."

"But we don't have any idea about the place since it's out of Meldia's domain."

"I see your point, but there's no real safe place for us anymore since the Mahzoks are on to us."


"You're right...There's no point in being sitting ducks here."

"I wonder how's everyone in Factoria doing now?"

"We better act soon."

"There's no way for us to avoid this war, all of us must face this one way or the other..."

"Once we are in a tight spot, I can warp us out of the danger."

"Now you look like a very reliable leader to me "

"What do you mean by that!?"

"So we'll head for Leon Forest tomorrow?"


"I heard from mom that a sacred beast lives in that forest, so be ready for surprises."

"Better do the shopping before we leave here."

"Me too! There's no other towns around beyond the forest."

"Ahh! So I was right! Miss Orubia truly understands me!!"

"There's no towns around near the old Gaiares either."

"Man that sucks~"

"It's gonna be a long journey. Orubia and Latyss must get enough rest today!"

"I'll be fine after tonight!"

"Me too by tomorrow morning."

"Ah, rest well you two."

"Good night Prince Ryle "

"Oh stop calling me that~"

Okay, this I can summarize into something sensible. So, the King will actually be the one who is searching for the location of the city. We also kinda do, because if we can locate and repair the broken warp device in Ernest, we could help with finding the city. Aside from that, we generally have to explore and get all the level-ups. That's much better than the mess from the last update, right?

Our first target will be the Leon Forest, and this area has a rather memorable secret in it. You'll see, believe me.

Back to our regular program...

This is another night section where you can walk around, and discover a side dungeon. Also, the girls are sleeping next door...

It's totally fair to expect something dumb/creepy here, but you can't do anything at all. It would actually have been neat if the girls had some dream words or something. It could even have been related their Att score! Oh well.

There is nothing going on in the bar, so let's go for a walk.

Look at that grammar. Savour every little piece of it.

"!?...what's going on?"

"W-What? I better go rescue her!"

Remember that message board I pointed out when we reached the capital? Yeah, this is the cave that it warned us about. And of course, we'll stomp right in there!

Been a while since we had a vote, right? But tbh, this doesn't influence much aside from a few lines of dialog. So vote on who you want to see talking, if you feel like it. Also, I actually don't know if it has any effect when you take Orubia and/or Latyss along. They already got a full night of rest, but the earlier dialog made it seem like they're still supposed to be tired. I'll show of the current standings again, since it also has been a while. Jfyi, I think at least one of the girls is already in the last "tier" of the friendship ladder, so we're also closing in on the point where their thoughts won't change again.

Att >>> 37

Att >>> 30

Att >>> 30

Att >>> 32

Att >>> 30

Att >>> 26