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Part 8: Inn Quests

Inn Quests

Music: Home Sweet Home

It's a beautiful day in the cabbagehood.

Cabbages sell for more than turnips, but grow slower. The trade-off's worth it.

When your soil quality is poor, your crops will take longer to grow. So rotate between a few different planting spots to keep that from happening. Also, sprinkling Withered Grass or Formula A where you tilled will help.

Crop rotation exists. It's also completely negligible once you're able to spam fertilizers at will. This has been your Fun Farm Fact™ of the day.

Anyway, time to grab the 3 bowls of rice Collette wanted and head off to find her starvation-riddled corpse.

After a quick nap, of course.

Wait, what am I thinking?
Are you tired? I guess you can sleep there...

And I really like pastries with chocolate. I make them all the time at work.

Eat your vegetables, Rusk.

Oh, there's Collette.

Link! You have your own bed!

Maybe some rice will smooth things over?

Guess she was right about that being a "tiny nibble" after all. She tore right through that!
Done! You're a life-saver! Thought I was gonna starve for a sec there! Hey, you grow veggies, right? I'm sure you could use this for when I-- er, I mean, YOU get hungry! Well, it won't be long till I'm hungry again! Ta-ta till then!

Well, there are worse quest rewards.

Exactly. They make good clothes.

God help Evelyn if Pia ever hears about this.

But you should take a bath if you're tired. Baths are amazing. Huh?

It's right around 10, so might as well take the time-sensitive one.

Oh, you saw the bulletin board? Well, could you go order some meals from Blaise then?
From Blaise?
I put together the snacks, but we have Blaise do our meals. There are some customers who come just for that.
Very impressive.
Yes. And so, about your job. We serve at lunch, so please get back here by 12PM.
Yes, of course.
Oh, and be sure to order a warm, Eastern style meal that doesn't use seafood.

Sounds simple enough. Almost...too simple.

Ah, I see. You are helping out with the inn. Very well then. What was the order?

I'm done. Please get this to Shino.
Okay. Thank you very much!

Too simple. And too normal. What's the catch?

What? It wasn't ordered by a customer?
That's right. But, it's my job to match the perfect meal to my customer...anyway, thank you. This is your payment.

That was it? No wacky hijinks? Just doing a simple job and getting paid for it? Am I still playing RF3?

Chill, we're here to help.

Did you see the letter?
Good. I wanted you to some Bamboo Shoot. One of my customers.said he's never had it before.
Bamboo shoot? Yeah, okay.
Really? Then how do you harvest Bamboo Shoot?

You can also use a sickle or sword to get them, but hoe is the right answer here.

Exactly. Very impressive, Link. Well, thanks for doing this for me.

Bamboo shoots spawn all over the fields in Spring, so finding one isn't hard.

You've proven that you can be counted on.
Oh, it wasn't much.
So I've got something for you! Now, pick one.

Each box has different stuff - the good-smelling box has salmon sashimi, the spicy box has curry powder, and the sweet smelling box has strawberry jam. I take the jam since it's worth the most. Someday money will be an afterthought, but not today.

Different really do go a lot of different places.
Well, it is my job. You have to travel around, getting to know. the different places. Although, I pretty much just love to travel.
Ha ha...
This Bamboo Shoot will be a good souvenir. Thanks a lot.
You're welcome. Just let me know.if you need anything.
Yes. Well, thanks again.

A peek at villager affection. Daria likes Link most since I've done one of her quests & fed her a couple pieces of colored grass. Everyone else is from a combination of how easy they are to talk to while roaming around & which quests I've done.



Survivability tip: Armor good. Remember to buy some from Gaius so you can take more than 4 hits without dying.

22 is a slight improvement on 3.

Time to murder our way towards plot progression.

Let's see..."When the faces see each other, the doors will open." What does that mean...?

Each statue can rotate. This may seem like the world's simplest puzzle, but the answer actually isn't turning the two statues to face each other. There's a set of statues on the other side of the lake, and you need the statues on each side to face the other. So it's really the world's second-simplest puzzle!

Like so. Time to head to the other side.

Ooo, new toy.

Charging it all the way without getting hit(or having the enemies wander away from you) can be fiddly, but the attack itself is alright.

Oops. At least this is a good excuse to go to bed.