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Part 52: Orubia's Ending

Orubia's Ending

As always, Ryle goes through the waking-up process, but this time it's a little more dramatic.

Orubia is fine though, and it's just Anime drama

Right, on to the battle.

This is her multi hit attack. And after buffing, it beats her other one by like a 1000 points in max damage.

And here is her single hit attack. But as said, it lags behind a bit.

Doing this fight with Orubia is a little awkward. Like, you already have a healbot on the field with Fina, but having Orubia too allows you to clear off effects much faster and also generally saves everyone from dying. But since Orubia also isn't too tough herself, she had to pitch in more than I liked. And during these turns your damage output falls hard, since Fina can't damage CHAOS herself. So in all, it's a slow but steady race.

"6 months have passed since the last battle... We received a reward from both Factoria and Meldia. And I gave my share to Orubia. It was her long time dream to run an orphanage, but her reward alone wasn't enough."

Ahw, that's mighty kind of Ryle!

"Luckily we had enough gold to cover all the expenses."

"Yes, one of my dreams finally became true."

"you always wanted to build a large childcare center for orphans and those in need."

"Mm! *nod* Factoria will support us with gold and food every month, now we can focus more on education!"

"You have been planning ahead~"

"But we need a safe environment for better care of the children."

"Yeah, you are right."

"And I can practice taking care of children through my work, so that I am more prepared for my own..."

"Eh? You have been going out with someone?"



"Do you have a boyfriend?"

Oh cool, we're back to Ryle not getting things

"Umm...maybe I got one or maybe not~"


"Hah...~ *sigh*"


"As usual...Dear Ryle is Dear Ryle after all~"

"Hey! What did I say?"

"I won't tell someone who is so insensitive!"



"Hey, you didn't have to get angry like that."




"What!? If you got something to say, SAY it!"


"......*trembling a little*"


"Woo...~ *sniff*"

"Noooo! Not the crying!!"

"How could you! You didn't have to be that mean~"

"Now I'm the one to blame!?"

"We...We have been together for all this time, but you didn't even notice it!"

"Notice what?"

"...We already made the promise 10 years ago! And I never forgot it!!"

"A promise 10 years ago...?"

"So you have forgotten already. Dear Ryle..."

"!? W-Wait! 10 years mean!!"


"I remember it now! I...during that time..."


"(Wait a sec! But that was~)"


"(Ah!? She is blushing! Then this must be it! That means! I will look after her for the rest of my life!!)"

"(Ryle, way to go pal~ Making a promise like that!)"

"Then...let me hear it...What we promised back then."

".......~ Do I really have to say it?"

"You HAVE TO!!"

"I promised you to help with your mage academy exams!!"

Classic Ryle

"DEAR Ryle-!!"



"Fine don't say it...I know it's only me insisting on it..."


"I mean it was 10 years ago. We didn't know anything back then."

"Well... I'll take care of the rest. Dear Ryle, you can go now."

Come on, Ryle. Don't fuck this up

Ah, there we go!


"You can tell whether I'm saying this for real or just joking around!"

"But you also knew that I was asking you seriously back there, didn't you?"

"But you also knew that I won't leave just like this."

"I didn't want any of your sympathy, so I had to do that..."

"If that promise was so important to you, why would you just simply toss it away!?"


"I don't think you can. After having kept it in your heart for 10 years!!"

"I know!! I know that... But even if I wanted it so bad, if you are not willing...!"


"If both of us are not happy with the promise, then it's meaningless to keep it..."

"But I...want to keep the promise."


"Now I'm saying it for real."



"So you are not forcing say this?"

"NO! I'm saying it because I want to!!"

"Can I this time?"

"Of course you can!"

"Mm!! *nod with tearful smile*"

"Ack!! Wait! Orubia! Let go of me!!"

"No I won't~"

"You are choking ME!! Ack! I'm gonna die~"

"From the next day on, we worked very hard running the care center. I do the heavy labor part, and she does the homemaking. She won't go easy on childcare! She is so persistent about it!...a new side of her. She's like a holy mother to the children and not so benevolent to me when I make mistakes~ Sometimes Preshes comes to play with the other kids. And fitting in so well...She's still a child I guess~ But it isn't so bad. Well, in fact not all. The peace is only temporary, so we better cherish the moment while it lasts..."

lmfao at that kid's retard mouth, how does that even happen

"Dear Ryle! Come here quick! Look at her, she just looks like Sis Caris~"

"Oh yeah...those eyes!"


"Maybe we should raise her like Sis Caris?"

"Absolutely NOT! That'll ruin her future~"

"Tomorrow I'm gonna call her and ask her to take care of you~"


"!! Woo! Waaaa!! Ehhhhhhhng~"

"Oh sorry dear~ He scared you right? Don't cry. You are a good girl~"

"Dear Ryle!! Turn right. And make a left!! Then keep stepping forward and leave!!!"

"I'm not in the military!! *follows the order and is already gone*"

"Yes you are~ Good girl~ Now now, don't cry....."

And that's it for Orubia's ending. I don't have much to say about it, because it's pretty much what I expected from her. Not really the whole orphanage thing, but everything else was definitely on par for her character in the game.

Well, on to the talk with Flare.

"At first, I made her a priestess, but later I had to change to a mage who currently wants to become a priestess. So she's a priestess in training~ She has fewer face pics, and I had to restart drawing many times. Her image just didn't come out easily~ And she has one hidden move, so if you didn't find it, here is the hint! Mountain, bring Hayami along."

I think we missed that hidden move, because I don't recall any mountain with Orubia or Hayami. There was one with the other girls, but iirc our party was fixed for that one

"Orubia's mother is a mysterious lady with dark hair. Her name is Tia. Her parents met at the open market. Her father Zamus, was a delivery merchant and he worked with Fina's dad Rain Delstar. Orubia was born in Lavas Ville, she was 5 when she first met Ryle , and Latyss became her neighbor when she was 8 years old. She is quite shy, but she made lots of friends because of her pure heart. Even Latyss changed her stereotypes on humans because of Orubia. She hangs around with Ryle all the time. She tends to lean on him like a younger sister although they are the same age. So what did you feel about her?"

It's the obvious answer, I think.

"Like in the ending, she loves to play with children. And that's the main reason she wants to become a priestess after graduating from mage school. I hope you found her interesting enough that it was worth to play and see her ending!"


Only two more endings to go woohoo