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Part 11: Good Times - Bad Times

Good Times - Bad Times

After leaving the castle, our heroes meet up at the Inn.

"Yeah, thanks to Fina's brilliant plan."

"Ahh, not again~ Caris stop "cheering" me up."

"I was being honest though..."

This line could indicate that Caris' earlier lines towards Fina actually may have included some sarcasm or friendly ribbing. It's kinda hard to bring that across in text boxes though, so I'm not really sure.

"See, without Sis Fina, it was not possible to save Factoria."

"Not only that, all the White Shinobi members were safely rescued as well."

"Hmm, Savior's daughter of course..."

"Even Latyss!"

"I admit Fina's plan was perfect, but we freed Factoria by working as a team!"

"Hey, you just said it bro!"

"It's so Ryle..."

"Yes. We all fought well."

"Yeah! It wasn't me alone!"


"Well, we'll return to Volcana. Then bring everyone back to Lavas."

This is the official end of the events around the Factoria castle. The girls that were with Ryle gain two attraction points, while the rest gains one. I don't think that it's really important for you to always know the exact standings, so I'll only bring them up when it matters. Jfyi, Caris is in the lead right now. With one point more than Hayami.

After this scene, we find us in another night sequence where we can walk around or go to sleep.

Let's find some romantic scenes!

In the middle of town, Orubia paces about.

The white thing on the right is an unrelated, but cuddly dog.

"Yo! Taking a night walk? Orubia."

"OH!! Dear.....Ryle."

"Hey! What is that scary face for! Like you saw some kind of monster!"

"I may not look like a super hunk, but at least you don't have to be that scared~"

"...Will you be alright with it?"


"You are the real prince you know? Will you be alright on not staying in the castle?"

"Didn't you hear me back there? I was thrown out of the royalty! I am not a noble any more!"

"But they did it to just protect Dear Ryle!"

The hint says that you should use gentle words here. So it doesn't help at all! The second line seems right, but it's actually the first.

"You didn't hear me?"

"Eh? Like I said, the king tricked the bishop to let you escape from the castle."

"Then I said, "My name is Ryle Laster! What I am now is the real me!"..."

"Oh, did."

"Maybe I am a prince after all...But, I am also me who has been living at Lavas for so long. That's why the place has been, is, and will be my hometown no matter what..."

"...I am sorry. Dear Ryle. I-I thought you will remain as the prince for good. And we'll go separate.."

"But I was wrong. You always will be Ryle Laster of Lavas Ville! right? Dear Ryle belongs to Lavas!"

"I won't deny my family background, but I really hate being rejected as my old me."

"No! Of course not! Dear Ryle grew up with me together at Lavas that's all true. Good night then, I'll go back to my room."

"Orubia...sorry about that. I was being selfish, wasn't I?"

"I didn't all. Actually, I was hoping to hear that from you."

"I wish we can be together all the time."

"Thank you...Orubia.."

Att 18 >>> 20

Orubia is shy and pleasant as always. I do like her scenes since it's actually kinda cute how she acts, but she's such a flat character otherwise.

After a few steps to the north...

...I find the next scene.

"Yo! Hayami!"

"Ryle Donno..."

I like to imagine that Ryle sneaks up on the girls, only to give them a jump scare with his yelling in the night.

"Both Factoria and White Ninjas are finally safe for now..."

"Come to think of it, we actually accomplished quite big this time."

"Certainly so. Only 6 of us fought back nearly 1000 troops."

"But why do you risk your life for others so often?"

"Hey hey, do I have to have a reason every time I help people?"

"But in the end, you will lose your life for sure and you still willing to help?"

Here, the hint is telling us that Hayami likes to help her friends. And since she's worried about death, this one should be obvious.

"But if you look out for yourself first, then there's no way that you can dare to help others!"

"In the worst case, we might all die for that!"

"I know. We already went thru the same kind of situation back at the castle."


"I also know it's really difficult to save others for real..than just saying mere words...But when you know you can help, you just have to do it...especially when your friends need you.."

"Ryle Dono..(Just as I expected, you truly have the potential to be a good king.)"

"We helped out the King, the Prince and even the White Ninjas! Don't you just feel terrific?"

"Yes it's wonderful feeling indeed...Sessha on the other hand, rather think the meeting with you is..."


"Ah! What is sessha saying!? Please excuse sessha!!"

Hayami bolts away...



"Oh...she hit the wall. That's rare for her."

Att 21 >>> 23

So I guess despite being cool with porn and groping, her real weakness are feelings? Also she now is one point ahead of Caris, but that won't stay for long.

There is nothing else to find in the city, so you may think it's time to sleep. But that is wrong!

There is a sneaky scene outside the city.



"...? What's wrong? You look very low today."

"...That plan of mine, actually it was kind of a gamble."

"? What do you mean?"

"I told you that I possess a special move...remember?"

"Hayami told me it is a technique which kills the Monster Cells with a single shot."

"The move has HOLY attribute, it's primarely used to handle the Mahzoks(demon) with DARK energy."

"Anti-Mahzok huh? Then it must be very powerful."

"Very powerful alright, but there are monsters which can resist Holy attacks."

"So if those cells had such resistance..."

"If that happens, my group members could have been killed..."

Of course, we have to comfort her.

"Let's say the move didn't work, you still have Rune Disaster to use."


"Not only that, you were not fighting alone. Even Caris agreed on your plan, that means she and others trusted in your abilities, and not the move. She followed your plan because it was the best one we got, not for a move which she has no idea of. And your plan was a success, Factoria now is the proof."

"...Thanks Ryle. I feel much better now."

"I expect you to do much better next time."

"Hey- I'm NOT a military advisor you know!"

"Just try your best. That's all."

"....You bet I will! I'm gonna go back to sleep. Good night Ryle..."

Att 15 >>> 17

Well, now it's time to get some sleep.

Before we go back to our hideout, let's take care of some things and also see how our noble deeds affected the people around here.

First up, Fina's current thoughts about Ryle.

The others haven't changed so far. And Latyss just fell a few points short of starting to care about Ryle.

Now, let's take a short stroll around town.

Dinner Jello will fully restore your MP.

But it's really expensive. And in true RPG fashion, you can also buy a tent for resting in the wild. But the look at that price! Yeah, not gonna buy that for a long time, if ever.

You know that cat poster which says "Hang in there." ? I like to think he brought her one.

Ha, no more free maid for you, lardass!

"I was hoping doing more FUN stuff with her after she is more mature..*frown*"


Moving on into the castle...

This could be a reference that I'm not getting?

Aside from being an endgame weapon, this is also required for one of the bigger secrets in the game.

You can rest easy, knowing that Hayami is the only one who will be sesshaing from now on.

"I heard many bad rumors about the capital, but now it looks like they were wrong."

Eh, it's probably best to never speak about the whole deal again. Jep, nothing happened at all.

Oh right, I gotta check on that maid.

Girl, you don't even know what kind of bullet you dodged.

Well, seems like everyone is quite happy and we're no longer needed. So let's get out of here. On the way, Latyss learns a new spell.

It hits pretty hard!

I also make a short stop at the VP guy, and dump my 20 points.

"Hey! I can't equip it *frown*"

Nope! Because this sword is only for women. I give it to Caris.

Look at that power increase.

The next item costs 25 points, and it will take a while till I'm going to get it.

Anyway, back to our hideout.

"Dad! Everything went well."

"To be honest, I didn't expect to be this successfull..."


"They started again~"

"..Go outside and fight."

Okay, now I'm convinced that my earlier take on Caris' lines was wrong. She's obviously teasing Fina a bit.

"But thank goodness we got all we wanted on this mission."


oh no

"Are you alright? Dear Ryle?"

"...It was all my fault..."

Ah, fuck. Not again!


"It all started because I recklessly barged into Southern Cray and dragged you guys into troubles."


"Brad Dono?"

"Mr. Burnfist!? That's too harsh!!"


"Ryle always acts first then thinks later. As the result, Lavas was attacked and we exiled to here. The incident down at Southern Cray...the case itself could have been another trap."

Honestly, this emo-shtick gets really old and annoying. But fortunately, Ryle will not keep doing this shit forever. Just for a little while longer.

"...Like Shisho just said, that was a trap."

"Then who was the actual target?"

"It can't be!!"

"..It was in what the King said, "Xaktor told me that my second son eventually will come here"..."



"That means Xaktor was looking for..."

"(Now I see wonder there were few monsters inside the castle and the ninjas were so off-guard. The real objective was to lure out Ryle to the throne hall.)"

"That's because..."

"..Fina. Don't tell him "it" yet."

Sweet save, bro.


"Shisho, I was ordered by the king NOT to leak royal business."

"..I see. It's the direct order from the king, there's nothing we can do."

"..Anyway, let's bring everyone back to Lavas Ville."


"....Right now?"

"..You guys go without me. I don't want to bring any more troubles."

Why are you drawing your sword to say that?


"Dear Ryle!!"


"Ryle Dono...."


"I'll be at the inn, call me there if you got something."

Call you? Like, with a phone?

"Better stay at the inn tonight. Tomorrow I'll just help them moving back to Lavas..."

God damn, he even has his emo face in the menu again! But luckily, we only have to stand one more scene before this episode is over.

Let's jump to the inn...

"What am I supposed to do?...I can't keep the promise with Prince Dyss if I don't fix the problem."

Yea, yes, this is all very tragic. It's so tragic that Ryle just falls asleep...

And in the night, he hears a knock on the door.

"Mm? Who is it?"

"It's ME...."

Oh hey, would you look at that. This is another romantic scene, and I really don't have anything to add about it. Really, I'm in danger of repeating myself otherwise.

"What my dad just said...It's not all your fault."

"Don't worry...It's just that so many things happened in last few days, I need to be alone and think it over."

"You're putting too much pressure on yourself Ryle..."

"I don't want to! but I can't go on like this!"


"Just go back to your room. I don't wanna talk to you right now."

"Wait Ryle!"

"Didn't you hear what I said? Go back."


"No matter what daddy said Ryle, you were doing a right thing."

"After we solved the case at Southern Cray, did you see those faces?"


"And how about after we freed the capital, did you see the king's face as well? Although they all looked different, there was a common expression on all these faces...."

"A full SMILE..."


"Isn't that what you always wanted to see? A picture of everyone filled with joy and happiness..."

"But that's because we were lucky this time, a little mistake could have cost our lives."

"Then let me ask you this...How come everyone was helping you while knowing the risk very well?"


"Because we were thinking exactly the same thing like you were! That we want to help each other!"


"Perhaps it's true that you're the one who started it all...But we are still willing to risk ourselves in order to stand by your side."

"So just relax and be yourself."

"You're actually a nice person with a kind heart."


"In naked eyes, you appear to be a macho sword-swinging gal with an arrogant mouth."

"Hey! Are you trying to make me MAD?!"



"I was...thinking about never going back to Lavas. If I get too close, I might endanger you girls again..."

"Now you got it all wrong about us. We volunteered to get involved."

"Maybe I was too hasty on becoming independent..that I pushed myself too hard."

"You can start thinking about it from now on, little by little..."


"I'll go back to sleep then."

"Ah, good night..."

"I owe you one this time Caris..."

Att 22 >>> 24

Sleep well, and stop being such a fucking wuss!