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Part 3: Introductions, Part 2

Introductions, Part 2

Music: Town (Day)


That was fast.

Your name is Link, right?
That's right.
My mom makes me work at our general store all the time. (She's such a pain.) Uh, you aren't planning to shop at our store very often, are you?
Well, uh...I think you sell a lot of things that I'm going to need.
*Sigh* (I guess I can't stop you.)
Well, uh, I'll see you around.

We'll get properly introduced later. For now, let's check out the blacksmith's shop. It's right next to the flower shop, which I'm still avoiding because fuck Shara.

Were all of these weapons made here in the store?
Pretty much.
That's amazing. Do you make them too?
Do you want to buy something?
This is a weapon shop, not a place for idle chat. If you're not going to buy something, then leave.

Hey, is there anything you wanna buy?
Doesn't matter to me, really. I'm happiest when I'm hard at work, striking my hammer by the heat of the forge. Please take your time, and make yourself at home!
What? But...
Oh, it's nothing.

What was your name again?
Oh, yeah, that's right. I'm Gaius. I think I mentioned it before, but I'm the owner of this weapon shop. I just make the weapons, though, and leave it to Raven to help sell them. Well, just give me a shout if you ever need a weapon!
Will do.
I just make weapons because I like to. I don't have any great ambitions of becoming a master smithy or anything like that.

Gaius is a cool dude.

Raven, a character in two screenshots.

...what do you want...?
Your name's Raven, right?
Well, umm...uh...I just moved into town! My name's Link!
I know.
Oh...That's right, of course you do.

The legends were true! She has multiple expressions! Barely!


...let's go back to the crazy people. At least they're interested in holding conversations.

There's one outside right now! And yes, this is the exact same gimmick Sherman had.

Uh, what? I've never in my life.
What's your name?
Oh, I'm Link. I just moved into the big tree. It's nice to meet you.
Your face utterly repulses me.
What's wrong with my face?!
You are most welcome. You may call me Sofia.
You've got a weird way of complimenting people.
Indeed. Now, I'm simply.FAR too busy for any visitors! So, be sure to stop by my place anytime!
Uh, didn't you just say you'd be too busy?
That's correct. I won't be waiting for you.

Get back here, you have a second thing to say.

A raccoon invaded our abode, but it didn't vandalize any of my belongings. It seems the beast ate some of Father and Evelyn's least-cherised things, though.

Could we possibly have to stop this raccoon at some point? I mean, this is some incredibly subtle foreshadowing going on, but you never know.

That typo is 100% the game's fault.

This guy sells cooking bread, which lets us learn new recipes with the power of bread. Don't ask. Blaise also sells cooking bread, but...

A) We don't have the ability to cook yet, and B)We don't even have enough gold for one loaf of bread.

On the other side of the flower shop is the general store. Avoiding Shara has been working so far, might as well keep it up.

Oh, uh...okay.

What are you doing?! You're supposed to be working!
I AM working. Taking breaks is part of work.
You can't take a break when there are customers in the store!
Sheesh. What a slave driver.
Sorry about my lazy daughter. If you ever find her asleep at the counter, go ahead and wake her up.
Ha ha...
Hey, you're the newcomer who moved in to the Sharance Tree, right?
We should explain the shipping system to you, then. Why don't you step up to the counter? Karina won't bite.

What?! But there's so much to... (What a pain...) Actually, I think you'd do a much better job explaining it, Mom.
Ha! You're just too lazy to do it!
Hey, I'm just thinking about what's best for our customers.
Oh, really? Well, since you're so concerned about our new customer, I'll put you in charge of shipping for his farm.
I know you'll love that!

Well I've got to get some orders ready, so Karina will tell you all about shipping.
Karina! No sleeping on the job!
Fine... (She's so bossy.)
See you later.
Well, I guess you're stuck with me for the explanation. I'll try my best, but no promises. (This is such a drag...)
Thank you.
Umm...Toss your crops into the shipping bin and we'll come pick 'em up. (Lighter crops are better.) We'll pick them up around 5PM. (Or whenever we feel like it.) Then you'll automatically get paid for them. We'll pick them up every single day. (I don't even get weekends off. *Sigh*) I guess that covers it. (That was annoying.) Got it?
So I guess I start today...*Sigh* Why does your field have to be so far away?
Uh, sorry about that. (But it doesn't seem so far to me.)
Yeah....(I just hope you don't ship too much.)

Karina is too lazy to hold a real conversation today. Hazel vanished before I could talk to her, so no blurb just yet.

Let's get this over with.

Wow. This is a pretty impressive flower shop.
Hee hee. Thank you! We sell flower seeds and some magic seeds too!
Magic seeds?
Yes. They're...

Monica, stop it! Shara! Do something!
Monica...! Got you!

Not shown: The incredibly overdramatic music playing during all this.

That's my sister. She doesn't like strangers.
Boy, I'll say.
Be careful she doesn't bite you when you talk to her.
Well, anyway...This is one of the magic seeds I was talking about.

Just throw the seed on the ground, and it grows in an instant. It'll grow into a magical plant that will follow you like a pet and help you out. Different magic seeds will help you in different ways. The more powerful you are, the more powerful the magic seeds will become.
A plant pet? That sounds kind of cute.
Tee-hee. Do you really think so? I'll give you this, then.

Are you sure?!
Of course. There are lots of other kinds of magic seeds out there. Make lots of money and come and buy them all!
Oh, by the way, did I tell you about the bulletin board yet?

Yes, totally. Go to board, accept quest, get rewards and dialogue. Can we go now?

Actually, I'm pretty sure I didn't. Maybe you're still having memory problems.
Where's the bulletin board located?
It's in front of this house. Follow me.

tl;dr: Villagers post quests on the board. Link can accept one quest a day. Shara has a tutorial quest on the board already.

Well, since this is your first request, let's start with something easy. Why don't you go around to everyone's house and introduce yourself?
Oh, okay. So I just need to meet everyone?
That's right. You're new in town, so you should get to know your neighbors. Don't forget to see Daria. She lives in the house over by Privera Forest.
Once you've talked to everyone, come back and talk to me again.

So do what I was doing anyway. Got it. Let's head back inside and officially meet Monica.

I'm Link. Anyway, uh, I hope we can be friends.
Don't come near me! I'll bite you!
Rarr!!! You're a weirdo stranger!
(This doesn't seem to be going well.)
I told you not to come near me! *CHOMP*!!
And you'd better stay away from my sister! I can bite lots harder than that!

Kids, amirite?

I track down Wells in front of the restaurant. The top screen shows you where the townspeople walking outside are, which is handy. It doesn't show you which people are indoors, but you can usually guess where they are once you know their routine.

Hmph. My name's Wells. I'm the mayor of this town. I hope you're happy with your new home.
Yeah, it's great. Thank you very much.

Wells has a bit to say about the Sharance Tree if we talk to him again.

It watches over the town like a tall and silent sentinel.
Yeah. I've never seen another tree like it.

Only a few villagers left now! I head towards the lake to get two of them.

I am devastated beyond words, brother! But it is time for me to make my own way! I must go fishing!
Be careful, my darling sister! Please come back alive! I could not bear to hear of your demise! *sob sob*
Oh, my dear brother... *sob sob sob* Oh, hey! It's a customer!

Hey there! Welcome to Carlos' Resort! Is this your first time here?
What? Oh, y-yes.
We raise fish and release them in the lake out back!
That's right! It's like taking a trip to an exotic tropical island!
It was my brother's idea! Isn't he great?!
Ha ha ha! You flatter me as always, Carmen! The cost is a bit high, but you can fish all day! If you're good at fishing, it's a great deal! Ha ha ha!

It's been a while since I last played RF3, but I don't remember using their fishing lake all that often. I was never big on fishing minigames, though.

You're awesome, Carlos! You always come up with so many great ideas!
So stop on by! Either me or my sister will be behind that counter there! Feel free to ask us anything!
Yeah! Stop by anytime! We'll be here waiting!

Is something in the water here? The jury's still out on that.

Yes, fishing!
Uh.....I guess I like it.
Really?! That's great! I just can't get enough, myself. The dance of the lure, the feel of the rod in my hands. And the moment the fish peaks its head out of the water!
Oh, sorry! I tend to get carried away when it comes to fishing!
You must like it a lot.
Heh heh, yeah! It's a little embarrassing sometimes! I'm Carmen. Who're you?
I'm Link.
Link? Nice to meet you! You can usually find me by the lake! Come by and see me any time!

Carmen's alright.

Link, eh? I'm Carlos! I run a fishing resort with my sister!
Really? That's pretty neat!
You're right! It's awesome! You got good taste, bro'! I think we're gonna get along great!
You think so...?
I KNOW so, bro'! By the way, have you met my sister? If not, you should introduce yourself! But no funny business, though! You got it?!
I... I got it.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting to know you, bro'!

What's with the extra apostrophes, bro'?

Next time: RAINBOW! (and the other remaining characters)

For what it's worth, despite RF3's characters leaning a bit too hard on the "aren't they just so wacky?!" angle, I'll take them over modern Harvest Moon's/Story of Seasons' bland as fuck villagers. At least these guys are entertaining.