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Part 54: Fina's Ending

Fina's Ending

Oh boy, is this finally the last damn update for this thread? Why yes, it most certainly is

Fina is currently fighting CHAOS, but somehow she still has a ghostly projection here and we can chat to her because of reasons. Now, of course Ryle does his whole shtick about being a reckless hero again, but this time he has a very good explanation for it.

Okay, on the fight.

Fina actually gets moves too, and why she couldn't use them in the other fights shall remain a mystery forever. Both are multi hit attacks, but this one is highly variable in its damage output so I prefer the other one.

"This move shall open the ways of our future!!"

"Forces of the universe, listen to my command!! All beings shall be protected by your laws and powers!"

As said, the other move is a lot more variable in its damage output, so this one is my winner.

Overall, the fight with just Fina and Ryle is a lot less bad than I expected it to be. Both are very hardy characters, and once your buffs are up, you can consistently deal like 15k damage and only have to keep everyone healthy and re-buff at times. In a way, not having a third member is a plus because it means less time spent on resurrecting the more squishy ones. However, this fight still isn't a cakewalk! I got trapped in one of CHAOS' freeze loops for a while and was really close to death when I got out of it. Also, thenightsshadow told us that there is a weird bug in the CHAOS code which can make you just lose the fight.

Guess who found that bug

Sure enough, he pulled out his ultra move, and instead of the speech event triggering, he just said "BEGONE HUMANS" and I was dead. Figures that Fina's end is the one that I have to play twice.

"Fina and I went back to Dracoheim together after the final battle with CHAOS. Fina helped me to go through the temple's barrier. Since only the dragons and those who posses the Dragon Gene are allowed to enter the place. And she was unusually quiet after we entered."


"I know it would be very hard for you to let go of your powers. But the world is at peace now."

"...I'm fully aware of that."

"Or do you still want the fame and glory of being the Sacred Dragon?"


"I'm sure you can become the Sacred Dragon any time you want. So don't worry."


"(I thought she would be the one who understands the most about the risk and danger of such a big power.)"

"Somehow I feel...that we are very selfish and unfair."


"We finally were able to defeat CHAOS. Because we fought to the end with all we got. And thanks to my Cosmos Eternal. But all of that wouldn't have been possible if I couldn't have become the Sacred Dragon..."

"What are you trying to say?"

"Have you already forgotten the ones who contributed the most to saving our world?"


"All thanks to these Dragon Arms."


Hey, remember how these relics totally have a soul and stuff? Yeah? Well guess what Fina's end is mostly about!

"The Arms have been waiting here in order to lend each Sacred Dragon their powers. And they have been doing this for thousands of years on behalf of our well-being. But now we want to seal them back up just because they are no longer of use for us."


"The Dragon Arms have their own will like we do."


"I remember when I tried to activate them at this place. I was SO frustrated about them not responding at all."

"Because I too, thought the Arms were merely the tools for my transformation. Then the Dragonlord advised me not to treat them like objects, but rather ask them for help."

"Finally they answered my calls. I was so glad that they accepted me as their own friends."


"After going through all the hardship together, now we want to toss them back into boxes? SO selfish!!"

"They got feelings too, but they had to be locked up for all these years alone. Whenever they are out, the world is always in conflicts and disarray. So what would be their happiness in being what they are now? They always save us from certain doom, but we never did anything for them...Even after I have become the Sacred Dragon, I still don't know what to do about it."

"You're right... Now it's our turn to do them a favor. First of all, we can visit them from time to time. We know they'll be here for sure."

"But visiting alone won't do much."

"That is what we'll think about from today! We'll have the solution someday."


"Of course, answers are always out there! All you need is to keep looking!"


In between all the retardation, I want to point out this extra retarded bit in the writing. Fina will address the Arms as "Guys" and then the brackets get included every single time. This happened in other parts of the game too, but I think I cut it out. I've seen a lot of bad writing in this game, but this somehow annoyed me the most

Time for some glows and sparkles while Fina returns the Arms.



"..... Let's go Ryle. We better leave the temple before the barrier is turned back on."


"The voice!"

"Don't forget. We are always with you in your heart."

"You are...! You are the guys! Right?"

"Didn't you know that we have been together not just during this war?"

"I don't understand!"

"!? Fina, behind you!"


Fina's old sword, jfyi.

"So do you know now?"

" we've been together since I was little!"

"Don't be so sad. We are with you all the time along with our world."

"Mm... *nod* I'll take good care of this sword. And we'll pass it down to our next generation!"

"We'll look forward to that day's coming."

"Alrighty! Let's go Rune Disaster-!!"

No idea why that is still included at this point

"Maybe, I went too far on that future promise part."


"That I have to pass it down to the next generation part!"

"Is it really difficult?"

"You really haven't done a thought about your own future, have you~"

"Anyway, let's go home! Mom's waiting for us!"

"Ah? Ok... (I haven't thought about my own...?)"

"And that's how we saved our world from total destruction. As I think back about what all happened in our adventure, I noticed that we were very lucky. Not just Fina joining our party, but rather many things in this universe helped us out in a great deal. Compared to these entities, we humans are truly weak life forms. And I also felt that defeating CHAOS by gathering our puny powers in one, was quite miraculous. I also realized the importance of passing down such precious knowledge to my next generation."

Huh, that's one of the tamer Animes the game has given us. But then again, FLARE went really far to let us know that Fina doesn't have much to show so it's not a huge surprise.

"Hey Ryle!"


"Finally my new recipe is done! Try this one!"

"You sure it won't be the same as last time?"

"I told you that's because the vendor forgot to cut the poisonous part out."

"Why don't you try it first, huh? I almost saw the "gates" last time!"

"I did, so just trust me this time. I didn't put any weird ingredients in this dish."



"Ahem! I didn't get my chef license for nothing you know!"

"But you put the bell pepper in it again~ You know I hate the peppers..."

"Oh come on. I put in very little! Can't you tell?"

"I know. Just making me eat those peppers alone is incredible enough already! You're good."

"Ehhehe~ So tell me Ryle...How many children do you want?"


"Oh~ Why did you throw up like that?"

"How can I eat while listening to "that" all of a sudden?*cough*"

"What's so wrong about it!? I'm a woman you know!"

"But you've gone too far! We didn't even get married yet!"

"I mean why not now? Ryle, you BETTER start to think about our future from now on!"

"You two are the WORST couple I've ever seen~"

And that's it for Fina's ending! Tbh, it was a lot less awful than I expected. The whole part about the feelings of the Dragon Arms was dumb as hell, but hey, could have been worse!

"In fact, I made the prequel of this game before. And it's somewhere in my room. It was called "DRAGON VALKYRIE"-! It's about the previous Sacred Dragon Flare and her friends, during the "Demonic War"! And I made it with RPG Maker 3 for the Playstation 1! So you got all these characters: Flare Delstar, Rain, Zestrum, Meldyss, when they were young adventurers like Ryle is now. And I made Flare so pathetic back then! However she already had Divine Impact in the beginning of the game..~ Flare Delstar, Princess Meldyss, and the Fester sisters(Romellia's mom and aunt), went on the mission to stop the Gaiares invasion of East Ernest. Most of the other kingdoms back then did not realize the threat of the Mahzoks, so the Gaiares Empire became the first enemy they faced. But Gaiares did this on purpose to force them to unite their troops and get ready for the Mahzoks. Of course Flare and the others had no idea about this at first. They only thought that stopping Gaiares would end the war. After she arrived at Gaiares, the Mahzoks finally surfaced. And there she also found out about the Sacred Dragon. Flare got the Dragon Gene from Centinel who was the candidate for the next sacred Dragon, and it was done by her sword Rune Disaster. And then she gathered the Arms and became the Sacred...You know the rest of the story after that."

It's kinda neat that FLARE talks about her first game. I mean, some of those names may not ring a bell anymore, but we met almost all of them at some point in the game.

"It might sound very serious, but the game is full of jokes like this one. Including Flare's good old "hyper Sea Sick" and "Ghost Phobia"~Romellia's mom, Mimi and her younger sister Rolli, were famous bunny girls back then with huge you know what I mean, and it agitated Flare a lot~"

Yes, I can totally see that all those jokes are so extremely good that you just had to recycle them for the second game

"About Fina, I guess you already know by now that her parents are Rain and Flare. Because of her heroic background, people treated her with high expectations as the daughter of a savior since her childhood. So you can see she was under quite a lot of pressure, just imagine that the others expect you to be perfect at everything! And she had a couple of bad memories because her status made her very isolated and lonely. She hated the title of "Savior's daughter" so much, that she wanted to become a chef instead. I guess it was her own way of revolting. Then she lost her father Rain after she turned 15. And her father's death might have caused Fina to become a Valkyrie after all. So when she first met with Ryle and the others, she tried very hard not to be compared so much with her mother in terms of abilities and so on...By the way, she's at the same age as Caris, 17. But her fighting abilities are awesome already, unlike the issues of her flat chest~"

You just had to get that last one in, didn't you?

"So what impression did she give you?"

Again there is no option for "retarded", so I go with this one I guess.

"Probably so because of her close tie between the Sacred Dragon and the world's constant need of fighting against the threat of CHAOS. I enjoyed a lot of creating this character, maybe due to her humorous part."

Yeah, keep telling yourself that it's "humorous". But then again, maybe all of the jokes in this game actually work if you're still a teen...

...because FLARE wasn't much older herself when she wrote them. This screen comes from one of the little joke bits that get added to each ending btw, but I never felt the need to include them because some repeat and you all have seen FLARE's humor so fuck it!

And that's it! It's over! Thread is done!

Get out!

Okay, I suppose I should write some form of a closing statement. First off, thanks y'all for reading and posting! Half of the fun of Lps is the things the forum contributes. Double thanks to those who stuck around to the very end, because it was a long road and you're probably as worn out as I am. And tripple double extra thanks to Polsy and thenightsshadow for all the cool info and contributions, vilkacis for the RPG maker hax, and Taciturn Tactician for the fan art! All that made me real happy! There were more than a few times where I wanted to kill this thread because it went on longer than I would have thought. And tbh, the fun curve of this weird game kinda took a nose dive when we moved into the endgame. But I always felt bad when my mouse hovered over that "close thread" button and told myself that's it's just a few updates left. Just go on a bit further, you almost made it. Don't let the Anime win! And here we are

I hope y'all had some fun on the road, and I luckily did not turn into an alcoholic despite drinking more than a few shots while writing some of the updates. I'll probably never do another game with so many words though. Becomes a serious drain in the long run. But whatever, it wasn't all bad and I'm happy that we got to the very end of this. If you like to follow my stuff, then I can tell you that I currently have another thread up, that's about something entirely different. I'll also get back to a VLP in the future, but that will take a few more months at least.

Well, I think that's all!