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Part 17: Rocks Fall, Humor Dies

Rocks Fall, Humor Dies

With the location of the El Metal known, we only have to make our way over to it.

Sadly, the traps in the forest are still there! But Orubia did her job this time, and stopped two out of three.

I also forgot to pick up an item in here.

This sneaky chest is a Mimic, but you'll get something for beating it.

This will give a small boost to the att score for the girl of your choice. This item is what allows me to show of all the endings, since there is a way to produce it. That's for much later though, and involves a bit of work.

Off to the mine we go..

...but we don't get far.

"Damn! The place is caved in!"

"I better let Hayami use that Iwa Kiri Maru(Rock cutter sword) or some way around...Waita sec, instead of using force, maybe magic is more effective. Caris has FIRE skills and Latyss can use ICE magic... I need both of them to open the path!"

Yeah, I have to walk all the way back and change my party. Pretty annoying, and this part has a lot of walking back and forth in general.

Well, technically the girls do all the work, but whatever..

"First let Caris use her HEAT RAY to heat up the rocks. Then let Latyss use her ICE magic to cool down the heated rocks to make them easy to break!"

"Latyss help me to spread the heat around, but be careful don't get burned!"

"Sylph! Spread the heat wave using your wind!"

"Latyss...sometimes act like that Dierro guy~"

"Are you ready? Here we go! HEAT RAY-!!"

".....NOW! FREEZE WAVE-!!"

"Wow! Incredible!!"


"This is unexpected."

Clever girls...

"He, Hey! What's going on!? What are you..."

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaa!? This can't be reallllll!??"


"Whew~ I shouldn't over heated them...and the rocks just exploded..."

"Once we got hit, we are a goner~"

"But we cleared our objective, and with only 1 casulty."

"Ouch..that hurts..."

"It's kind of late to say this, are you alright?"

"You took ME as human shield, and that's all you can say?!"

"...T-There's one left?"

Rocks falling on Ryle's head is a theme for this section, and that "joke" will get run into the ground really hard.

"Oh come on, we can't just let him lay down here?"

"It appears he got hit harder than I thought."

"Harder than you thought~"

"He's alright. The injury is not serious as it looks."

"Here you~GO!!"



"Caris that was too much! He might not wake up forever!!"

"Don't worry."

"You didn't have to hit him that high."

"Caris! You try to kill me or what?!"

"You actually survived from "that"..."

"If it was me, I would have died for sure~"

"Huh? I woke you up and that's all you can say? How about I give you submission hold?"

"Who in the world would wake up a person by upper cutting him to the ceiling?!"

"Don't shout too loud!"

"No...not another one falling~"

"I told you there are broken pieces on the ceiling your voice will shake them off..."

"Even the mother nature is on my side, I am just so incredible."

"I don't want to care any more~"

Sooo funnnehhh

"You gotta be kiddin! Learning new skills like this~"

Warp will teleport you to any town that you have visited before, but you can't use it while in a dungeon. The fact that your boat also follows, is pretty nice though.

So, with the big part of the comedy hour over, we can finally continue..

"Hey, don't you feel little spooky?"

Don't jinx it!

"Yeah, little bit."

Told you so.

Suddenly, ghosts!

"That many ghosts!? They are worse than the Soul Eater back in Dannyon Mine!"

"We can't beat them all only by ourselves!"

"Let's retreat first."


Change places!

But this time I don't have to go all the way back, since there is suddenly a Mail Dragon here. He also wants 300 gold for this service, since he is a jerk.

Back into the mine...

"Kyaa-! Ghosts~"

"Noo~ Don't leave me here!"

Well, that worked out great.

"Hey wait-! Not again~"

And here we have the next of Fina's problems; Phobia of ghosts. She even gets an event trigger in her skills tab!

"Sis Fina! Don't run away all of sudden~"

"I can't believe this~"

"Waaaaaaaa~ I wanna go home~"

"We can't fight like this, as long as Sis Fina is scared like THIS."

"...Then there's no other way~ I better ask Hayami for help...And which means, we have to beat them one by one~"

Back to the mail dragon - back into the mine...

"Odd? What about it Hayami?"

"......I don't sense any aggressive signs."

"Huh? You're right. They are just floating there, stationed not moving at all..."

"!? That's?"

"Wha!? How come the rocks are falling on me. Again~"

"The ghosts are mere illusions, not real. Sessha's old collague once told sessha about the similar trick. Using the light index angle to create fake images..."

"And the air flow makes the illusion wiggle, as if it's actually floating around. Besides, the way these ghosts appeared is too fast and clean."

Is this a legit Scooby Doo reference?

"Sessha could not sense any attacks! This must be a work done by some expert assassin! Ryle Dono!"

"(...Though it hurts, but now she's holding me so close...that my face is buried in her awesome breasts )"

"Ryle Dono? Is your head injury getting worse? Your face is now kind of weird~"

"I am born with such a face! Gotta problem with that?!"

"Kya! Sessha am so sorry."

"As your punishment, now I shall rest on your lap!"


"T-That's kind of embarrasing...Sessha can't last for seconds!"

"No! It's a punishment for insulting me you know!"

"This too is a part of Kuno Ichi training...(~) But still...little embarrassing."

Let's just forget about all of this, and move on...

For some reason, there are a few traps here. And of course, I walk directly into them.

A few steps down the hall, things happen...

"Waitta sec~ But you are dead already!!"

"We are finished if he comes right at us now! Let's call Orubia for help."

"And Fina...nah forget it~ She has quite many weaknesses..sea sick, ghost phobia, what next?"

You forgot the A-cup angst

Changing my fucking party again...

"Mm~ I'll try my best not to."

"(Which means she might run away again?)"

"Cut the chatter!"

"He's a wandering soul. My sword can't cut him! Orubia..can't you do something?"

"He's...not moving by the Dark Wave, but by his own will so powerfully attached to that sword he's holding! So if we can cut off its source..."

"Cutting off person's "will"?"

"I'll try to seal off the sword by using the Magical Octagram. Then you have to shatter that sword to free his soul!"

"But...I can't move while using the Magical Octagram, so you have to protect me from his attacks."

"Must protect Orubia and keep her alive!"

This fight isn't really tough. The samurai hits hard, but with some buff spells it's no real issue. The only danger is when he attacks Orubia a lot. Because her magic thing has a downside...


"Break..the sword quick!!"

She'll get hit with that every two rounds, so it can become a problem. But my party is in a good shape and handles this encounter with ease. Aside from the usual spoils, he also drops a new armor for Caris. It's nothing special though. Orubia also levels and learns better healing and water attack skills.

"Now how's that!?"

".....You are the worthy one...take my soul....I shall become the tiger hunting for dragons..."

"A Katana!?"

"I am honored to accept your gift."

"I did all the hard work, but only Dear Ryle is getting rewards? Not fair!"

"But I didn't know~"

"You better pay my wage, OR ELSE!"

"Ok! Let's get going!"

"Hmm! Only good for you~ Not fair~"

"Eek!!....Not again..."

"What the?"

"Kya! Dear Ryle! Are you alright?"

"It I am not fine~ (God I was in a nice mood! But not for long...)"

Ryle's new sword and move are legit awesome, but I'm going to show it in the next update. For now, let's keep going through the mine a bit more, and then close this.

"Tsk! An empty...Holy sh-!!"

"THAT was close~"

"Ryle, I noticed that you've been hit by rocks too often."

"The place...might collapse any time!"

"(What about me? Don't you care at all~)"


"...Still too slow."

"Wa! Not again!"

"Urgggggg...No more, I'm gonna die here~"

Hmm, I wonder what we're supposed to do here..

"Once it reaches maximum velocity, then no problem!"

"Are we allowed to do this? I mean the place is owned by the elves and breaking their property..."

"We can't just sit here and do nothing and the capital will eventually pay for all the damages anyway."

"You thief!"

"We...we can't just keep breaking the law like this!"

"You guys are such a!!..Ok you got better plans? Let me hear it!"



"Then help me out!!"

The cart trucks on....

..and for some reason explodes?

"We did it."

"......What the...What did I do wrong?"

"It's very obvious the impact may cause rocks to fall you dummy."

"I am nor sure if Dear Ryle can survive this trip..."

After following the tracks for a bit...

...we find this.

The chest holds a new armor for Hayami. At this point, I also take a look at the equipment status of my party, and shuffle some things around and bring everyone in order. I think you can guess why I'm doing that. A savepoint and the Mail Dragon in one spot? Seems like some big stuff is coming!