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Part 50: Latyss' Ending

Latyss' Ending


"Latyss!! Please wake up! Open your eyes!!"

Now, despite what I said in the last update, I'm gonna skip the chat with Latyss here. It has nothing going for it, and just boils down to...

There's really nothing funny or interesting here

And in hindsight, I may should have already trimmed Hayami's wake-up chat after she and Ryle stopped out-retarding each other, but I kinda wanted to established that these conversations are mostly the same no matter who you pick.

Well, with that out of the way, let's look at Latyss' special attacks.

"Target the core of CHAOS! Got it!?"

This is her single hit attack, and it does pretty good damage. The animation is sweet too!

"Watch out for CHAOS' attack!!"


"No problemo~"


"Well, here we go!"

Each of the elements scores a hit in this combo, but the damage doesn't climb that well. Some of the hits just do crap damage, even with buffs.

Overall, Latyss is a pretty solid choice for this fight. She has decent Hp for a caster, and her damage output is also pretty good if you keep the buffs up. I found that she's a bit weak towards status effects, but that could just be my personal perception.

"6 months have passed since the last battle...Latyss and I have been traveling around the world to promote unity among the different races. And we also visited the elves at Elzcrown in several attempts to negotiate the coexistence between elves and humans."

"I thought we could get through to him this time..."

"They just don't get it! They think it won't matter any more since CHAOS is gone."


"How come they won't understand us like you do? Or at least they should try it..."

"Because I'm half human. It would be weird if I don't."

"But your mother, she's 100% elf and still understands us."


"By the way, why do the elves always think they are superior to other beings like humans?"

"Probably due to their long lifespan, and they are also better with magic than humans overall. It's the same as when humans feel pity on insects or animals."


"But we are also able to use language and read and write like elves do."

"I don't think their ideals of a higher cultural standard over others will change soon."

"Prince Dyss already has been working on the unity movement for quite some time, but the elves..."

"Even after you have given up on the title as 2nd prince, you seem to remain close ties with the royalty."

"It's not my fault! They just keep following me for no reason~"

"Still, I've never imagined myself being so open to you guys and also other humans."

"Maybe you didn't notice back then, I was isolating myself from everyone after we arrived in Lavas."


"Even after I decided not to be with any other elves in my life, but my pride as an elf was very strong."

"I remember one time when I tried to say hello to you, but you backed me down with those cold stares."

"And do you know what made me change this much?"

"No, but I was shocked to see you have become a lot more friendly later that day!"

"It was Orubia."


"She was the first kid we met when we just moved in."

"She and Preshes became very good friends soon after that."

"Preshes was being pushed around during her entire stay at Elzcrown. So she was very lonely. And I saw her smile for the first time with Orubia."

"Yeah...they were very good friends I remember."

"She was very kind to me as well. Although she was much younger when we first met, she always acted like an older sister, can you believe it?"

"Even though I have lived much longer than she did."

"But I wasn't able to return the same kindness to her. No, I rather tried to keep away... By creating a wall within my heart..."


"And I yelled at Preshes, "Never play with humans!"..."

"Later that night, Orubia came and told me, "Please don't make Preshes cry!"...."

"But I scolded back at her instead, "Don't you humans even dare to speak to me!"...."


"But that girl...told me in tears, "Friends won't ask who's elf and who's human!!"....And I was really shocked to hear it. Because I understood what she meant."

"That what I just did to her was the exact same thing that the elves back home were doing to us..."

"We left our home because of it. But I...After I realized that, I apologized to Orubia..."


"If it wasn't for her, I might have left the village on that day."


"That's why I don't want any more walls between different races. I want to create that kind of world."

"Not just us...but most people in the world would think the same!"


"Many of them are just too busy to think about this because they need to make a living..."

"But deep in their hearts, they just wanted to be recognized by someone to make them happy. I mean who would not want to live in that kind of world?"


" it? Did I say something strange?"

"That was a very impressive speech for someone who hates books."

"It's none of your business~"

"Now this is more like you."


"Ryle... I want to ask you something..."

"What is it? About tomorrow's schedule?"

Finally! I'm interested to see how Latyss handles the elephant in the room






"Did you get that habit from Orubia?"

"No, it's not like that."

"Is it something...hard to ask?"


"Want to go somewhere else and talk about it?"

"No...Let's do it here."

"Okay...So what is it you wanna talk about?"




"What's wrong?"

Aww, they're both equally inept


"So what I try to say..."

"Come on~ Say it now~ Or you might never gonna tell him right?"


"Oh~ You're so shy."

"Shut up Hilde~"

"Latyss! So the hot summer finally came?"

"What are you doing here~ You guys are such..."

"Why did you chase them away?"

"Because I was trying..."

"I don't know. Maybe it's not the time to say it. But we can talk about it later?"


"Come on. We got plenty of time from now on."


"We are not really in a hurry...aren't we?"

I think Ryle got it this time, but plays it cool to make Latyss not feel too awkward here? If so then

"...But I don't know."

"You don't know?"

"Maybe my answer might change after today is passed..."


"Ha... *smile* It's up to you. You'll decide the final answer."

"Waa? M-Me...??"

"So are a large number of the dragons. But now we focus only on the elves until we can finally convince them. I insisted on doing so for the sake of Latyss. The dragon clan became much more friendly after we defeated CHAOS. So I can wait for them. Through this work, I want to get closer to Latyss. And I want to know more about her. Someday, I hope the elves would come and celebrate with us on our day of blessing."

"My initial setting for her as a summoner was...because of YOU! Sylph-!! Come out!"

"Why blame me? You created me, didn't you?"


"Stupid cow!!"


With the help of my huge Google powers, I found out what Anime Flare is referring to here. It's Record of Lodoss War, and the specific character that Latyss was based on is Deedlit, who is also a blonde elven summoner.

"Due to the lack of emotions in her character, her face was much easier to draw. The only hard part was bringing out the right color for her hair. Why was I born with such a bad taste in colors...~ *wiping of tears* IF you liked it please tell me!!"

When I said Flare referred to herself as being colorblind, this was not the comment I meant. It'll come up in another ending.

"Unfortunately she doesn't have any secret moves, sorry. But her ending is the hardest to get, as well as all her events. Lesinna is her mother who fell in love with a Factorian officer named Dannio, during his duty as a foreign relations officer. And it was during Dannio's visit to Elzcrown for promoting ties between the 2 kingdoms, where Lesinna decided to start the coexistence movement. But Dannio mysteriously died 1 year after Preshes was adopted by Lesinna. (Some say the elder of the elves assassinated him because he feared the birth of a half-elf) You see Preshes is not the real sister of Latyss. She too is an half-elf and was abandoned by her real parents. Lesinna and her 2 half-elf daughters went through numerous discriminations from their fellow elves. Sometimes even physical harm. After they escaped to Lavas, they were able to enjoy a peaceful normal life for 13 years. To them, it was a true blessing indeed. Latyss rarely speaks nor expresses her true feelings except when Lesinna and Preshes are in danger. her age is roughly 3-4 times older than Ryle. Although she's only half-elf, she still can live much longer than humans."

"She always wandered between her human and her elven side...Sometimes this can be very painful indeed. But she will live on for her own dreams. That's how the real world works, you all know that right? She was a very complex character to work with. Because of her background and such, more settings were needed to maker her personality close to reality."

And that's it for Latyss! Well, to be honest I think her ending is kinda weak, because it basically boils down to "bohoo fantasy racism". Though, it was kinda funny to see the cool and controlled Latyss stumble when she wanted to tell Ryle about her feelings. And learning a bit more about her family background in the closing words was neat too. I don't really know what I expected from her ending, but I just felt that it's a little weak compared to how much attention she gets during the story. I mean, not only does she have her own side plot, Flare made sure that you have make an effort to get her scenes and the ending. So that's probably why I was a little disappointed