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Part 43: Whoops Part 2

Whoops Part 2

As it turns out, I forgot a few small things during the last update. Thanks to Polsy and Brony Hunter for pointing it out!

I forgot that the top teleporter does send you to a different place, instead of back to the middle.

Oooh, a lone chest!

Ah yes, this guy. Remember all the way back in the beginning of the Lp, when I pointed out some annoying talking enemies that just suicide into you? Well, this is their self proclaimed king. This is sort of like an optional boss fight, except that the Mega Dasher is weak.

"What a BGM~"

He also has epic background music

"I'm as fast as the speed of light, as splendid as the comet, and as brilliant as the sun!!"

"Umm...why do keep running like this~"

"Now you shall taste the true fear from my power!"

"Ok ok, I'm already scared. Just leave me alone PLEASE~"

The Mega Dasher has some mediocre attacks, and will also heal after a few rounds.

"Damn! He recovered!!"

"Don't even try to compare ME with the other losers! I only fight like a man, no running away, no suicide, and no other pathetic stuff!!"

"Calling your own family losers..."

"Like I said! I have transcended all other dashers! I'm THE PERFECT DASHER~!!"

"I don't care! Just beat it!!"

"Hell no! It's my stage! And I'm the main hero!"


But since the dasher only heals once, I stomped all over it.

Oh but we did it for a reason!

"Type01 is a high precision laser cannon, very accurate and lethal! Type02 is a high power laser gun, so it inflicts more damage with strong recoil."

Yep, Mariel just straight up got a laser cannon. Let's check her new animations and skills.

Mariel just has a need to show off when I record her animations

And here are the two skills that Mariel learned.

They aren't bad, but also not that spectacular.

Switching to the Type02 also doesn't change a whole lot.

Her default animation is cooler, but that's pretty much it. I really couldn't see much difference in the damage output between both types

However, what skills Mariel can use depends on her gun part. And tbh, I like the launcher module more.

Anyway, another thing that I missed was a secret item drop during Fina's little section before she gets to the chamber with the Arms.

If you get hit by this fireball in the first section...

This is real fucking sneaky! And it's also kinda important, because Fina couldn't equip any of the other accessories so far.

Also, since I'm a nosey player, I figured out that you can get a second item drop during this part!

This is at the end of the second fireball section.

No toot this time, because this item is worse than the other. The dubious "dodge chance" really doesn't make up for it. I'll see if any other members of the group can wear this.

And lastly, Mariel has reached her final love tier a while ago, but I didn't show her thoughts.

And she still wants that date