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Part 34: Omurice at Last

Omurice at Last

Music: Summer

Welcome back to Rune Factory 3. Let's jump right into Bad Idea Hour.

W-What did you see?!
A golden wooly!
(There's still time. Just go home, me.)
Link! Let's go catch it!
... (Oh...what should I do?)
Just talk to me when you're ready!

Like a moth to flame, we're going to charge right into...well, let's be real, this probably isn't danger. Unless she decides to dye our wool rainbow and then shear it off.

Well that didn't work very well.

Neither did any of these(they all get the same response as the first).

It was inevitable.

What? What? What?

Frame timing!

W-What...? What...was that?
Daria, actually I'm-
Mr. Wooly...What are you...?
Actually...I'm...half-monster and half-human.

So amazing! That's amazing! So artistic!
Uh, umm...
Let's get a full-scale print! Are paints okay?
No! I'm not a human! I'm half-monster! Aren't you scared?!
Hmmm, the colors aren't quite right. If you were rainbow colors...
Daria's much scarier...
It seems like you're worried about not being human, but who cares? I mean, I'm an elf.
Huh...? An elf?

I was about to do a huge eye-roll, but this seems to be the first time the game actually tells us this explicitly? Not that it's hard to figure out anyway, but Link wouldn't know what his nose did if someone didn't tell him.

Yep. An elf. We're a long-living race that lives in the northern forests.
I-Is that right...?
Yep. So you don't need to worry about it so much. Nothing's changed.
Anyway, let's get that full-scale print.
Please don't. But...I'm so relieved.
Link...You can come stay with me anytime you feel alone.
You're my precious assistant. Come by anytime.
Thank you.

The reward is warm fuzzies.

This update brought to you by Hallmark.

Umm...You won't get mad?
I won't, what is it?
Well, I met a wooly near the forest yesterday.
And then...It kinda looked hungry. So I gave the wooly Shara's snack.
Oh, I see.
I'm sure Shara would get angry with me if she found out.
I don't think Shara would get mad if she heard your side of the story.
What should I do...?
Hmmm, I'll go bring you the same thing that you gave the wooly.
Yes. Leave it to me.
So what do I need to bring?
Um, a Yam Dessert please!
Okay, a Yam Dessert. Just wait right here.

Yam desserts: more challenging to make than butter rolls, and equally as challenging as pizza. Apparently.

I made this as a thank you. Drink up!
I was just thirsty. Thanks.
Don't mention it. You're welcome, too! we need to have a talk with Shara about not letting the small child drink pure ketchup?

After waiting for-fucking-ever to get the same size of egg and milk, I get impatient and beat up Buffamoo until one drops a small milk. Remember kids, always solve your problems with violence.

This lets me finally make the omelet for Marjorie's request, from however many updates ago. But since I've already used up my mailbox request for the day, it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

In the meantime let's talk to random NPCs and get another vague RF1 reference.

Checking in on Yue reveals...

I guess I'm using axes now.


No! I shouldn't even think it. That would be a mere pipe dream!

On the way there, Sherman confirms he'd be a much easier potluck dinner guest.

I...think that means you like me a lot? I hope?

I'm willing to pay the "was mean to Pia" toll.

What...?! Well...umm...Sakuya's like family, but you're important, too, so...

Worth it.

Here's the list of what Marjorie wanted from however many updates ago, in case you forgot.

Well, Now to start cooking.
Marjorie's cooking. I can't wait.
Well, you just wait there a second.

Sorry. We don't have enough chairs, we'll need to stand today.
I don't mind.

You can't sit down while other people are eating standing up.
I see. You're right! You're the best witch!
It's not really a witch thing...
By the way.....This dish kind of looks like Omelet Rice...
I think it does, too.
Then maybe it IS Omelet Rice? It is what I meant to make.
Ho ho. I know, I know. You don't like tomatoes. Don't worry. There aren't any in there.
I see. Whew.

Marjorie's great(yes, there are definitely no tomatoes in this dish with ketchup on it ) and I wish her few events weren't so tied in with Marian's. Although this one is probably one of the most tolerable Marian-containing events.

You supplied the food right?
Yeah, that's right.
Well then, I look forward to next time.

Our reward is a Karina.

Or just tomato seeds.

I'll have to look into that. I'm skeptical, though.

Operation: Convince Rusk To Eat A Vegetable is probably my favorite daily dialogue running gag.

While grinding Forging skill, I notice this interesting weapon. Whether or not it can build a bridge in seconds is unconfirmed.

I don't remember to show off the full portraits often, so have Wooly Link being short enough to fit all but a bit of his toes on screen.

Of course, we all have strong opinions. But they are just that. Opinions.
So the settlement comes first, then?

Also there's only three of you, and not many things going on to argue about. That might help a little.

Even if Ondorus is a killjoy.

With little else to do today, I decide to slaughter harmless monsters for the racist mayor. That'll promote unity, right?

Wells, they're Chipsqueeks. You could take care of them just by waving a pointy stick in their general direction.

Link, of course, prefers massive overkill.

I'll admit I mostly did this to get used to axe swing timing again.

And to see Wells call wild animals "uppity".

At least I got a pink melon seed out of it?