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Part 26: Guess Who's Back?

Guess Who's Back?

Our merry gang sets out, to take care of the dastardly bandits in the lighthouse.

Well, the place looks nice enough from the outside.

What horrors may lurk within?

"I better find the other way around."

Oh no, we are stopped by an evil signpost! Since our magic and fighting skills are no match for it, we have to head down into the basement. Curses be upon your foul tricks, evil signpost!

This is another one of those "Walk along" dungeons the game loves so much. There isn't much about it, and we've already seen the enemies before. Well, there are pesky arrow traps in here. But -10Hp per hit is nothing to worry about anymore.

Have the animation for Mariel's starting gun skill.

It's a cheap and okay attack, but quickly falls off against beefier foes. Her stone and thunder attacks have generic animations, but are much more useful.

There's a bit of treasure on the way.

This is for Hayami.

After some more walking...

...we meet some Smurfs?

"!! So they are the ones who occupied the place!"

Meet our foes for this dungeon - The blue rogues. They have like 300hp, a crappy melee attack, and a buff skill.

It gives them a very small boost to all attributes, but it's really nothing amazing. Honestly, the rogues suck. You just spam your good skills for a couple of rounds, and that's it.

I keep trucking along until...

"Sylph! Help me get rid of this wind! REACT-WIND-!!"

"You neutralized the current!"

"It's done."

I really have no idea what the point to these wind barriers is? If you don't have Latyss in your party, you just switch her in and truck along.

More rogues are encountered, and killed swiftly.

This dungeon is very exciting.

"These fighters...their eyes are not evil..."

You might want to roll another Sense Motive check there, pal.

Aside from a save point, their room also holds another chest.

Another item for Hayami.

And since we're already talking about her..

The thugs we saw on the overworld are also in here, and can drop a sword for her. I grind for a moment since Hayami can dual wield this one. Jfyi, she's still using the rock-cutter thingy from the beginning of the game, so it's really time for an upgrade. Jeez, with all this ninja-gear and the traps, it's almost like you're supposed to use Hayami in here

On we go!

Suddenly, the lever moves..

"The platform! It's moving!"


"!! Not so fast!"

"!! Hayami! What are you...!?"

She's doing a bad-ass ninja jump, that's what.

"Out of sessha's way! You've already failed!"

"We are professional fighters! Fight to the death is our way!"


Yeah, it's game over if Hayami fails here. But a single rogue is no problem.

Not even with an opening hit like that.

Hayami pulls through, and finishes with style and correct spelling

"Pro mercenary? Could it be...!! Not now! I better send back the platform!"

"Sessha's glad being able to help everyone! Let's get going!"

Since Hayami just did a cool thing, I quickly let her in the party to grab her new gear.

The new swords are quite the upgrade. And yes, I still have the bugged second copy of the rock-cutter, and can never get rid of it.

I can already see it flapping in the wind

And the scroll teaches her a skill of questionable value.

Back into the the Warp with you, Hayami.

The rest of the dungeon is basically more arrow-traps, wind barriers, and walking.

So let's skip that.

The sign says that this is the control-room. I also want to point out, that the stairs from the beginning don't even connect to this place. Makes you think, doesn't it?

"Don't move! Resistance is futile!"

"You should realize by now that you don't stand a chance alone..!"

"Tell us what is your purpose of cutting the route between here and Meldia!"

"Why you have to do such bad deeds?!"

"Is it really that bad?"

"(Come to think of it! I didn't have to bring Mariel here!)"

"Your life will be spared if you cooperate with us to reactivate the lights."

"We are pros! No way we will surrender!!"

I really have no idea what's going on. He just makes a flash happen, I guess?


"The Blue Rogues!? They are a famous mercenary group similar to White Shinobi!"

"Hmm? You are one of White Shinobi! Then you should understand our situation. We are competing in the same market."

"Sessha want to avoid any conflicts if possible! But sessha knows..."

"You have to defeat me in order to complete your mission!"

"This just following the orders from his clients! That's why I didn't sense any evil..."

"It's the iron law of us mercenaries! Using any means to reach the goals! You all must die here!!"

That's a Gundam. That's a fucking Gundam with a shotgun

"Surrender or else!"

"This is my job! I won't let you end my career!"

"Can't believe you calling this sort of illegal activity..a "job"!?"

"You are a bad boy! Shame on you!"

"Sylph! Use your full power!!"

"If you don't back off, I'll hit your big tummy with my wind blades!"

This skill was already available to Latyss during her fight with Dierro. She lost it afterwards, for some mysterious reason?

Let me tell you something about Gonzales - He sucks just as much as his mooks did. His main skills are being beefy and having a high defense, and his attacks are crap. Well, he can cast silence, but that's really the limit of his powers. Yeah, he's a pitiful excuse for a boss.

"What!? Then you were after us..."

"But that's too sad!"

"...*She's not sure what's going on*"

I really want to tell him to go back to Metal Gear Solid

"Can't you think about the others than yourself? What about those suffered by you?"

"Latyss' right about that! Respecting other lives is way more important than your pride!!"

"It's too late now...My fate is already sealed..."

"Why didn't you try change your fate rather than just accepting it!?"

"But you still have it! As long as you can breathe, plenty of opportunities await you!"

"I couldn't fulfill my client's wish, and the penalty will be...."


"Who was that!?"

"That voice..It's him!!"


"Now we finally meet again! Raymah!!"

"Long time no see, ladies & gentlemen. *smirks* I didn't anticipate such a quick recognition~"


"It was you behind all this!! Now that's cheap, using others without fighting by your own!"

"As you wish my lady~! It would be my pleasure~"


"Watch out!! Caris!"


With a sense for drama, Ryle leaps over and pushes Caris out of the way!

"Arg! Ahhhh!!!"







"Well, well, I didn't expect the 2nd prince would become your human shield...How noble...Kekeke!"

"Ryle!!! Nooooo!!"

"Mr. Ryle!!"


"This...CAN'T BE!!!"

"...*collaps on knees*"

Lp over