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Part 19: The Best Boat

The Best Boat

You didn't forget why we were getting the El Metal, right?

Of course you can! Cue a transition with some clanking in the background...

"Oh Hayami...It's you!"

"It was getting dark and you didn't come home, so Sessha came here just in case...and there you are."

"Oh, this late already...Time sure passes by fast when I am into something."

"Did you make all these just in 1 day?"

"I just replaced the half of outer plates, only 20% done."

"2...20% already!?"

"So why are you here? Just look around?"

"Actually..I brought this..."


"It's "Oni Giri", rice balls. Used rice and vinegar, it's a very simple food easy to carry around."

"Hayami...did you make these?"

"Yes. Sessha am not good at cooking, but used to make these very often."

The right choice should be really obvious..

"I am very hungry, let me try it..."


"What...what's wrong?"

"My hands are dirty...I can't pick it up~"

"Oh well, I'll eat later."

"Is it alright if sessha put it in your mouth?"


"Please open your mouth."

"(That would be quite embarrassing...I mean if somebody see us~)"

"What's wrong? Your tummy kind of hurt?"

"No, uh, not at all..."

"Mm!? (Mouthful)"

"How's taste?"

"Mm Mmmm!?"

"Huh? What did you say?"


"Warm? You like it to be warm?"

"But the rice balls supposed to be cold."

"(Gulp!) Hooah! I meant I need some water!"

"Oh! Water."


"Ahh! Ryle Dono! Hang in there!"

A transition tells us that Hayami grabbed some water...

"Whew! It was too sudden, that big rice ball almost choke me to suffocate~"

"Sessha am so sorry..don't know how to make up for it...~"

"Then the continuation from the elven mine, your punishment~part 2!"


"Ehh? You mean the resting on my lap?"

"Oh! Sessha forgot to do the laundry! Better go back!"

"Don't you run away from me!! (Laundry eh?)"

"Eeek! Please forgive sessha! Please have mercy~!"

Thank you for ruining what would otherwise have been a cute little scene..

"Ryle Dono...Sometimes you ask for sessha to do something too embarrassing!"

I just want to remind you, that Hayami was introduced as being kinda loose and fond of Porn. Now she acts all weird about being creeped on by Ryle. Women just can't make up their mind, am I right?

"It's not that bad! After you get married, your future husband gonna love it!"

"M, m, m,.....married?"

"Uh, mm, well! Excuse sessha, gotta go!"

" wrong with her?"

Att 25 >>> 28

Well, another transition signals the passage of much? You decide!

Holy shit, look at that boat! It has a chimney, paddle wheels, and is all around awesome. How the hell did he make that!?

"With...this I can...sail...ocean...."

"I...can't go on...too tired. Gotta...go"