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Part 18: A Link to the Past

A Link to the Past

Music: Spring

I guess we should figure out what's eating Raven.

Well, let's go then.
What...?! W-Where to?
Hmm, well. Sol Terrano: Sand Sea should be fine.

Gaius hits rock with hammer until iron pops out.

Rocks are quiet, but they can be stubborn.
They're just waiting here, waiting for someone to talk to them. That's the only way they know how to be.
But no matter how stubborn they are, you just need to talk to them. Warm them in the fire, and tinker away at them with your hammer.
Even rocks can change their shape over time. Using a hammer just speeds it up a little. But working them too hard won't work. My right eye is proof of that. They may be hard, but they can change.

This time, Gaius mines out bronze. It's a metaphor or something.

Alright, this should be enough! Let's get back then.
Oh, okay.

Gaius is probably my favorite non-dateable character in RF3.

Of course. Next time I'll ask you to watch the store!
Uh. But...
Raven has been out of sorts recently.
She just stops working and stares out the window. She's waiting for someone.
Well, see you.

The silver and gold is nice too, I guess. Let's see if Gaius has any other words of wisdom.

I especially like the moment you pass out from the heat.

Music: Love

Her reflection on the blade was so beautiful. Like...
Carlos, do Raven?

Music: Town (Day)

Gaius is amazing. He's just so talented. The blade was like a mirror. Hm? What's the matter? You thought I liked Raven? No way! I won't be tied down by one woman. I'm nobody's. That's right, I'm a bad man.
Oh. I really thought for a moment there...

Never change, Carlos.

While I'm roaming around, I notice a certain someone in the inn...

Yue's a returning character from RF2. She was a traveling merchant there too, as well as a bachelorette.

Here she sells a random assortment of shit, and she's got a good haul today.

I snag a Big Fire spell, which lets you launch up to two fireballs in a row. I'm going to at least try to show off magic.

I also buy a truckload of accessory bread. In retrospect I should have bought some of the farming bread too, but oh well.

Keeping up with accessories is very important since the difficulty curve is more like a bunch of difficulty spikes. You can dash through areas as a glass cannon if you just need to mine or whatever, but you need to be able to stand and fight sometimes as well.

On the way to our next quest...

Father was so joyful that he decided to voice his pleasure with a song! He got in the waiter's face and sang that he couldn't feed on the powerless when his cup was already overfilled!
The scary part is...I'm sure Sherman, Sofia, and Evelyn all thought this was normal behavior!

Oh, Link, perfect.

Yeah. My important sashimi knife is dull. It hasn't been sharpened lately. I want to ask Gaius, but we've been getting swamped at work. I'm sorry, but could you go for me?
Okay. I mean, you are my fishing instructor after all. I'd be happy to help.
That's my student! I knew I could count on you. Well, then...

You know, how much work do these two even do? I guess they fish a lot, but it's not like they sell fish in their shop or anything.

Still getting the cold shoulder from Raven. Moreso than normal, I mean.

It seems like it's gotten quite dull. Could you sharpen it for her?
Ah, Carmen's knife? It's been a while since I last sharpened it. Alright, leave it to me! I'll get it nice and sharp!

Thank you very much! I bet Carmen will be happy.
Yeah. Tell her to bring it again anytime. Well, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to work on it right away.

Yes, this is it! Now I can go back to making tasty sashimi.

I...don't think it's a very good idea to be swinging that thing around right next to us.

Thank you, Link. Now let me offer you this! Link...You're kind.
Uhh...hope I can count on you again! See ya!

Good news: Free sashimi. Bad news: I think Link has a budding case of Clueless Anime Protagonist Syndrome.

You're pretty cute now that I've gotten a good look at you.

It's spreading! Quick, let's go try out our new spell in the desert!

Music: Sol Terrano Desert

Oh, now I get a pineapple.

Or five.

Unfortunately it's late enough that Zaid's gone to bed, so I'll have to wrap this up tomorrow.

Fun fact: Link has no problem going to bed as a sheep. I guess nobody's barged into his house uninvited for a few weeks, so it's probably okay.

Terrable was a boss in Rune Factory 1. Fiersome was a boss in Rune Factory 2. Ventuswill is a pancake-loving God Dragon Mayor in Rune Factory 4. I'll let you fill in the blanks on Aquaticus yourself.

I got your fucking pineapples right here.

Hey, don't sell yourself short. That was no easy task! And just in time--

Kuruna! Here.
Oh! A Pineapple. Why are you giving me this?
What do you mean "why"? You mentioned that you wanted some Pineapple!

You little shit.

You....You remembered me saying that?
Of course!
Is something wrong?
Um, Zaid...
Do you mind if I share some of this?
Well...if you want to. But why?
I can't eat all of this by myself. And food always tastes better when you share it with friends.
O-Oh yeah! Totally! I was just thinking the same thing!
Well, I wanted to see you, but I didn't mean to interrupt. I'll come back later. Thank you for the Pineapple, Zaid.
No problem! Any time!

Our reward is a Pineapple. Dammit Zaid.

Let's get the plot moving again.

Zaid is not very good at this for a guy who's implied to be fighting all the time.

These footprints are pretty big. Do you know what animal they belong to?
Who cares? I'm not an animal expert.
I see...
Anyway, look over there.

Be careful when you get the flower. Don't get poked by that thing!
I'll be careful.

Got it!
Great! Let's head on back.

On the way back, the normal background rumbles of the desert suddenly get much louder...

I don't like the sound of that rumbling! Let's get back to the settlement as quickly as we can!

A monster stormed the settlement gates!
Kuruna! The gate won't hold much longer!
...Can we not avoid a fight?

I am the elder of this settlement. It's my duty to protect everyone. Please escape while you can.
...Can you leave this to me?

Completely unrelated, but I never noticed the skulls on Kuruna's tent before.

What are you talking about?!
I'll be fine! I'm actually pretty confident in my own strength.
If you believe you can defend the settlement...then I leave this to you.
Kuruna, hurry!
Please, be careful!

I have five recovery potions. I'll be fiiiine.

Totally fine.

Music: VS Skelefang

Skelefang doesn't seem too bad at first. Each hit will knock off more bones, and it only has a few easily-avoided attacks.

Eventually its core is exposed.

When a glowing ring gathers around it, run like hell.

Because that's its cue to start throwing beams of lightning at you.

Mid-battle power up!

Gotta go fast.

Thankfully the lightning has a limited range, so you should be safe as long as you start running soon enough.

Zaid isn't bright enough to realize this, so he keeps charging towards it and eventually gets knocked out.

Once it starts glowing red, its attacks go from doing about a quarter of Link's HP to half, and it gains a (thankfully weaker than the rest) long-range attack in its skeletal form. My new fireball spell became my new best friend here.

Not shown: At one point I accidentally hit X and had to redo the entire fight.

Damn that's some fine loot.

*pant* *pant* Got it! Time to tell Kuruna the good news!

All three of the bones that dropped are used for crafting, but one in particular stands out.

Music: Monster Village

You might wanna get Zaid to whatever passes for a medic around here.

No, I'm fine.
I'm glad you're okay.
Yeah, that was one tough monster.
But why did that monster attack us?
Hmm...did anyone recently pick a cactus flower?
A cactus flower? Yes, he just brought it back for me. What about it?
That monster is drawn to the cactus flower. It actually derives sustenance from it. That must be the reason why it attacked.
What?! So that was a Skelefang?! I thought they were all extinct. Had I known there was one out there, I would have left that flower alone. And I've caused you so much trouble.
Don't worry about it.
Well, I do still need that Cactus Flower if you have it.

Oh, no problem!
I'm terribly sorry for involving you in all this commotion.
It's okay. You couldn't have known some giant dinosaur bones weren't extinct!
This is a token of the settlement's appreciation. Please, take it.

Oh, before I forget!
There's something odd going on a little bit north of the settlement. After you arrived in the settlement, we discovered a strange orb. No one knows where it came from, and no one can remove it...It's very strange.
An orb? Kuruna, do you think it would be okay if I took a look at this orb?
Certainly. I will open the gates. Feel free to take a look.
Thank you!

But first, time to grab this eggplant I noticed during the boss fight. Priorities, yo.

Music: Mystery

Kuruna said that this orb appeared.when I came to town. How strange.

???: ...this whole town is counting on you.
Past-Link: That's what I'm nervous about. So many people depending on me...
???: Don't worry, you'll do fine! I can see it in your eyes. You've got more strength and courage than you know.
Past-Link: I'm glad you think so.
???: I know so! You've got the makings of a real hero, kid!
Past-Link: Okay! I'll do my best to protect this town!

How convenient.

And I was...some sort of guard? I was protecting a town where was I a member of the guard? can't remember. I've got to find more orbs and get my memory back!

Well I'm sure glad I didn't teleport back in sheep form.

Lunch. Sure.

I'd hate to see it go to waste, so I thought you could have it.
What? Really?
Of course! It's yours! Well, come by to get it later.
Yeah, okay.
See ya.

Might as well get our 'lunch' now.

Ugh......Oh, Link...

Are you hurt?
Ow!! What was that!!
What's wrong?
A shadow appeared! It screeched at me, and I fell down!
Um, calm down.
Yeah, you're right...
And then what?
Well...I was carrying your lunch, and waiting outside. Then a huge shadow came out of nowhere and surprised me! So I fell, and then the shadow took the lunch I brought for you!

A)She just told you about it 2 minutes ago, Link. B)It is the middle of the night, so I guess you should be concerned anyway.

It's a new product! I wanted to hear your opinion of the taste. But it took it away. I guess it's good that you weren't attacked. Oh man! I put a lot of effort into making the Salted Char!
I wonder what the large shadow was?
It was all so sudden, so I couldn't really see. Sorry.
I see.
*sigh* Man, I was scared!
Interesting story...I'll look into it! If you think of something, let me know!
Yeah, will do, Link.

Hey, wait a minute!
It went towards Oddward Valley. The customers have said they heard howling coming from there. It's a tourist spot, so I was worried that something might happen.
Oddward Valley seems like there might be something there? Okay. I'll check it out.
Okay! Be careful.

I...sure. That's one way to point us to the next dungeon.

But I can't shake the feeling I'm forgetting something.

Oh, shit, right.

By some miracle she's still awake.

That's how it is!

>That's right.

Huh? Did you know?

And now Link can go to bed.


Who wants official character artwork? You do! Today we have art of our hero Link, along with special RF2 guest Yue: