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Part 14: It's Not Easy Being Green

It's Not Easy Being Green

Music: Festival

Today's the first festival I actually have a chance of winning!

Because of the way this festival works, I won't have time for normal requests today. So let's check out how a 'simple request' works.

Have some if you like.
Huh? That's it?
Yes. Let me know how you liked it.
Okay. Thanks.

Randomly generated quests like this aren't exactly riveting, but you can get decent rewards. A roasted yam isn't bad at all for just talking to Rusk.

And now it's time for the contest.

I... I'll be sure to remember that.

I decide to use the inn pond as my fishing spot for the same reasons I used it for Pia's squid request - it's such a small space that fish aren't likely to swim out of range.

Ooo. I'm saving this for Reasons.

After a long day of fishing, 5PM hits. Let's wrap this up.

Thank you very much!

Monica got second place with 14, and Carmen got third place with 9. You'd think the two fishing-focused villagers would do better, but I'm not complaining.

The prize is a shitton of cooking bread. Not complaining about that either.

Just be careful what you say to Pia.
Yeah, I'll be sure to tell her I let all the fish go.

Yup. I definitely won't be making sashimi out of all of them. Totally.

Try catching more than nine fish next time.

Not that I care...I'm not...jealous or anything...

As an aside, this is what happens if you try to transform around others. No gameplay/narrative dissonance here!

One cute touch with cooking is that each appliance has its own animation. Now if only Link could figure out how to make things in bulk so I didn't have to see the animation 500 times.

Then again, this is a man who can sashimi so hard he passes out. I guess he's not ready for that power.

Here's where villager affection stands. Everyone is fairly even except our new monster friends. No surprise there.

Music: Spring

New day, time for a real request.

A rare glimspe of a villager's full outfit. I'm not sure she has enough belts.

I want to add some faux fur here! It would really make it "pop."
That could be nice.
Maybe a bit here, too!
Um, Evelyn?
Huh, Link. What's the matter?
Oh, I called him here. I need Link to get some things for me. Can you handle that?
Sure thing. What did you need me to bring?
I need some Wood! Around 3. Can you do that?
It's faux fur. (Of course.)
Yes. It's for faux fur.
Well I'm not sure how you're gonna make faux fur outta that, but okay.
Prepare to be dazzled! And can you get a shade stone from Marian for me?

At least someone believes in her?

I see! Then do you prefer a shot or medication? Definitely a shot, right?!
NO, that's not it!
What? What is it?
I'm not sick, Evelyn asked me to get a shade stone from you.
Oh....Why didn't you just say so? How misleading.
But I've been trying to say that from the start.
I've got a shade stone on me right now. Here you go! But I wonder what she plans on doing with it?
Well, she asked me for Wood, and she said it was clothing material. Faux fur, I think she said.
Oh, I see.
What? You know something?
Yes. Well, faux fur is exactly how it sounds. I think I've heard of a technique to extract fibers from Wood--
Oh, so that's why.
But I never thought such a rural town would have a device that could do it.
I see. Maybe the ore is the key to something.
Well, be that as it may, come by if something happens. I'll be polishing my syringe.
I'll pray that nothing happens.

Mysterious. Also an item that only exists for this quest, if I remember right.

Huh? Isn't that kind of pointless?
I'm not really sure. Some people like it, though. I just can't figure out why.

Evelyn, Sherman, and Sofia hate scentless cologne.

Like so.

I, uh, can't wait to see the finished product.
Now I just need to put this on top of the fur!
Why would you do that?
What's the matter? (What a funny face.)
It just...doesn't make sense.
What's the matter? I'm putting my materials to their best possible uses!
But don't you use faux fur as a replacement for...uh, fur?
Yeah, but then I'd just ask you for fur!
Uh...if you say so.
My assistant fashionista has come through again! Here's a reward for your troubles!

Well, I'll call you when I need your consulting again!
I...can't wait.

While we're over this way, Evelyn has outfits for sale.

I know what I have to do.

There we go. Sadly, it only chages the overworld model.

No, Link doesn't actually keep his clothes in a pot. It's in a dresser underneath a flowerpot. Words.

I think that would kill off even faux fur!


Medicine. I carelessly mixed up prescriptions, so I want you to exchange it. Oh, the medicine I gave her first might cause her to explode. So be careful.
E-Explode...? How do you make exploding medicine?!
Well, good luck!
She's not listening...

Why does anyone trust Marian around needles & chemicals, again?

Oh, I can't wait to drink it.
Huh?! (I need to give Collette her real medicine before she explodes!)

You have to manually hand Collette the medicine because, I dunno, game programming is hard or something.

Th-that was a close one...
I'm glad you didn't explode.
Thanks, Link. Well, could you go throw away this dangerous medicine somewhere?

Sure thing.

Wait, this is a real item. That probably won't make Link explode. Oh well, I'm sure it's not important.

A rumbling happens as Link goes back to the pharmacy. No points for guessing what happened.

I have a bad feeling about this...

I blew up when I took my medicine. I thought you switched the medicine out.

You don't look very exploded. I'm sure you'll be fine.

Is that...?
Well, it happens.
What?! That's it?!
Oh, that's right. Here you go.
Don't worry about me. This is what usually happens.
I-I see.


The forge, pharmacy, and workshop all require a fair amount of wood. I grab the pharmacy first because it's right here.

Why did you defeat the monster in Privera Forest?
Well, it seemed like it was causing problems for everyone. I really wish I hadn't had to.
Even though it was a monster?
Well, it's not like all monsters are bad or anything.
I see...We can build you a monster barn if you give us some of your wood.
A monster barn?
Just talk to Gaius or me when we're working.
Wait... I'm still confused.

It's a barn. For monsters. What else is there to explain?

Forge? Workshop? Who needs that stuff when we can get monsters!

Monsters will come home with you if you give them food.
Oh, really? Thanks, I'll try it out!
But they won't befriend you if they think you are weaker than they, don't get eaten by mistake...
I...I'll be careful.

Raven's a filthy liar. You can befriend monsters by shoving any kind of item at them, although monsters may have a specific item they like more than others. For the most part I'll be shoveling grasses at them.

Once we actually have some monsters, we'll want a stock of grass(seeds bought from the flower shop, not to be confused with colored grass) to help raise their affection.

But for today, I chop a lot of wood to get the Forge and Workshop. Crafting becomes very important very quickly. Even if you don't really know how to minmax the system, there's a huge difference between stock weapons/armor and stuff you've upgraded.

Like giving something Sofia hates to someone and have them give it to her.
You haven't tried it, have you?
Oh, I wonder. (That was so funny.)

No risk of death or dismemberment? 0/10, would not It's Just A Prank Bro again.

Good enough for today.

Name suggestion/voting time!

Since Link has a monster barn now, it's time to grab some monsters. I need names for:

-A wooly(sheep, only not. Link turns into one in case you forgot what they look like.)
-Buffamoo(cows, only not. I'll probably grab two since milk is useful for cooking.)

Sadly, the Chickens, Only Not come a lot later than the other two.

If no one name gains a lot of traction, I'll just pick whatever's funniest. Character limit is 6.