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Part 18: What's up, Plot?

What’s up, Plot?

Whatever will we find past this point?

"A dragon!! 2 Green Dragons!"

"How come dragons in the elven mine?"

"To me, it's not a good place to live..."

"The dragons fought along side with us in the past. I don't think they would attack us..."

"That's it! Fina might be able to talk to them so we can avoid the fight..."

The hint tells you that bringing Fina will lead to an event for her, and it's actually a pretty major one that you shouldn't miss. Though, you still can continue without her and gain attraction points for other girls. Would be dumb to do it, but it's an option.

The Mail Dragon has increased his fee to 500, for whatever reason..

In hindsight, I should have brought Fina and Orubia, but you'll understand that way later in this update.

"Green Dragon!!"

"For they are the strongest beings in this world, what an impact!"

That's not true at all

"What's you plan? Going forward?"

You can still change your choice at this point, but I've already stated that it's a dumb idea.

"I can't waste any more time, and the dragons would never attack humans all of sudden."

"I am Ryle Laster. What are you 2 dragons doing in elven mine?"

"...We will tell you if you can defeat us!"


BAM! Dragon-time

"Why? Humans and dragons worked together to fight evils in the past!!"

"The sword you're a dragon bane "Torahdo"! We can't let you harm us with that sword!"

"I didn't get this weapon to fight against your kind!!"

Sounds legit

"We will leave right away after we get the El Metal! Please believe us!"

"...No room for compromise. Once we saw the one who is a threat to our kind, we have to defeat him no matter what!"

"I am the daughter of your old ally, Flare Delstar!"

"The offspring of Flare Delstar!?"

"Take a look at this sword. It's the Rune Disaster-! I have the Dragon Gene too!"


"We don't have to fight each other! In case of Ryle, he just got that weapon around here."

"We want only the El Metal! And nothing else!"


"I am sure you don't want your friend get hurt, right? ME too. I don't want either the humans or the dragons getting hurt.."

"Let's end this! Please?"

And you thought Fina would allow you to avoid a fight, right?

"!! But why!? There's no reason to!!"

"....This fight is a trial for us to clear. will find the answer someday."

"Please stop it!! I don't understand what you're talking about!!"

"Like we said, this is a trial! One of us must die!!"

"So you won't back off no matter what?"

"If the rest of humans in this world were as righteous as you, we wouldn't be here right now..."

"!! You are...!!"

"Let's decide who's gonna live! Enguard!!"

Fighting these dragons isn't too hard, since their basic attack is kinda weak. However, they can also spit poison clouds, throw big boulders, and have a fuck-ton of HP. So it's no cakewalk either.

Since Ryle got those sweet dragon-killer skills, now would be a good time to use em.

This is one of my favorite attacks in the whole game, and it's pretty effective against just about anything. Also, Dragons and Tigers are eternal enemies in Asian mythology, jfyi.

Since the the dragons have so much health, poison can wither you away, if left untreated.

One down...

"Even with this sword, the dragons are never to underestimated! Very though!"

"Unlike the elves, we never looked down on the other races out of false pride! We admit that you people are indeed powerful! That's why we were doing our best to win!!"

"Then why are we having a pointless fight?! I'm sure you don't want to do this either!"

"Desire is the cause of all the conflicts. We witnessed many examples throughout 500 years."

"How come you're trying to repeat the same history? You lived those long years for what!?"

"It's too late! Because we are the puppet of our own fate..."

"I would never buy it!! If there's such thing called fate, I will change it!! And so should you!!"

"It's too late for us. If we had noticed that just a bit sooner..."

"...Then I will fight you!"

"Ryle Dono!"

"Ryle! What are you saying!?"

"We can't avoid this fight...Then we shall win it!!"

"We can't lose here, even which means fighting dragons!!"

"Because it's our fate!?"

"There must be a way to solve this! I'll never give up!!"

"..Let's go for it!!"

More of the same...

The fight drops two Love potions, and Hayami levels and learns another Ninja attack. She pretty much has all the mundane elements at her disposal now.


"Why...why you have to do this!?"

"I remember you called yourselves the "puppet of fate"?..Has that something to do with this?"

"That's right. We....are the puppets of humans..."

"..What!? To be able to command the dragons...Oh no!!"

"They must have took one of your friends as hostages. Am I right?"

Sherlock Ryle, solving cases out of thin air.

"..Correct. Our offsprings are taken and imprisoned somewhere we do not know."

"How could this be happening!"

"We dragons developed strong protection thru ages...but our little ones...are totally vulnerable. That human brainwashed our little ones with Marionette Song..."

Hey, wait a minute...

"The Marionette Song!? Xaktor used it to control ninjas!"

"If you encounter that person, be careful...It's not human at all..."

That person



"I know who. But I didn't expect it's not a human."


"We're under a mission which relates to this, and we need El Metal. So we can continue the plan."

"...I see..."

"I'll take care of this."

"Then please finish us!"


"What are you talking about!? Finish you!?"

"...I'll do it."

"...You really gonna do it?"

"Ryle? The dragons are our allies! How could you kill them!?"

"..If we leave them like this, soon the culprit will send the hitman to get rid of these 2...So I should send them instead..."

"That's nonsense! If these guys come, we'll fight and protect the dragons!"

"Then you're risking baby dragons' lives."

"But there must be other way around!"

"Fina..You should know that by now. There's no other way...Everyone, please turn around.."


"Why can't I think of any good the time like this!?"



"..I swear...I don't want to go thru this again. EVER!"

"Sessha won't let them get away with this!!"

"I won't forgive this!! Never!!"

"Let's get the El Metal."

"Maybe their bodies are too heavy to carry, but is there anything we can do?"

"At least...I want to give them a funeral ceremony..."

"I will take care of that later. Let's go..."

Ryle is lying, the bodies will stay here and rot in peace

Damn you, That Person!

"Let's get out of here..."

Yeah, we're done here....or are we?

"What the !?"



"How is your mother? Daughter of Sacred Dragoon, Lady Fina Delstar?"


"Although these dragons belong to low class, you are quite a warrior to be able to kill 2! And I really admire your swordsmanship.."

"So you are the one behind all this!"

Gotta say, he seems really chill for being a demon and all.

"Then what's your business here!?"

"I think you already know, I presume?"

"To monitor us...In case the dragons failed, you'll execute them right?"

"Correct..but not entirely. Regardless the result, these dragons are to be exterminated since they are useless trash."



"Disregarding any value of life...this is the way of Mahzoks..."

"Don't think we will let you go like this after all the insults!!"

"Kekeke..fine with me! That anger and hatred! Shall be the source of my power!!"

"Aaarg! I won't let him get away from this! You are so dead Mr-!!"

"What's this vibration?"

"Huh? My Rune Disaster?"

"The Rune Disaster..It transformed!?"

This is actually the event that the earlier choice was referring to. Kinda late, but whatever. I never tried it, but I think you can miss this transformation entirely. It's mainly cosmetic, but Fina just gets better across the board with this event.

"It's..? This power..."

"When the Rune Disaster transformed, a wave of energy flowed into my body....then this must be!!...It's the power of "High Valkyrie"! Mom acquired this when she was fighting the Mahzok at Meldia."

This icon hasn't been used so far, and includes her shoulder pads. Neat!


"My Rune Disaster gave me this power!"

"I'll take revenge for Green Dragons! You stupid Mahzok!!"

"Once I kill the descendant of Sacred Dragoon, I shall be promoted into highest rank in a zip! How wonderful-!!"

"You almost destroyed the precious bond between humans and dragons. You shall pay for this!!"

"So what if that happens? Survival of the fittest! That IS the law of nature! Don't you agree?"

"And I'll smash hard on that arrogant face of yours!!"

"You shall pay the price for making me angry for real!"

"What a bashful lady! Oh my~ *shrug* Please understand you can't use the power to the fullest now. I mean you just acquired it!"

"Cut the crap and let's fight! Remember, Fina is not the only person you have to deal with! I'll make you regret ever coming here!!"

"Mahzok...return to the darkness!!"

"It's for those dragons' revenge!!"

The fight with Raymah is reasonably tough, but mostly because he has a double fuck-ton of health. In general, most of the major boss fights take a long time because they have all the HP. That's why I said that I should have picked Orubia instead of Hayami. Two Holy aligned attackers would have made this fight much shorter! Raymah has a weak default attack, but can cast sleep on your group, stun a single member, and will spew clouds of darkness everywhere. You gotta be on the ball to not get overwhelmed by this in the long run.

Fina does the most damage here, and the other two fall behind by a good bit. Like, their damage is still respectable, but due to Raymah's high health it doesn't add up to much.

If anything, this fight is a war of attrition.

When he starts to cast healing, you know that you're like halfway there. But it still takes many rounds to finish him, which makes this fight pretty tedious.

After what seems like ages to me...

"Now! Ready to die!!"

"...Hmm, I am afraid I can't do that. See you next time~"

"Kahkahkah!! It was my pleasure meeting you! Until next time, good bye!"

"Damn! He got away!"


"Mahzoks are still alive...They should have been gone...20 years ago."

"Let's go back to Lavas! We don't have any business here."

Hayami Att 23 >>> 25

Fina Att 19 >>> 21

"(Why are the Mahzoks after us? Not only that, taking baby dragons hostages and even brainwashing...Wait..has this something to do with our mission? That means they are related to our Factoria?"

Nah, it's probably all just one big coincidence!