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by Haifisch

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Original Thread: No sheep were harmed in the making of this LP - Let's Play Rune Factory 3!



What's a Rune Factory?
It's a spinoff of Harvest Moon, but it added combat before Stardew Valley made Harvest Moon+Combat cool. The tl;dr for people who don't recognize any of those games is "you farm, you fight things, you date an anime girl or five". Rune Factory adds "saving the world with your amnesiac protagonist at some point" to the list.

So what's this one about?
Rune Factory 3 is the third game in the main Rune Factory series, the last one on the DS, and the first one that's actually pretty fun to play. It and RF4 are the ones I'd recommend playing if you're curious about the series but enjoy things like "quality of life improvements" and "game mechanics that aren't shit."

RF3 is notable for taking RF's typical insane villagers and dialing it up to 11. Yes, even worse than the ones in RF4. You've been warned.

Do I need to know the story of past RFs to understand what's going on?
Nope! That said, there's an LP of RF1 here for those curious to see how much better the RF series got since its inception. I don't think there's ever been an LP of RF2(LordHippoman started one here!), but there are two LPs of RF4 as well.

Tag them, please.

Yes, we'll be doing the usual voting on names & bachelorettes when the time comes.

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