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Part 44: Romancing Walker: Revelations

Romancing Walker: Revelations

"Oh look!"

"She finally awakened!"

"Sacred Dragon!?"

"Wow! She even got wings!"

"But isn't it too early for you to transform?"

"I had to. There was a Mahzok inside Dracoheim."

"No way! I thought only the ones with the Dragon Gene could enter the place!"

"All dragons can enter the temple. And I was attacked by Dark Dragon."

This is actually a somewhat important sentence. The Dragon Lord already told us that not all Dragons want to be friends with humanity. And the Dark Dragon isn't the only hostile dragon that we'll see.

Fina also tells everyone about her fight and how she met the Dragon Lord, but let's skip that and get straight to what we've all been waiting for.

"Their real goal!?"

"Weren't they split in 2 opposing groups!?"

"Yes...It was part of their plan, to make us think that way. Caris once told me that the Soul Eater was hunting people back in the Dannyon Mine."

"But as long as 2 people travel together, no one got hurt! And that was part of their plan??"

"It was a scary tactic!"


"Mahzoks want humans to fear as deep as possible, in order to draw out the most negative emotions."

"Negative emotions!?"

"Like sorrow, pain, desperation, and all other bad memories!?"

This is the first big reveal in this part. It'll be said later, but the Mahzoks actually feed on negative emotions. So a lot of things that they have been doing, had the goal of making people feel bad, instead of actually destroying humanity or something like that. Like, until now, we had the impression that the Mahzoks wanted to conquer the world and fuck shit up. And that impression made a lot of their moves appear weird. But if you now take that new information in account, it makes more sense. For instance, while it's never stated, I'm pretty sure Garudia wanted to use his dimension cannon so that he could trap the party and sap their despair until they died. If he had simply killed them, he would just get a few moments of agony and sorrow out of them. Killing them would still have been the better idea, but we'll eventually learn that the Mahzoks seriously underestimated our party, and never expected Fina to actually transform. There are still some holes and weird things left after all is revealed, but I think this is a pretty decent surprise.

"You guys defeated Soul Eater. So they moved on to the next step. That was taking over Factoria to throw the entire kingdom into panic."

"Of course the bad news will leak out and eventually throw the public into unrest."

"In order to gather as much negative energy as possible!!"

This is also an important line, because gathering negative energy was their number one goal. And to them, it's even more important than their own survival.

"Then why lure me back to Factoria Castle?"

"Simple. To King Acemel and Prince Dyss, your arrival will remind them of the saddest memories. Which will conjure up the best negative energy they wanted! Not only that, if the 2nd royal prince pops out all of a sudden, it will send a shockwave to everyone in the kingdom."

"Then what did the Mahzoks keep following us for!?"

"I thought they were trying to slow us down."

"At first they wanted to get rid of us since we got in their way."

"At first?"

"Like Ryle said, they were trying to slow us down."

"But what for? They would've just finished us all at once without any more delays."

"They could if they came in large numbers, but they didn't."

"They didn't?"

"No, otherwise they would not even have bothered to use the Dimensional Cannon."

"Did you mean that these Mahzoks we fought before knew they might lose if they fight alone!?"

"Even if they lose, the prime goal is reached; buying more time for them."

"Is collecting negative energy THAT important!?"

As said before, it was their one and only goal. And we'll find out why in a minute. On the other hand, this part may have suffered a bit during translation, because it doesn't explain why the Mahzoks put up with our shit for so long. It'll be mentioned along the way, albeit only on the side, but the main reason was their arrogance. Like, they seriously didn't expect our party to be so successful, and when they realized it, it was kinda too late for a massive strike against us. And before that point, they also wanted to use us, because us being alive got them more negative energy on the whole than killing us. Or something like that. I'm honestly just putting things together here, because I think Flare wrote herself into a corner and needed some hand-waving.

"I don't get it Sis Fina."

"They can't fight because they are hungry?"

"Then how were they able to keep silent for all these years? It doesn't make sense."

"Miss Latyss...she's very sharp~"

"Just think about it. Since when they start to appear?"


"That means the Mahzoks were able to sustain themselves without such a huge supply of negative energy?"

"Then why would they need so much all of a sudden?"

"Maybe to feed someone who needs it?"

"How did you come to the conclusion so quickly?"

"Good job Mariel."

"What? She was right?"

"Yay~! Finally I did it right!!"

"Stop making a fuss about it!"

Fina will use any opportunity to own Mariel. I'm not joking

"But she was right on the part that they were gathering large amounts of negative energy."

"I got the initial clue from Dark Dragon's words...Then it became very clear when I realized that I was his only target!"

"Come to think of it, not a single Mahzok attacked us while guarding the entrance! Why!?"

"They were afraid of me becoming the Sacred Dragon and be able to use 1 particular spell after that."

"Fina!! You mean the galactic scale spell you told us about before!?"

"You remembered. That's right."

"Cosmos Eternal....Mom used it to defeat CHAOS."


"Collecting negative energy, and...Cosmos Eternal...You mean!! *eyes wide open*"

"Dear Ryle...!? Did you figure it out?"

Come on, everyone and their grandmother should have figured it out by now.

Everyone is shocked, but let's skip that and talk a little about this. It's really not the biggest surprise. CHAOS was being shoved into our face since the beginning of the game, and really, who seriously thought that he wouldn't be brought back later? The last couple updates also had a few strong hints scattered all over, like the frequent mentioning of that damn Cosmos Eternal spell. However, Latyss quickly finds the hole in this development...

"CHAOS originally is the being who oversees the destruction and rebirth of the universe. So it's impossible to erase him completely. Since he IS part of this world."

"But that means CHAOS eventually returns no matter how many times we defeat him!"

"CHAOS is a being of no will. But the Mahzoks summoned him and brought him mind and intelligence. In order to worship him as their master!"

Another important piece of information. So far, we had the impression that CHAOS was a terrible demon king that just got banished into some kind of prison. But that's not true, as it turns out. CHAOS is only evil, because the Mahzoks summoned him with the flow of negative energy, and thus shaped him to be evil. In his normal state, he's just one of the forces that make the universe work. And that's actually a pretty common trope in RPGs. The whole "There can't be light without the darkness" deal, you know?

Yeah, pretty much

"Oh NO! The Demonic War will happen all over again!!"

"We will stop him before that can happen!"

"Right now I don't have enough power to defeat CHAOS! We have to stop the resurrection!"


"We don't know where he is!"

"Don't you sense anything? Fina, you should have noticed his presence."

"Not at this moment. CHAOS is not back yet."

"What can we do then~"

Yep, back to mommy we go!

Yeah, I know. It's a huge surprise

I'm going to abridge this part a little, because as always, our crew has talent for talking in circles.

This is our main problem. Flare tells us that the main reason why the Mahzoks lost the last war, was that she was able to find and banish CHAOS before he was fully summoned. And this time, the Mahzoks accounted for that and hide the place where they summon him. This shouldn't be possible, because Fina's new powers also come with super senses that reach into the Astral Realm, but it's happening. So what can we do?

Oh, so you are allowed to see the place, eh?

"Course I tried! Using the resonance of Omega Wave as a sonar...All I got was the sound of explosions and the cry of low-class Mahzoks."

"Hey! You were not supposed to use that spell in this world~"

"Don't worry. It was in the Astral Realm."

"Which makes us look like the bad guys~"

"I wasn't targeting randomly. Not like Mariel~"

"Ehh-? What do you mean~"

Genocide is cool as long as it's not in your own dimension

Anyway, our crew still laments the fact that Fina and Flare can't detect CHAOS. And they really should be able to, because at some point his power will become large enough to naturally seep into their world. But since the Mahzoks somehow hide or shield his location, we're boned.

Except that Ryle and Flare come up with an idea...

Yeah, it's Fina time!

"That's too risky~ I don't even know how to use Cosmos Eternal!!"

"You're taking your chances. Fina should win unless CHAOS is awakened. But once CHAOS has returned, she might lose even with her full power."

"There's no other way. We just have to hope to find CHAOS before the awakening."

"That's a huge gamble!!"

"Yes. We will be betting the fate of the entire world."

"But that's too exaggerated~"

"CHAOS is in charge of destruction and recreation of this universe. Getting rid of our little planet is a very simple task to CHAOS."

"And we are about to pick a fight with THAT kind of opponent!?"

"So the only possible mean is..."

"Fina using "that" spell..."

"(Ackk! Hard to breathe now...~)"

"But to let Sis Fina fight alone..."

"Fina, it's your choice. The fate of our world lies in your hands."

This screen cracks me up every time

Well, Fina still hasn't come to terms with being Anime Jesus, but everyone says that they believe in her and will help out because they're friends.

Then everyone rejoices, and talks about fighting for their dreams, freedom, and the people they love. Standard RPG stuff.

Nope, but she will know it in a minute.

"Teleport? The spell which can travel between dimensions?"

"It also can be used to neutralize enemy spells because you can transport any form of energy."

There we go

Well, that was the reveal! Now you know almost everything there is to the plot. At this point, we've also officially entered the endgame. The next section will play in the Astral Realm, and Fina is mandatory for that part. And since the next part is actually difficult, I'll have to make some preparations and shit. So let me close this update with two things for you.


Since Fina is required for the Astral Realm, we have two empty slots. However, I'm using my Lp power to claim one of the slots for my own choice, and you'll see why. So that leaves you to chose one girl for the party. It's probably going to be Caris, but I still want to give you the choice


At this point we're free to pick up a few secrets and stuff like that. It's also kinda mandatory to buff your party as best as you can, because the Astral Realm is a gauntlet and has some boss fights that don't follow the easy cutscene rules that we know. I know of a few things, but since there are also people itt who have played the game, I want to see if ya'll know anything that I don't. I'm going to put my things into spoiler tags, so don't read them if you don't know what's coming. If you have anything to add, either put it in tags, or PM me.

-The secret girl is in the Astral Realm
-I can now get the secret bow for Latyss
-The Bow also unlocks a secret gimmick boss
-The Victory Grail can be used to trade VP for equipment

And here's one thing that I haven't figured out so far.
There is still that guy who asked about the Melody of the Elements. I really have no idea what's up with that. I know were the fourth elemental is, but that's it.