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Part 13: The Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece

Music: Town (Day)

Wake up, water plants, enter a competition of some sort against Collette, blah blah.

And get reminded about tomorrow's festival. Thankfully, there are no inhumanly-good-at-fishing jerk villagers in RF3.

I didn't forget I was going to show all of these off. I just temporarily didn't remember.

Wait, what?!

There's also a free squid in the bath. Obviously Sakuya's doing.

I donate the squid to the Pia foundation, and get a not-so-subtle hint that she likes fruits too.

I'm sick of mass-producing pickled turnips, so it's time to buy the rest of the basic cooking gear. The knife is for mass-producing sashimi from fish. The frying pan fries things. The mixer makes a variety of drinks, and also butter & cheese for some reason.

Buying all the basic appliances unlocks the advanced ones, but...

...they're expensive as fuck. Oh well, they can wait.

You got a geranium in your cranium, buddy? Who said anything about an eating contest?!
What? It's not an eating contest?
DUH! What, you think I just eat ALL THE TIME or something? You don't pay too much attention, do you? We're gonna have a cooking battle! Using all our senses, skills, and creativity, we'll tackle the secret ingredient of the day!
Ah, sorry. I mean, I just assumed that because it was YOU, that--
Don't you DARE make a prejudiced comment against my metabolism! It holds grudges, you know!
I'll keep that in mind! So, what are we making, then?
We unveil the ingredient! Today's theme is...Rice Ball!
Rice Ball...
I want to see artistic creations never seen before! You show me what you've cooked...and I'll tell you how you did!
Wait, don't tell me you're going to be cooking AND judging?!
Of course! I'm the Chairwoman of this cooking field of battle! I can't just ignore a responsibility like that!
Uh, who exactly elected you "Chairwoman"? But sure, I'll bring my dish when it's ready!

On my way to buy some rice for those rice balls, I make a pit stop at the flower shop.

This is one contest where it's worth hearing the rules the day before, because there's a time limit involved! If you're serious about winning, you'll start as soon as possible and talk to Wells as close to 6PM as possible.

And now it's cologne time.

How do sparkles smell?
I'm not sure. Monica named this one.

Sakuya, Monica, and Karina like this one.

Is there a festival tomorrow? Possibly about fishing?

Aside from the rice ball, I make a bunch of Bamboo Rices to grind Cooking skill. Bamboo Rice is the big use for all that spring bamboo.

I make some failed dishes and a Super Fail(like a failed dish, only even worse somehow) along the way. Believe or not, these have a use!

What could be more useful?! This is the absolute worst! I really hate these! I'd like to have some more sometime.

Super Fails are one of Sofia's loved items(the other, Rare Can, is a pain to get). Failed Dishes are one of her liked items, along with garbage nobody else wants like Weeds and Scrap Metal.

Oh, it's beautiful.
So, I assume your dish is ready as well?
Oh, uh...Yeah, of course! I've been slaving away, crafting artistic dishes never tasted before! But we'll get to yours first!
I think you should go ahead. It sounds like you worked really hard on it!
Nope! The challenger goes first! Chairwoman's orders!
Okay, go ahead and try it, then!
*SCARF SCARF* What are these...flavors? These...smells? I've never tasted anything like it! My fantasy has become reality! You are truly a culinary artist worthy of being in anybody's hall of fame!
Wow, you really thought it was that good? So, are you gonna show me your dish?
Yeah, well, yours was so good, there's no point in tasting mine! The verdict's in! I lost! The Chairwoman has spoken!
No point? Shouldn't you at least show me what you made?
No, it's cool! I lost! You gain the people's ovation and fame forever! Oh, and this!
Uh, thanks!
Well, I gotta run, but I'll get in touch when I need to use-- Er, I mean, SPEAK to you again! (Whew...)
(Heh heh. He'll never know I was just tricking him into cooking for me! Sorry, Link, but a girl's gotta eat!)

It was a single rice ball. It would have been less effort to go make one yourself. Sheesh.

Ooo. Strawberries are our first regrowing crop - once they reach maturity, they produce more fruit every 2 days after harvest. It's a bit late in the season to plant them in our main field, but that's what dungeon fields are for. Privera Forest is always spring, making it an ideal spot for these seeds.

Might as well stick to a theme today.

Please don't bring me an ingredient for either Fried Blowfish, Chocolate Cookie, or Dried Sardines.
Just one?
Yes. You don't have to only bring me one. Also, it shouldn't satisfy my hunger.
Then, bad luck!

Go to general store, buy chocolate, go back. Hazel's making out like a bandit today.

Huh? Was this not right?
No! You pass, Link! You can't be promoted to chef-in-training!
Oh, I almost forgot. This isn't your reward for today.

Always indulge the whims of the gluttonous rich.

Thank you.
Next time, you won't be in charge of cooking!
Umm...I-I'll do my best.
I'm not expecting much!
Ha ha...Ah...

Sherman fact: His Japanese name is Donchacos Jalapeño Viviaaju. To unsubscribe from Sherman Facts, text STOP.

You know, I can't help but think I'm forgetting something.

Oh right, this farming/social interaction sim has an RPG in it. With bosses. Well, that little thing doesn't look too dangerous.


Boss Music

The Raccoon has a few tricks up its sleeve. The first is this ground pounding attack. It'll jump in the air, and damage you if you're caught in the shockwave when it lands. It can also stand in place and stop, releasing a smaller shockwave with each foot. That's a good chance to hit it, and part of the reason I switched to the spear - the hammer is just too slow for this fight.

It also shoots out leaves that fly around in an arc.

In Rune Factory Tradition, it turns red when you damage it enough, ramping up its attack speed and changing its attack pattern slightly.

It gains this illusion move. You can damage the real one if you hit it, but you'll mostly want to stand in the center in case it goes directly to the stomping attack.

It's not a hard boss at all as long as you're using a decently fast weapon & remembered to buy armor before taking it on. Bring a Recovery Potion or two just in case.

I got lucky and had it drop its crafting item. The int-6 would be a problem if I was casting spells, but I'm not.

It looks strangely familiar. I feel like I should touch it.

Touching random mystical orbs never goes wrong, right?

See? We didn't die. This time.

But we got sent to Flashback Hell, which is almost as bad.

Past-Link: Okay, Dad!! It worked! Mom! Mom! Take a look at this!

And this spell lets me transform!

This might be shocking if our monster form wasn't on the cover art. And if we didn't start with a mysterious Transform spell whose description said it turned us into a Wooly.

Insert magical girl transformation music of your choice here.

Let's see....Once I've knocked down an enemy, I can press A to pick it up. Then I can perform a special.throwing attack by pressing A, B, X, or Y. Each button is a different throwing attack. If I aim right, I should even be able to hit other monsters with my throwing attacks.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Link is a wrestlesheep.

I probably shouldn't let anyone in town know that I can turn into a monster. They might think it's weird. I'll keep it to myself for now. Hmm...Touching that orb brought back some of my memories. But so much of my past is still blank. Maybe I can find more orbs like that one.

Hey, that new guy's not a faceless NPC! After him!

Whoever that is, they're headed into Sol Terrano Desert.

Wells? What are you doing here?
You weren't thinking of going into that desert, were you?
Yeah, I thought I saw...
Well, don't even think about it! There's nothing but monsters in there!
Huh? But there are monsters EVERYWHERE. What makes this place any different?

That was strange.

Rebelling against authority is a very good reason in my books.

So is advancing the plot.

Wrestlesheep mode is ideal for getting through here quickly. You attack fast, you hit hard, you get better at wrestling, and you get to dropkick things. What's not to love?

That'll do, sheep. That'll do.

Keep following the tracks in the sand, and...

Oh, don't worry. It simply means we're cohorts-in-arms! Proud patriots! I'm Kuruna, the proud elder of Univir Settlement. My duty is to defend this land with my blood. What's yours, comrade?
Um, I'm Link. My duty is to, uh, travel! I guess. I never knew there was a settlement here...
My proud, advanced ancestors built this settlement, an oasis against savage aggression. We univir and other monsters who hate the Hornless have all gathered together here.
Are humans really deserving of all that hatred...?
Hornless are to be NOTHING but hated, comrade.
I don't know...
Well, you must have your reasons. An elder should not be so insensitive.
Well, if you say so.
I can see it in your eyes, comrade. You yearn to join us! Know that you are welcome here...always.

We've found a settlement of communist desert monsters. Great!

Kuruna gets an entry in the villager affection list, so she's here as more than a walking plot point. In fact, she's actually one of the bachelorettes.

Isn't it? Perhaps you should move here.
I appreciate the offer, but I'm fine.
Honestly...The humans out there are so dangerous.
Do you really hate humans that much?
Of course. Do you know the town that is nearby?
Oh, yes. What about it?
The people there ran us univir out of their town!
Yes, univir and humans used to live together.
Did something happen?
I am not sure.
I don't know the reason. It was before I was born. But we were exiled, and now we live here. They are all savages! So you should be careful not to wander too much outside. The humans might do something to you.
(She really hates them. I wonder what happened. Maybe Wells knows something.)

Sounds like a plot pointer if I've ever heard one. But Kuruna's not the only one here, so let's check this place out.

Ah, I see. I'm Ondorus. Welcome to our settlement, Link.
I never expected to find a camp of monsters living together like this.
Not all monsters behave like mindless, rampaging beasts, you know. Some of us can be quite civilized. We univir are actually quite similar to humans, you know. How do you feel about humans?
I think some of them are actually pretty nice.
I am glad. Monsters and humans should keep an open mind about each other. Oh, but don't tell the elder that I said that. She does not like humans.
Yeah, I noticed. She isn't shy about letting people know.
Well, it's good to meet you. I hope I'll be seeing more of you around here.

What a nerd.

I'm Link.
I'm Zaid! Check out my beautiful silver eyes! Amazing, right?
Um, yeah. I guess.
They're unique to my tribe. No other dwarves have our gleaming silver eyes!
Wait, you're a dwarf?!
Sure I am! What's surprising about that?
Um...Aren't dwarves usually short and hairy with big, braided beards?
What?! That's just an old stereotype! Most dwarves are normal height, and prefer not to have ridiculous facial hair.
Oh. I stand corrected. A-Anyway, it's nice to meet you, Zaid.
Good to meet you too. Just don't forget what you learned about dwarves today!

Zaid: Not actually as cool as the other dwarf in this game.

There's a mysterious stone wall blocking the way to the north...

...and a request owl. God help me when I start having to fit three requests a day into these updates. I'll probably limit it to two most days, just to keep update length under control.

That's all there is to see here, so let's head back home.

If you go back to the first update & compare, it really did grow!

Isn't it past your bedtime?

Have you been feeding the Sharance.Tree a special fertilizer or something?
No, I didn't do anything.
What could have caused this, then?
Um, Wells. Did you know about the univir's camp?
Is that why you told me not to go into the desert?
Yes. I didn't want you to run into that camp of human-hating monsters. I'll bet their elder kicked you out the second she laid eyes on you.
Huh? Oh, yeah! S-She sure did. Because I looked totally human, of course.
I thought so.
Though the elder did say something about how the univir lived in this town until they were chased out. Do you know anything about that?
All I know is that happened a long, long time ago. There aren't any records of what happened or why.
I see...
Don't do anything foolish.
We're better off without the univir.
Humans and monsters were never meant to live together. It's just not natural.

But why do they hate each other so much? Maybe I should go talk to Kuruna again.

Two sets of people who hate each other but have long forgotten why? It's a cliche, Link, just roll with it.

A staircase...the tree...grew a new room? I should take a look.

Link! This is amazing! The Sharance Tree grew a 2nd floor!
Weird, isn't it?
It's amazing! I've always known the Sharance Tree was special, but I had no idea it could do something like this.
But it's a nice room, isn't it?
Yeah. I just hope it doesn't disappear as fast as it appeared!
I'm sure this room is here to stay. Why don't you make it your work area?
Work area?
Sure! You need a place where you can craft things, right?
That would be pretty handy.
You should be able to fit a forge up here. Also a pharmacy and a workshop! Ask around at shops and they should be able to sell you what you need to get started.
Gotcha. I'll go visit them later.
Great! This room gives you so many exciting new possibilities!
Yeah! I can't wait to try crafting something!
Glad to hear it! I can't wait to see what you make! Oops! And sorry to barge in on you like this. I got so excited about the Sharance Tree growing, I had to come in and see. I hope you don't mind.

Yes, we can finally craft things! The pharmacy lets you make medicines & fertilizers, the forge lets you make weapons, and the workshop lets you make accessories & armor. The forge and workshop are both pretty critical to keeping up with the power curve, so they're higher priorities.

But for now, Link rests.