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Part 27: Defrost


Music: Town (Day)

Malon/Salisb and Micah have upgraded to providing Medium Milk and Medium Fleece, respectively. It sure is nice of the Buffamoo to package the milk in bigger cartons as their output grows.

The Sharance tree gets bigger with each boss we beat, although only the first one gives us more usable space. I'm sure that has no plot relevance whatsoever.

Whew...I'd wish to be able to eat something until I'm full.

The De Sainte-Coquille Curse continues.

Yams are coming along nicely, minus one that fell to my sword during combat. Dungeon crops are the one time it's kind of annoying that weapons can double as farm tools.

The updates have finally caught up to the Cluckadoodle name vote, so let's grab some.

He's got the master plan.

And eggs. Mostly eggs.

Let's see what Karina's up to this fine morning.

The dungeons? Why?
Just because. (I don't feel like explaining.)
Well, for starters, they're more like wild areas than dungeons.
I see. Well, whatever they are, I've got some questions about them.

Huh. (Even with all the monsters? Maybe monsters aren't so bad once you get used to them.)

I see. (I guess those are pretty good.)

Looking at the text dump, Karina does call you out if you bullshit her here.

Really...? (That's kind of gross.)

Sounds like you're pretty popular. (Although that's not a good kind of popular, I guess.)

Oh, I see. (Hmmm...)

Eating off the ground is fun?
Oh, I was kidding.
Really? (Oh...boring.) I was really interested in trying a fresh Mushroom.
Oh yeah? And?
Well... (Isn't it obvious?)
Okay. I'll get one for you.
Just wait here.
Oh, okay. (I'm glad he caught on.)

This actually changes depending on what you pick earlier! If you say you like fishing she'll want a fish, for example.

Thank you for your contribution, Daria.

It's random whether any given mushroom is poisonous or not. I'm sure Karina will be fine.

Yes. That's the same thing that happened to me.
The more I think about it, I've smelled it so many times shipping it. (I completely forgot.)
Notice sooner.

Once again, she actually does have a reaction if she gets a poison mushroom!

Hm...? (Everything's foggy.) Is this a poisonous mushroom?
You said you like eating stuff off the ground, didn't you? Well, open up. (I dare you to eat this.)
H-Hey! I won't eat just anything I find!

Rejoining the true timeline...

Here, for everything you did today. Thanks for everything. I learned a lot. (Now I'm one step closer to city life.)

A garbage accessory. All it does is give you immunity to critical hits. Horray!

When I was in my bed, I could hear my mom and customers laughing. (I felt a bit lonely.)

Let's try someone less likely to bombard us with weird questions.

Music: Home 2

Well, I'll ask Gaius.

Hey, Gaius!

Oh, hey, Link. What's the matter?
I came to see Raven.
Raven? She's not there?
Well, she does wander off now and then.
Is something the matter?
Well, she just hasn't been herself recently.
I see. (Probably because of that dungeon.)
Sofia or Karina might know something.
Okay. I'll go ask them.

Who knows? (Wait, didn't I see her?) She's gone?
Yeah. Gaius didn't hear anything either.
Wait, she was walking towards Vale: Icy Rosebush.
You saw her?!
I think I did... (Vaguely though.)
Thanks, I'll look there.

Hmm. Let's go see what Sofia has to say, just for shits and giggles.

What could have set her off?

Good question, but not the one we're trying to answer right now.

Oh, I see.
That reminds me, she said that she wouldn't be able to see you again. What did you do to Raven, Link?
... (Does it have to do with that light...?)

Music: Vale River

Welp, better go handle this.

Stay away from me!

...Why did you come...?
That was...a mistake. I don't have anything more to say to you.
...Go home!

...Don't come near me.

Good job, you drove the wooly away with too many ellipses.

I'm alone again.

But right now--

That wooly, it's drawn to Raven.
...Maybe if I pretend to be that wooly...

Now to use the snow to make me white...

For once Link's cunning plan actually seems vaguely cunning.

I came back.
... (I'm sorry to trick you.)

Link...he hates me now for sure.
B-bah bah bah! (That's not true!)
I don't know what you're saying.
B-bah... (Of course not.)
But...thank you.
I wonder why this always happens...
And I thought we were getting along so well...that takes everyone away.
... (This is the curse she talked about before.)
So I decided not to be friends with anyone again. That's what I decided...but being lonely is hard...

Icy hellholes are great places for naps.

You'll catch a cold if you sleep here, Raven.

Go away. I don't have anything more to say to you.
Because of your curse?

I thought finally I've found it...finally I've grasped it! But...when I open my hands, there's nothing there.
It's always empty.
I can't take it any more. I don't want to lose someone important again...I can't take it...

Not again! (But...why is it...? It feels so familiar.)

(Maybe it feels similar. And that wooly...)

I thought you disappeared.'s okay.

See, I'm here. I didn't disappear.
Let's go home.

Um...thanks for today.
This is for you.....Bye.

Hm? What's this on my clothes...? ...! This is from the bird in the Sol Terrano Desert! But if its feather's here, then it must have been real...but why was it there? ...Well, no use pondering it.

And just because, here's the state of Link's skills and relationships:

(Yes, love is an element. It also reduces RP use in wooly form.)

Turns out that talking to almost everyone every day gives you remarkably even friendship charts.

Eggman likes us a little already.

Side note: The textdump I use cuts off in the middle of Raven's event, so don't be shy about typo hunting.